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Do you mean the MSF-23NM and the TSF-23SD? If so, you can find the information for them here:


Basically, the difference between the two is that the MSF-23NM runs on more amps and is a new "maximum" series that Turbo Air came out with.


The product spec sheets at the two links above should be easy to download from our site. If you have any trouble, you can call us at 1(800)319-0690.

Turbo Air 23 cu.... | Answered on Sep 22, 2010

It sounds like you may be low on refrigerant (freon). One way for a novice to check this is to look at your compressor. There are two line coming out of the compressor. The comressor is the black thing about the size of a bowling ball under your freezer behind the grill. The small line coming from the compressor to the "radiator" behind that lower grill should be very hot coming from the compressor. The big line going into the compressor should be very cold to the touch. If that is not the case you are low on refrigerant. Without gauges and a supply of refrigerant you can't fix it yourself. Second thing to check is the thermostat is it set all the way to cold? If not turn it clock wise 1/5 turn and watch to see if the temperature goes down.

Turbo Air 23 cu.... | Answered on Sep 08, 2010

This is normal. All commercfial freezers must defrost 3 to 5 times a day, or they will freeze over at the coil and then stop freezing. A timer in your freezer turns off the compressor and turns a heating element on for 10 to 15 minutes. During that time the coil heats and melts frost from the coil. Usually within 30 minutes the temperature will briefly rise to 20 t0 25 degrees F and then quickly drop down to 0 degrees F. The food rarely defrosts in this short period of time..

Turbo Air 23 cu.... | Answered on Sep 05, 2010

The thermostat is faulty.

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Turbo Air 23 cu.... | Answered on Aug 26, 2010

there is a kit you can get we call it a sheppards hook got to a parts store and the can help

Turbo Air 23 cu.... | Answered on May 05, 2010

This sounds to me to be a typical "reset" problem, this unit, is NOT resetting itself, after the Temp, is reached, it is meant to restart, and cycle, when the preset limit, is met, but, in your instance it is not, resetting itself, but is "Hanging Up" so either the Thermostat isn't sending a reset pulse, the CPU isn't receiving one, the watchdog timer, doesn't seem to work either, or the CPU, is simply hanging up, on that instruction, this further points to a controller board, being faulty. But as always check, thermostat, sensor, wiring, power, rest the unit.

Turbo Air 23 cu.... | Answered on Apr 06, 2010

If everything else is in proper working order, either a refrigerant level issue or and expansion device issue. If system constantly runs the previous, if not, possible temperature control. Look for system cycling or not cycling.

Turbo Air... | Answered on Jan 16, 2018

this could be an issue with the defrost cycle. if ice build up accumulates the on the inside coil (evaporator), it restricts the air flow and you get alarms for being out of temp. usual signs are ice build up around the coil area. look for that first. be sure the door closes and seals too.

Turbo Air... | Answered on Jun 26, 2017

without a model number, I can only tell you the general function of most freezers. Theory is that the bi-metal is probably a defrost heater safety to prevent overheating. A sensor of some type will prevent the evaporator fan from coming on until the evaporator temp hits a preset temperature. Some freezers are setup to terminate on either time or temperature, whichever occurs first.
Hope this helps some. Need model number for further help.

Turbo Air... | Answered on Jun 19, 2017


Let's start by diagnosing the freezer;

Fan problem is one of the most common reasons for the freezer to start failing, this is called "frost free failure." Ice can build up on the evaporator coils over time, and this ice builds up until it starts blocking the fan. The fan is responsible for circulating cold air throughout the freezer, so if it is blocked the freezer will not be able to freeze any food. You can usually check this by removing an access panel in the back of the freezer to inspect the coils. If ice is built up on the coils, a hairdryer can assist in defrosting them.

It's also possible that the fan is not running at all. If the fan is burned out or the motor isn't running, cold air can't circulate through the freezer and everything will melt. You can normally hear the fan motor switch on and off from time to time. Listen for it and if you can't hear it coming on for an extended period of time, the motor may need repair or replacement. The wires connecting to the fan may be the problem, preventing the fan from receiving electricity.

Several other problems could be keeping your freezer from freezing:

There could be leaks in one or several of the hoses in the refrigerator, which results in the cold air being lost instead of circulating properly throughout the fridge and freezer.

If you have the freezer so full that the cold air can't circulate, your food will thaw even though the freezer isn't malfunctioning. Always leave some space open in the freezer and try to not store food right up against the cooling vents.

The thermostat might have shorted out, which means the freezer can't accurately determine how cold it is. If this is the case, the refrigerator would probably not be working, either.

If your defrost drain becomes clogged, the water in the line will just refreeze over and over again, which could damage the lines as well as the fan. Always check the drain and make sure no sludge is building up in it if you have a self-defrosting refrigerator.

Always try to keep the freezer door closed for long periods of time. The more the door is opened, the more warm air is let in and cold air is released. If the door is opened frequently, the freezer could be warming faster than the fridge can cool it, which will thaw your food........

Take care.

Turbo Air... | Answered on May 02, 2011

Change the defrost control.

Turbo Air... | Answered on Feb 08, 2011

Hi Tim, I really don't believe you need a charge unless you have had to charge it in the past, because of a leak. What you want to do, find the compressor on this unit, below in back or front, or some are on top. Make sure you feel it running, and see if the condenser fan motor by the compressor is also running. Check the condenser coil and make sure its clean, and make sure the indoor evaporator fan is running. These are things you can check on your own to find out if something is going on with a part. The only time a unit needs freon is if it has had a leak in the passed, and it was never repaired, so it lost its charge when it was shut down for sometime. Check these things and get back to me. We can figure this out.
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Turbo Air... | Answered on Nov 30, 2010

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