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Is there an American Greetings Creatacard for

Ok after days of working with this on windows 7 32 bit. I have found that having anything pluged into the speaker jacks make it crash. with the error. you that are having problem try and unplug your speakers and see if it wor
11/5/2022 8:04:28 PM • Broderbund... • Answered on Nov 05, 2022

Is a 64-bit windows compatible version available?

The Windows® Vista Program Compatibility Wizard can allow older programs that were not designed for use with Windows® Vista to run on Windows® Vista.

The Program Compatibility Wizard prompts you to test the program in different modes (environments) and with various settings. For example, if the program was originally designed to run on Windows® XP, set the compatibility mode to Windows® XP and try running the program again. If successful, the program will start in that mode each time. The wizard also allows the use of different settings, such as switching the display to 256 colors and the screen resolution to 640 x 480 pixels.

To run the Program Compatibility Wizard, complete the steps below:
  1. Close all programs and windows and return to the desktop.
  2. Click the Start button on the Windows® taskbar. The Start Menu will appear.
  3. Click on Control Panel. The Control Panel window will appear.
  4. Click on Programs. Additional program options will display.
  5. In the Programs and Features section click the link Use An Older Program With This Version of Windows. The Program Compatibility Wizard will launch.
  6. Click Next to Continue.
  7. Click the “I want to choose from a list of programs” radio button and click Next. A list of programs will display.
  8. Select the program that is to run in a Compatibility Mode and click Next to continue. A list of Compatibility Modes will display.
  9. Click the radio button next to the desired Compatibility Mode and click Next. A list of display settings will display.

    NOTE: These display settings are not available options in Windows® Vista. They are only available when running a program in Program Compatibility Mode. The only reason to choose either of these settings is if you are experiencing difficulty installing or running an older application designed to run in Windows® 95, Windows® ME or Windows® 98. If all options remain unchecked, then the current Colors and Screen Resolution settings will not be altered.

    By default, Windows® Vista uses visual themes that may change the appearance or behavior of other programs, especially those games or educational programs that include intensive graphics and animation. To prevent the visual themes from affecting these programs, check Disable Visual Themes.

  10. Choose the desired display settings and click Next to continue. Administrator privilege options will display.
  11. Choose the desired administrator privilege setting and click Next to continue. A Test Your Compatibility Settings window will display.
  12. Verify that the settings are correct. And click Next to continue.

    NOTE: If the settings are not correct, click the Back button to return to the previous screen (or screens) and make the necessary changes.

  13. With the correct settings selected and showing in the "Test Your Compatibility Settings" window, click Next. The selected program will launch.
  14. Run the program to test the settings.
  15. After testing the settings, or close the program to return to the Program Compatibility Wizard.

    NOTE: After the program is closed, a window with the question "Did the program work correctly?" will appear. The "Yes. Set this program to always use these compatibility settings" will be selected.

  16. If the program functioned properly using the compatibility mode that was selected above click Next. The Program Compatibility Data window will open.

    NOTE: If the program did not function correctly, click "No, try different compatibility settings" and complete the Wizard. After completing the wizard, try the program again.

  17. Choose Yes or Now and click Next to continue. The Completing the Program Compatibility Wizard window will appear. Click Finish to close the window.
  18. Launch and use the program.
NOTE: If you have questions regarding the Program Compatibility Wizard or Windows® Vista (or both), contact Microsoft®, or go to http://www.microsoft.com for additional information.
6/14/2019 9:11:24 AM • Broderbund... • Answered on Jun 14, 2019

I get this error message in Create-a-card program

Just a thought: I would remove Quicktime and try the program again. If not prompted to install Quicktime, uninstall the program, install again with the Quicktime version they provide. That will possibly associate the program or its extensions with Quicktime. You can probably update Quicktime after that. Save any work to another folder before uninstall so you don't have to so it over, replace it after the reinstall.
1/25/2018 4:30:19 AM • Broderbund... • Answered on Jan 25, 2018

