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You are experiencing a runaway temperature, or too hot of a temperature for the control board and sensors within the unit. When the unit gets this error code it shuts down for safety reasons. You would need a professional to diagnose the connections and control wiring to the control board, and the elements for safety.

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you can find your model number behind the drawer
sometimes it is on the back side of the drawer front
hope this helps

but to asssure you both have repalceable mylar covers

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Thank you for your inquiry, Cheryl!

I understand that you left the silicone guard on the grates and turned on self-cleaning, now you have white powder inside of your Frigidaire range. This can be removed by using hot water, baking soda, and a non-abrasive cloth. It may take elbow grease in order to remove the white powder. I would recommend not using the oven until you have removed the white powder. I hope this information is helpful for you. -Matt

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Good Afternoon Friend, this is Z. Thank you for your post!

I understand you are seeking the fuses location in your Frigidaire range. May I please have your model number? You can typically locate the serial tag (which lists your model number) in the storage drawer, on the right side. Please describe what your appliance is doing so that I can assist you better in pinpointing the problem before you take this step. Thanks!

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Maybe your knob is turning but the rod the knob is connected to is not turning. Best to remove knob and turn the rod to off position with Pliers to be sure it is actually being turned to the off position.

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If the burners and oven light are working, then you have power coming in. It's most likely a defective EOC. If you haven't tried turning off the circuit breaker for 5-10 mins to reset any glitch associated with a surge or spike, do so. If this doesn't reset the control, the EOC will need to be replaced.

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My oven door stays locked , when I press the clear button I get F1?
I hold the clear button for a few seconds and still nothing.

Thank You

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you either have a bad latch assy. or a bad computer board or a broken wire.this can be an expensive fix and the problem with self cleaning ovens is when you self clean them the temp. gets up to 1000 degrees and this damages the electronics in the machines,personally i would never use the self clean feature i clean mine by hand with easy off.people do this near the holidays and then the oven doesn't work parts have to be ordered and it could take up to 5 to 10 days or longer to get parts.don't ever self clean your oven when a holiday is coming up so this doesn't happen.if you can still use the oven just forget about the self clean if the error keeps you from cooking you'll have to find out what part is bad to fix it it sounds like your latch is working this code means the computer board thinks the door isn't locked if you want to change out the latch motor it's pretty easy,unplug the oven,pull it out and remove the back wall,the motor will be on the top right hand side looking at the unit from the back the part number is 316464301 this part is around 55 to 75 bucks depending where you get it now if it still does it the clock assy. is around 300 bucks part 316207600 so i would change out the latch assy. first if you need this repaired.hope this helps you out one more thing did you try unplugging the oven it could reset the computer board,leave it unplugged for 10 minutes and then plug it back in,don't try to self clean it,put it on bake and if the code doesn't come back great who cares about the self clean

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This is a problem with a bad door gasket, or a mis-adjusted latch. That needs to be addressed, then you can replace the discolored parts. The discoloration is permanent.

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Control pcb is faulty.

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Look on the control board for fuses. Some fuses don't look like a standard replaceable fuse in a fuse holder. Some are soldered to the control board itself.

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power surge,,replace board

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See page 13 for specific instructions.

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As tedious as it may seem I suggest that cleaning the unit by hand is the preferred process. Most failures that I have experienced have occurred just after the clean cycle is completed. There is a lot of stress during self clean and critical components are stressed and are more likely to fail. On two occasions I have had a failure days before family dinners. Usually in preparation for family we had been cleaning the oven. Both the temperature sensor and heating element have failed.

With a free standing oven repairs are a lot easier than with a built in wall oven requiring saw horses to remove and set. In any case plan to clean long before company in the event a repair results.

Why You Should Almost Never Use Your Oven Self Cleaning Function

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If your electric oven is taking too long to heat or just not heating up right, then check out this tip that will give more detail about your problem.

Oven Problems Electric Oven is Heating Slowly or Poorly


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Hey Susan, thank you for your inquiry!

Based off the information you have provided the oven door on your Frigidaire range is locked and will not close. You can press and hold the cancel button down for at least 15 seconds. If that does not work, you can perform a reset on your range by disconnecting the power from it for at least ten minutes. If you continue to experience issues with the range please comment back. I would be happy to assist you further. -Matt

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Hey Kenneth, I understand that you are receiving an "F11" error message on your Frigidaire Electric Range. Before considering contacting a service provider, I would recommend resetting the range by turning off the power to the appliance for about five minutes. After the five minutes return power to the appliance, this should allow the appliance to return to working condition. At this time if you find the problem still persists, you may want to consider contacting a professional technician. The concern could be the control board. Hope this helps! -JK

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You must unscrewed inner door,there is screws around edge door inside,try it.

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I appreciate your inquiry, Sidney!
I see that you are having a difficulty with the preheat indicator on your Frigidaire range constantly staying on. This could be a possible issue with that switch or indicator light. I would recommend seeking help from a certified technician for exchanging or replacing any electrical components. This will prevent any personal injury or future issues with your range. I hope this is helpful information. -Matt

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