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are you meaning Fiesta.. try hear, http://www.e-bookspdf.org/download/ford-fiesta-workshop-manuals.html, you may also like to know it is coverd in the 2000 hayns manuals well around 60% of the vehical

Ipcw Ford F150 /... | Answered on Jun 21, 2020

I believe your factory code is located on the RAP module (i think its a white or grey box) located under the dash on the driver side above the emergency brake area for the 02 model. There will be a five digit code on the module. The tag with the code might not be visible and you may have to unbolt the module to see it. There also might be a card in the glove box.

1. Enter the factory set code
2. Press the 1/2 key within 5 seconds of doing step 1
3. Enter your personal 5 digit code within 5 seconds of step 2
Setting your personal code does not erase the factory code. You can use either your code or the factory code to unlock the door.

Ipcw Ford F150 /... | Answered on Dec 14, 2014

Bad plug, bad wire, etc.. If the heads are aluminum, the plug threads may have been stripped if the plugs have been changed. In that case, the plug may not remain seated and will cause misfires.

Ipcw Ford F150 /... | Answered on Dec 03, 2014

Blend door actuator located under dash When functioning normally it switches a flap that diverts the air, Common problem on ford / lm products

Ipcw Ford F150 /... | Answered on Nov 26, 2014

it is located next to the crank shaft dampner pully

Ipcw Ford F150 /... | Answered on Aug 10, 2014

you can buy new pipe from any rubber line outlet comes in meters or yards etc. also there is plastic vacuum lines, these are 3-or-4mm thick. cut to size and fit to engine lines.

Ipcw Ford F150 /... | Answered on Apr 04, 2014

check spark plugs have the right gap. heated plugs that are worn will give you a misfire, also if not been changed in a few years would replace them.

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you need to backflush your system, drain the system, drain the water out of the radiator plug is at the bottom of the radiator in engine bay, remove the radiator cap. when the water is out remove the water lines to the internal heater. you will find 2 pipes going into the fire wall to the cab, with and hose pipe and the heater controls on full heat flush the lines change pipes every now and then. when the water is clear coming out on both line, blow down one pipe this can some times move any hard or heavy parts left in the heater then flush out again on the line you blown down. then do the other pipe the same. now flush the engine, take the bottom hose and top hose of the radiator and flush the same way as befor you dont need to blow on this one just a good flush, now block the 2 hose's on the heater line dont connect the heater lines as you can force the muck in the engine back into the heater. then put hose in top pipe for the rad and the water should come out the bottom hose that would go to the bottom part on the radiator.when it runs clean you can now reconnect the pipes. when this is done you will need antifreeze or antifreeze summer coolant, now this can come pre done or no diluted, this is up to you or where you get it from, you need a 50/50% 50 water 50 antifreeze it is best to make it 55/45 for a full flushed engine as you will lose abit on getting the air out of the system. drained engine is 50/50. now put the antifreeze in the engine then the water 4 one liter bottles mixed other 1 full liter. then leave for 5 min. then add the water. you dont need to leave it for 5min but i do helps with bleeding air as the liquid is thicker than water at this point. then add the water slowly till it is at the top of the cap not the max past this. while filling squeeze a hose pipe. now you need to start the engine (no water cap on, heater on full with fan on 1 or off with just heat on) run engine and keep it at the level before starting engine after 3 min of engine running squeeze any and all pipe you can safely get to , don't put hands near to moving parts or fan as this can come on at any time. every now and then rev the engine 2000- 3000 rev is fine this will help get the air out. also check on the heat in the cab and the temp is rising good. when the engine get to temp and the fan kicks in to cool down the radiator turn off the engine and leave to cool down dont (DON'T) add any water at this point. when engine is cool top up to the max lin and put the cap on after your first run check pipes are fine and not leaking if any leaks it could be the pipe you put back on is not sitting right when engine is cool readjust it. heater should be working fine now.

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whistling can be the alternator bushes wearing out, or a failing belt on the engine. cold weather sound are more hearable as the damp air gets in to the parts on the belt or the alternator spray some wd40 in the alternator vents front and back of it, if sound go then that was the problem if not then the belt or the adjuster for the belt can be the problem. every year or so you should put some wd40 on parts in the engine helps to keep them water tight and stops damp getting in.

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i had the same problem with a 1994 f150 mark III. i replaced the wiper switch and it took care of it.. watch out for your high beam switch. had a problem where my head lights would only work if i held the switch in the high beam position. junk yard part took care of that malfuction too. hop ethat helps..

Ipcw Ford F150 /... | Answered on Mar 05, 2013

Look close to the oil filter.

Ipcw Ford F150 /... | Answered on Feb 18, 2013


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Look on a website for a new one/ go to the manufacturer's website. You should be able to buy another one.

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How I get spare part of this fan

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