Can't retrieve prev. projects from

I don't have this exact program, but having used similar ones, here is my two cents worth: In the app's header menu, look at each of the drop-down menus to find an option named Settings or similar. In settings, there should be a user setting for default path for Saved files. Quite often, the program's default is one of these 'examples': C:\Program Files (x86)\CreateaCard\Saves\ C:\%homepath%\Documents\Createacard\ C:\%homepath%\appdata\ If you find this, you can simply edit the path to your preference then exit and reboot PC. BAGCACP8 should then remember your settings. Hope this helps you. Clive.
11/23/2017 6:49:33 PM • Broderbund... • Answered on Nov 23, 2017

We had an error from

Probably need to reinstall the program...go to the installation file, RIGHT CLICK, and click TROUBLESHOOT COMPATIBILITY ...then you can have the option to run it in a mode for Windows 98/2000 if it has problems installing in Windows 7. If it installs in Windows 7, then there's no need for this.
8/2/2017 5:25:26 PM • Broderbund... • Answered on Aug 02, 2017

Can you put American greeting 8 on to windows 7

The website / Microsoft site does not have any information if this software will work with Windows 7 / Vista, hence it would be a better idea to try installing it and see it it works. If it does not work with windows 7, windows 7 has a very good feature called XP mode to use old software and hardware which are compatible with XP but not with windows 7.

Please check the link below for details of what is XP mode in Windows 7


Please check the link below for details of how to use XP mode in Windows 7
6/1/2016 3:34:32 AM • Broderbund... • Answered on Jun 01, 2016

When a new font is begun, windows encounters a problem and shuts down, why?

please go to control panel and check for software setting
10/17/2014 6:50:48 AM • Broderbund... • Answered on Oct 17, 2014

I'm buying a new computer

Windows 7 professional and Windows 7 Ultimate have a "Windows XP mode". It may work without it but if it doesn't just use Windows XP mode. Which you can download here.
4/14/2014 3:08:52 PM • Broderbund... • Answered on Apr 14, 2014

Micrografx creatacard 3 gold - repeat only micrografx, not american greetings

Micrografx Creatacard Gold 3 was created back in the Windows 98 days and most likely the installer is a 16-bit installer. Windows XP worked OK with 16-bit installers, but Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, 8.1 will not work. There is a work-around I found ( I actually found this fix for installing Photoshop 7 under Windows 7) and it works! I was able to install Photoshop 7.0.1 under Windows 7 Pro x64 edition and it works great! Perform a search for Install-Photoshop-6-or-7-on-Windows-7 or go to this website http://www.wikihow.com/Install-Photoshop-6-or-7-on-Windows-7. Under this website, Look at Method 3 of 3 . Stuff you will need: 1. A working Windows XP -SP3 system where you can install the Free Scalable Smart Package. You may be asking why? You will need to install the Micrografx Creatacard Gold 3 on this system with the "Discovery Program" running so it can create a new 32-bit installer 2. A CD-RW or a Memory Stick where you can copy the new .MSI file created and run it from Windows 7 x86 or x64 bit system. 3. Download the Free Scalable SmartPackager program. This used to be called WinInstall LE but they have since changed the name. You can find the program here http://www.scalable.com/smart-packager-ce-msi-package/. This is Free, but you still need to register to get the software. The latest version as of last week is v2.0.2. 4. Printed out instructions from the website so you can follow along. Once you perform this, you may end up trying this for other "older" software as well. Basic Overview: 1. Under your Windows XP - SP3 system, install the Packaging software called Scalable SmartPackager v2.0.2 2. Once you have installed the SmartPackage program, it is a good idea to Reboot your system so all files get updated properly. 3. Start the icon called Smart Packager. 4. Under Smart Package, make sure you are under the Welcome screen and click on the Discover a new Package under Common Tasks. 5. When the Blue Discovery screen pops up, click on the Next button 6. Under the New Package Information screen, type out Creatacard Gold3 or something that you like 7. Under the Output Folder, Click the Browse button and select a folder or location where you want the new Creatacard Gold3.msi to be saved. Make sure you click on the Show advanced Options box below and Then Click Next 8. On this screen, you will now need to Click on the Start Discovery. This is what the SmartInstaller program will use to see where all the files are being installed to, etc when you run the Creatacard Gold 3 installer. 9. Insert the Micrografx Creatacard Gold 3 CD in the drive and install the program like you normally would. Please remember to install any of the Extra Free fonts as well during this time since this will be the only time you will have to create a new 32-bit installer (unless you run this process again) 10. After the Creatacard Gold 3 program has installed, verify it is working by Running the program and testing out various things within the program. (This is while the Discovery is still running in the background) 11. Once you have verified the Creatacard Gold 3 program is running properly (under the Windows XP system) then go back to the Discovery window and click on the Red Stop Discovery button and then click on the Next Button. 12. Make sure the Add new package to Smart Packager is checked and then click on the Finish button. This will now save the new "updated installer" MSI file over to the folder location you specified under option 7 above. 13. Copy this new *.MSI file you just created and either burn it to a CD-RW or copy to a Flash drive and take this file over to your Windows 7 system. Please note, these instructions are an overview and may not contain the entire correct order. The last time I performed this was back in January 2014 when I first discovered the article about using Scalable Smart Packager to re-create an installer file into a true 32-bit installer. For me so far, the installer has worked with Photoshop 7 and several Photshop plugins like KPT5, KPT7, etc. I make no guarantees that this will work in your situation but it could not Hurt. Plus, should you have problems removing this program I would recommend you try this Free program called Revo Uninstaller v1.95. This is Free for Home/Personal use only. Hopefully you can use the above instructions I provided and get this great program to work under Windows 7. Please let us know if this process worked for you or not.
4/14/2014 2:28:22 PM • Broderbund... • Answered on Apr 14, 2014

