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I can not hear anything

Hi there thobe47!
Please test the pair with a different audio device and see if the problem goes away first!

Firstly, make sure you are pressing the plug all the way into your audio device jack. Most are designed with two tiers, so only one ear will sound if only one tier of the electrical connection is fully established. Once you've tried that, continue!

Most earbuds are created with very small working parts with equally small electrical connections. If you have lost sound in one side, the most likely cause is a loose connection somewhere.
If it still doesn't work, your options are sort of limited. I would recommend first gently "jimmying" the wire leading to the bad earbud around while it is in your ear and music is playing. If you manage to get the sound to be restored, wrap sticky tape tightly around the wire and the tapered part of the bottom of the earbud in an attempt to maintain the new connection. It is not a permanent fix but might buy you a bit of time with the pair.
If you can't get it to work in that way, your remaining options are pretty much to either open the earbud and attempt to reestablish the connection (difficult, small parts, and could damage the earbuds if you don't know what you are doing), or to buy a new pair. You can get some pretty nice earbuds for under $5 at most megastores, and anybody who could fix them and would charge you will charge you much more.

If you must try to open the earbud (I don't recommend it!), I have a generic set of steps here. I take no responsibility for damage of your earbuds or devices that may follow!
Gently peel back the gelly cover of the earbud, starting under the top seam and pulling it off.
Unscrew or "pop off" the portion of the earbud that has the small grating. There may be an inner retaining system involving more plastic rings. Just keep these safe and remember the order in which you took them apart.
You will now probably be seeing the speaker of the earbud, looking like what you might see on an uncovered subwoofer speaker (just much smaller!)
Being careful to not touch the flat portion of this disk and avoiding anything magnetic (including your laptop / desktop), see if you can pinch it by the sides and gently pull it out of the casing -- probably less than a quarter centimeter. If you can, look for any severed connections between the solder points on the bottom of the speaker and the wires coming from the bottom of the bud. Soldering these would be extremely difficult, but you can attempt to fix them with small pieces of tape.
Nestle the speaker back into the housing, replace any retaining disks in the correct order, screw/pop the outer clip back on, and slide the gelly back into place.

Hope this helps!
1/5/2022 2:29:14 AM • JVC Gumy Ear Bud... • Answered on Jan 05, 2022

I need a replacement rubber ear pad for one of my headphones.

most best buy stores have extra axcessories where the headphones and portable tape players are. try there, they might have them.
12/22/2016 6:34:17 AM • JVC Gumy Ear Bud... • Answered on Dec 22, 2016

My left earbuds on my JVC gummy earphones went out.

I have this problem all the time with my JVC earbuds. This may sound a little gross but it will work. I put the ear phone in my mouth and **** on the end of it pretty hard. What I have found is that sweat or even wax will plug the little hole and prevent the sound from coming out.
12/21/2016 7:59:07 AM • JVC Gumy Ear Bud... • Answered on Dec 21, 2016

Jvc gumy ear bud headphones purple

When you pull the wire up does it increase the right ear bud volume/ sound? If it does, then it means the right side ear bud has a short within the head phones circuit which is aka the wire that leads to the musical device in which the ear buds branch off from. If the right side ear bud does not produce an increased volume for sound by picking the wire up or pulling it in towards you or to the left side of your body or musical device then it means that the right speaker is blown. I know that all head phones come spiced together aka they are stuck together and have to be pulled apart in order to get both head phones seperated from each other so that they can be worn in the ears. If you pulled the wire apart to much or too quickly then that is what ruined the right head phone. I suggest that regardless if the ear phones begin to work by pulling the wire up,side ways, or into towards your body that you return them back to the store since after awhile the problem will eventually continue to happen causing the right ear bud to completely blow. Once you return the ear phones be cautious with the new set when you seperate the ear buds from each other since they are very touchy and have to be handled with delicateness when seperation is taking place. Please let me know how it works out for you. I have had many ear buds and I tell ya something; they are very easy to blow one side when seperating. I had to learn after a few pairs that I was ruining the speakers by the way I was seperating my wires. I kept thinking for the first 3 pairs that the store was selling blown ear buds until I began having same problems with another few stores so I said to myself "well the solution is to figure out what I am doing wrong in order to blow one side of my ear buds every time". After few seconds it was not that obvious that all I had to do for assembly was to pull the wires apart in order to get both ear buds to go into my ears.
11/28/2016 9:22:07 AM • JVC Gumy Ear Bud... • Answered on Nov 28, 2016

I plugged my earphones into

This could the way the music is been recorded if it is strero or mono, also do confirm the earphone if one side of the earphone is faulty or not, if bad replace with the exact type and if not the media itself is faulty, you can take it the an electronics repair shop for them to diagonised the appliances... Hope this will help in solving.......
5/6/2011 3:15:21 PM • JVC Gumy Ear Bud... • Answered on May 06, 2011

My gumy earphone popped and

Unfortunately due to the size of the drivers it would be unrealistic to repair. You would have get a speaker from another pair of earbuds and re-solder the connection to the wire.

