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I have added a video below for a help video on adjusting the speed on your appliance.

I hope this helps :-)

KitchenAid... | Answered on Feb 26, 2020


I am sorry to hear you are having trouble with your appliance.

I have added a video below for removing and replacing your speed lever on your machine.

I hope this helps :-)

KitchenAid... | Answered on Feb 26, 2020


I am sorry to hear you are having problems with your appliance.

Below I have added a link for our help page on removing and replacing the tilt head lever:


I hope this video helps you to fix the issue :)

KitchenAid... | Answered on Oct 30, 2019


I am sorry you are having issues with your mixer!! I have added links below for our help videos on adjusting the speed settings which I think will help you:


I hope this helps :)

KitchenAid... | Answered on Oct 04, 2019

If you have also tightened up the screw that you can see from the front in the middle where the hinge pivots when head us up then that's where your problem is. That is the head height adjustment and is to set the flat paddle to just clear the bowl when the head is down.

KitchenAid... | Answered on Aug 05, 2017

if its possible to separate out a few samples of the black bits and crush them against some white paper with your finger tip and make a mark on the paper , this is a sign that a few little devices inside your mixer are wearing down and coming off , there called brushes and there made from "carbon" that is only about the second most common element in the universe these tiny "brushes" are a part of your motor that runs your blender , but relax any qualified appliance repair center can install a new set of brushes and clean out the remnants of the old ones for a reasonable cost , im sure well less the cost of a new one then it's good to go for a long time of use again

KitchenAid... | Answered on May 26, 2017

Tip it upside down on a towel. Look deep inside the pedestal where the hinge pin goes through. Right in the middle there is a single headless screw, undo it 2 turns. Wriggle things about and push the pin through to the middle, now tighten that screw up really tight. See how you go now.

KitchenAid... | Answered on Jul 28, 2015

Slide the locking lever toward the rear and lift up the head.

KitchenAid... | Answered on Mar 16, 2015

It is possible some cheaper cinnamons are flavored sawdust. But after-all real cinnamon is the ground bark of a bush/tree. If you can't taste the difference what's the difference? I know the cinnamon Costco sells is cinnamon bark. If it really matters to you buy the bark / sticks and grind it yourself

KitchenAid... | Answered on Aug 26, 2014

It is more than likely in the planetary or the fuse gear inside the gear box. Try it once you have the planetary off before you go looking inside the gear box. Easiest is planetary problem but far far more likely is the fuse gear.

KitchenAid... | Answered on Aug 12, 2014

Your beater to bowl clearance has come out of alignment. This can happen naturally over time and with normal use of the appliance. This is something you may correct from home using a flathead screwdriver.

Unplug the mixer, with the bowl and flat beater removed. Tilt the mixing head back as far as the machine will allow. In the exposed hinge, behind where the bowl would normally sit, you will see a 3/8 screw exposed. Turn this screw half a turn counterclockwise (to your left) in order to raise the flat beater from the bottom of the bowl.

This may take a few attempts until the beater is clearing the bottom of the bowl again. If the adjustment screw will no longer turn, do not force it. It is only designed to move so far to make the appropriate adjustment.

Be cautious. Raising the flat beater too high may leave dry ingredients at the bottom of the bowl.

If further information is needed, I would advise you to contact Kitchenaid Customer Service. They may walk through this adjustment through you over the phone and can look into ordering replacement beaters for you also.

Their toll-free telephone number is 1-800-541-6390.

KitchenAid... | Answered on Dec 17, 2013

all tilt head mixers pivot on a pin which goes thru the head and the base. This pin is held in in place with a screw which you can access from underneath the base. Try tightening the screw and see if that tightens up the the loose head.

If the looseness is in the gear head then the five screws which hold the top and bottom halves of the gearcase together. Remove the chrome ring by gently prying it off, then drive the pin out which goes thru the planetary housing and the shaft and drop the planetary housing to access the 5 (item 19) screws.


KitchenAid... | Answered on Jun 17, 2013

did you turn your mixer over and unscrew the set screw on the hinge shaft before trying to put back in? there is a small set screw that holds the hinge pin in place during normal operation. the screw sometimes comes loose and the shaft will vibrate out of it's normal operating position but when you try to push it back in the screw now stops the hinge shaft from going in, You have to turn the mixer upside down and look into the base cavity and you will see the set screw in the middle. Loosen first, return hinge shaft to normal operating position and the re tighten the setscrews, you can be firm with this screw, let us know if this helped

KitchenAid... | Answered on Apr 17, 2013

Is this a new beater that you just bought? Or is it the same beater you have had? When you adjust the screw, which way are you turning the screw, how much is it hitting the bowl?

If the beater is too close to the bowl the adjustment screw should be turned in. If the threads on the screw are loose the screw needs to be replaced.

Page 17 and 21 both show how to adjust the head of the mixer so the beater his the bowl correctly. Here is a link to the service manual: http://lib.store.yahoo.net/lib/mendingshed/kitchenaidservicemanual.pdf

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Customer Service
[email protected]

KitchenAid... | Answered on Apr 15, 2013

The solution provided by luannej is useful only if your mixing attachment is striking the surface of the bowl. By adjusting the screw located at the junction of the head and base, you are actually controlling how far the head is allowed to tilt forward and, thus, the height of the attachment above the bottom of the bowl. Although the attachment striking the bottom of the bowl will lead to wobble (and noise!), it isn't usually the root cause of the wobble. In fact, the wobble may be causing the bowl strikes and adjusting the head height only hides the problem.

The head of the mixer is secured to the base by a large steel pin. Any play between the head and base comes from this hinge and its resulting tolerances. To "tighten" the sloppy tolerances causing your wobble, follow these steps: 1) Lock the mixer's head down and turn the entire mixer upside down. 2) Looking deep into the hollow base, find the small slotted set screw. This screw actually presses against the pin and takes up the slop between the head and pin. Note that this screw is not the large slotted screw I mentioned earlier visible when you tilt the head back. 3)Tighten the small set screw as much as you can. Your wobble should be greatly reduced or eliminated now. 4) Lastly, you may want to readjust the large screw controlling the head's tilt to optimize the distance between attachment and bowl. Hope this helps.

KitchenAid... | Answered on Nov 22, 2011

open the head of the mixer and there is a screw just below the area where the head is attatched to the base of the mixer. turn the screw counter-clockwise about 1 turn, try the mixer and see if it still does it. if it does then turn the screw another 1 turn etc. until the scraping stops. hope this helps :) from luke

KitchenAid... | Answered on Mar 26, 2011

After the bowl has been frozen you attach it to the base. Then you take the part your asking about and attach it where you would put a beater or whip. The trick is to make it spin and the notched part stay in the "center of the circle". You don't use the top front of the mixer. I had to practice without the bowl and beater bar to make sure I had it right.

KitchenAid... | Answered on Mar 10, 2011

Hello Darlenescott,

About the machine rocks, the whole machine rocks or just the Head? If it is just the Head you may want to check to see if the set screw that holds the lock in place is still there or lose. The scress is located on the right side of the machine if you are looking straight at it in use. It is at the bottom of the head close to where the head attaches to the pedistool. If it is missing post back to this discussion and I will find the part # and place that you can purchase the part.

The second issue, the pasta attachment is not locking in properly. There is no way to ajust how the pasta attachment fits. I would try and return the attachment and exchange it for another as they are mass produced and may not have got the shaft down to the proper tolerances to fit.

I hope this helped and please post any other questions you have to this thread.

Thank you for choosinf FIxYa for your solution.

KitchenAid... | Answered on Mar 06, 2011

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