Programme only downloads about 79% what can i do to get the whole thing to download

Adobe Install tamil font
7/28/2013 7:03:02 AM • Broderbund... • Answered on Jul 28, 2013

I want to buy this program and can't find it

username-maine-gamer on amazon marketet place, is where I bought mine. Real nice guy great to do business with.
1/19/2013 7:56:31 PM • Broderbund... • Answered on Jan 19, 2013

I run win7Pro & AG CreataCard Platinum 8 will not install..is my favorite card making program for family & friends, any help appreciated.

CreataCard Platinum 8 was written for XP and older versions of Windows. Changes in the OS make it difficult/impossible to install. Do you have the 32-bit or the 64-bit version of Win7Pro? Click Start > Control Panel > System and Security > System. If the title reads Windows 7 Professional x64, it's the 64-bit version. (If it doesn't end with the x64, you have the 32-bit version.)In any case, the best option is to try running an older version of Windows on another machine, a dual boot system or a virtual computer. With the Pro version of Win7, you can run a virtual XP for free (if your hardware can support it). Download and install Virtual PC and the XP mode package from Microsoft. (You'll need to set aside some memory for the virtual PC to run.) Then install CreataCard when running XP mode as if this is your only computer. The only real problem is that you will not be able to have hardware installed on the virtual XP and the Windows 7 real machine at the same time. (So you can't share a printer.) Also, to share files between the two "systems", you will need to save them to external media (flash drive or optical disc, for example). Your motherboard and CPU need to support Virtualization. You have to turn this on in your BIOS on some systems. (Press Esc, F1, F2 or F10 repeatedly depending on your system right after turning on the system. If you miss the timing, shut down the computer and then retry.)Other virtualization programs are Parallels and VMWare. However, with those programs and the other possible options for running CreataCard, you need a licensed version of the older version of Windows. If you have the 32-bit version of Windows, you can try the Compatibility Mode. (Right click on the installer and choose Properties. Then click on the Compatibility tab and select Run the program as compatible with an older version of Windows. Apply the changes and click OK. Then right click on the installer again and choose Run As Administrator.) You may have to repeat this on the program icon after installing. However, the compatibility mode doesn't always work even if you have the 32-bit OS (and thus don't need the signed driver). An alternative is to upgrade your software to one that is Win7 compatible. I'm not sure which of these Broderbund design and print products are most similar to CreataCard: http://www.broderbund.com/c-6-design-print.aspx . However, you will probably not be able to open old documents. I hope this helps. Cindy Wells (XP mode is available with Win7Pro and Ultimate. At my house, we have two computers with Win7Pro with one running XP mode. At least once, the virtualization was turned off during a BIOS update and XP mode failed until the setting was corrected.)
12/25/2011 12:25:34 AM • Broderbund... • Answered on Dec 25, 2011
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