It would be more efficient and cost effective to replace the earbuds.
3/18/2011 5:07:37 AM • JVC Gumy Ear Bud... • Answered on Mar 18, 2011

My left head phone isn't playing music anymore,

Usually the problem is a cut at one of the copper cables. Try moving the cables at bothe ends (jack and earphone end) to locate the end that has the problem. In case it's the jack's side, you can easily change this end with another jack (complete jack and part of the cable from another headphones) by connecting the cables. The best solution is to change the jack with another one and solder the cables but since these cables are very thin, it isn't so easy. In case the problem is at the earphone side, you have to open the earphone and reconnect it at the cable again removing the part of the cable that is cut, but since the cables are too thin isn't so easy.

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10/1/2010 5:58:51 AM • JVC Gumy Ear Bud... • Answered on Oct 01, 2010

None of the ear pieces

sounds like the jack is faulty tghe cable has been pulled and the wire probably stripped off connectors. if you can access a electronics or audio shop purchase a new jack these are cheap and you will need to cut the end off the cable there should be three wires an earth and a left and right cable these will need to be resoldered on the new jack plug.. make sure it is a stereo jack...!!.the best way to solder is to gently heat the cable end and dab a bit of solder on each before trying to attach to the jack. then when you come to connect the jack end lightly touch the connector and cable together with solder iron and solder..good luck A
8/13/2010 11:06:38 AM • JVC Gumy Ear Bud... • Answered on Aug 13, 2010

One earphone stopped working

not thrased jus yet wire in casing came lose needs to be resaudered
5/13/2010 1:51:11 AM • JVC Gumy Ear Bud... • Answered on May 13, 2010

I can only hear in one side of the headphones

Make sure the plug is fully seated in the playback device. Try plugging the headphones in a friend's .mp3 player. If the problem persists, your headphones are probably bad and will need to be replaced.
8/13/2009 12:41:46 AM • JVC Gumy Ear Bud... • Answered on Aug 13, 2009

JVC THG30 1000-Watt Home Theater System. There is no music coming out. Any suggestions? Please help.

Question edited for a lot more clarity. All questions need 'make model (what it is)' please. Question moved from Computers. Troubleshooting. Check all the wires at the back. https://www.google.com/search?q=JVC++th-G30+no+sound ..
8/20/2023 2:19:02 AM • JVC Audio... • Answered on Aug 20, 2023

Where can I find a replacement remote control for my JVC RX-664V AUDIO/VIDEO reciever?

8/8/2023 8:49:34 PM • JVC Audio... • Answered on Aug 08, 2023

How can I fix the auto mute on my jvc E100SL?

If your JVC E100SL receiver is showing an "Auto Mute" message and you are unable to perform a factory reset successfully, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try to resolve the issue:
  1. Check speaker connections: Ensure that all speaker wires are securely connected to the receiver and the speakers. Loose or disconnected speaker wires can trigger the auto mute feature as a safety measure.
  2. Check the speaker impedance: Verify that the speakers you are using with the receiver have the correct impedance (measured in ohms) that matches the receiver's specifications. Using speakers with incompatible impedance can trigger auto mute.
  3. Inspect the wiring: Check all audio input and output connections to make sure they are properly connected and not damaged. A faulty or damaged cable can cause the auto mute feature to activate.
  4. Unplug and reset: Turn off the receiver and unplug it from the power source for about 10-15 minutes. This will allow the receiver to reset, which might resolve any temporary glitches or errors causing the auto mute.
  5. Check for overheating: Overheating can trigger safety features like auto mute. Ensure that the receiver has adequate ventilation and is not placed in a confined space. Clean any dust or debris from the vents to improve airflow.
  6. Perform a hard reset: If the factory reset procedure is not working, you can try performing a hard reset. To do this, locate the reset button on the receiver (usually a small pinhole) and use a paperclip or a similar tool to press and hold the button for about 10-15 seconds. This should reset the receiver to its default settings.
  7. Update firmware (if applicable): Check the JVC website or contact their support to see if there are any firmware updates available for your receiver. Updating the firmware can sometimes resolve software-related issues.
  8. Seek professional assistance: If none of the above steps resolve the auto mute issue, it's best to contact JVC customer support or take the receiver to a qualified audio equipment repair technician. They will have the expertise and diagnostic tools to diagnose and fix the problem accurately.
Always be cautious when attempting to troubleshoot or repair electronic equipment. If you are not confident with electronic repairs, it's best to seek help from a professional to avoid causing further damage to the receiver or risk of injury.
7/25/2023 4:54:21 PM • JVC Audio... • Answered on Jul 25, 2023

How can i get user manual for jvc stereo Mx-D4t

Is this the same by chance? JVC MX D402T Instructions Manual
3/25/2023 7:56:50 PM • JVC Audio... • Answered on Mar 25, 2023

How much is my JVC RX8000V Surround Sound Receiver worth please?

$50 to $150 depending on condition and location. https://www.google.com/search?q=JVC+rx8000v+for+sale ..
2/18/2023 3:56:23 AM • JVC Audio... • Answered on Feb 18, 2023
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