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Did print shop 3 work properly in win 7? If so you should never have updated. See all the grief it has caused you? Go back and install the 3.0 version and leave well enough alone

Or maybe that program is not compatible at all with your OS.I have mo bo's that will not load XP but will work fine with anything prior to that. Computers are unpredictable and down right ornery at times but we need them so have to play by their rules.

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Anyone has experience about the pdf to image conversion toolkit I am tetsing these days? Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Convert PDF to Image Types in NET pqScan com

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The newest version (v6 Platinum) says that it works with Windows 8. Doesn't say anything about 8.1, but it should be the same.
PrintMaster v6 Platinum Broderbund Official Software Site

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IDE or SATA connections ??????
To enable CD burning for your computer is a relatively simple process in Windows XP.
All you need is a CD burner drive installed in your computer, the disk with the drivers and software that goes with it and an XP-loaded personal computer.
Once your driver is installed, the process is almost automatic.
Here are the steps you should follow to begin creating your own CDs.

Check your system requirements before installing the CD burner and make sure that your system can handle the speed and memory requirements of the drive.
WARNING: Before you start troubleshooting remember that you are dealing with electricity that can KILL. - rules
Only work inside the computer case when the power has been switched off and disconnected. Never open the power source.
Some of the below steps recommend removing physical parts within the computer.
While in the computer it is highly recommend that you be aware of ESD and its potential hazards
Turn off the computer, disconnect the power cord and remove the cover from the case.
Check the IDE cables inside your computer.
You may be able to connect the optical CD drive to the same ribbon cable as the hard drive if it is set up as a secondary or slave drive or to a separate ATA/IDE channel by a second cable.
Find an empty CD drive slot, remove the plastic cover from the outside, slide the drive in through the back and screw it in place.
If you are using a SATA CD burner, you'll need to connect the red SATA cable from the CD drive to the SATA connection on the motherboard or on your SATA drive controller card.
With SATA drives, you don't have to fool with jumpers.
Attach one end of the separate ATA/IDE cable to the motherboard if you have an IDE drive and the other to the back of the CD burner.
If slaving the drive, hook the drive to the second connection on the main hard drive cable to the burner drive.
If you do that, you'll have to set the jumpers on the CD drive to the "slave" position.
The drive's installation instructions will show you where the jumper pins are and how to set them to the slave position.
If using a separate IDE cable, just leave the jumpers in the factory setting.
If this is an older drive, you may have an analog audio cable as well that connects to the motherboard.
Follow the installation instructions for hooking it up.
Close the case and reconnect the power cord and other cables.
Turn on the computer and let it boot up.
Open the "My Computer" folder and make sure there is a new icon for the drive that you just installed.
XP will generally recognize it automatically, but if it doesn't you'll have to reboot the computer and open the CMOS setup program.
Follow the instructions for your particular PC to open the CMOS window.
Check the ATA channels to make sure both are enabled in setup and that, if you are using a master/slave setup, that the CMOS selections match that setup.

Reboot the system.
If the CMOS settings are correct, the XP operating system will set your drive so that it uses either digital CD playback (no audio cable) or analog playback (with audio cable). To check, open the "My Computer" window, choose "Properties" then "Hardware" then "Device Manager".
You'll see a "DVD/CD-ROM Drives" icon.

Click the plus sign next to DVD/CD-ROM Drives folder.
Click it, then right-click the icon for the new CD burner drive.
Now choose "Properties".
If you don't have an audio cable, left click on the selection box for "Enable digital CD audio for this CD-ROM device".

Insert the CD burner software disk that came with your CD burner.
Insert the disk that came with the drive into the CD drive and install the software following the prompts.
If the drive doesn't come with CD burner software, Windows XP comes with a lite version of Roxio's Easy CD Creator that detects blank CDs.
Just insert a blank CD in the burner and XP offers you a "burn CD" option when you have autoplay set up for the CD-drive.

There are lots of freeware burning software on the internet.
Burn audio, video, and data CDs/DVDs and create and burn ISO files.
Instant CD & DVD Burner is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a simple but full featured CD/DVD burner.
nero 8.1 essentials free
This is the newest version of the most known CD and DVD burning software, but now with the capability to burn HD DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs
Nero 9 .4.12 free Create, rip, copy, burn, edit, share, and upload online

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try to read some instructions in the manual

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Go to the control panel and click od add & remove programs. Uninstall Print Shop and then re-install it with the provided CD.

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Try in another laptop or friend's pc or laptop to install it.
Then copy that setup on your computer an make another disc of it.

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Broderbund is not an operating system, it is the retailer of the program you purchased.
Depending how old the software is that you installed, the download site may no longer exist nor the software supported any longer.
Find out what software you recently installed from the company and go to their website to determine if it still exists and if you are able to download a new version.

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Dear craftysuthen,

If you bought the software in 2008, there is a good chance that the link to the certification server may have changed, from what was bundled into the software, to another site.
Below, is their contact information. Please use it to call them and ask for assistance in registering their software.
They have provided a 800 number and three contact links to gain access to their Customer Service and Support.


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Hi there,
Are you able to open the software?
What happens when you try to print does it display any error message?
Can you print directly from windows like Word or Excel or just go to a picure right click and print.
When was the last time it worked?
Thanks a lot!

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Welcome to Fixya

You need an activation key or serial numbers inorder to activate the software. Usually, the manufacturer is the one giving out the product key/serial number. You should be receiving this codes via email or mail. Did you already have the product key with you?

Thank you for using Fixya!

If you need further help, reach me via phone at

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Look on this forum, and try the solutions they provide.

Please rate my solution.

Thank you

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Welcome to Fixya. As i check the address that you provide i received the information below. You need to contact their support because you need to provide the order number so that they will provide you a link for download. With your request that you want a disk you can inform them if it is possible. Just click on the contact support link below and provide the mandatory details that is needed. Download Attempts Exceeded

You have exceeded the number of allowed download attempts.

You are allowed 3 download attempts; after 3 download attempts or 90 days the link will expire. If you purchased download insurance, the link will expire after 1 year or 3 download attempts, whichever happens first, from the date of purchase.

If you need to request additional download attempts please contact support with your order number for assistance.

Thank you!

Thanks for using Fixya.

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First thing I would attempt to do is uninstall it and reinstall it and see if that will fix your problem.
Thank you,

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havent you just answered that question by posting a question on here for free?

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What version of the typing program do you have? You have a few choices, depending on what OS runs the version you have.

If the program ran under Vista or XP (version 20 lists Vista compatibility), the compatibility mode is likely to work. For this, right click on the installer. Then choose Properties and then the Compatibility tab. Turn on Run program as Compatible with the appropriate OS. Then right click again on the installer and choose Run as Administrator. Then check if the program itself is running in the compatibility mode by right clicking again and choosing Properties.

If the compatibility mode doesn't work (for older versions of the software), you can use a computer (virtual, dual-boot, or true second machine) with an older version of Windows installed. If you have Win7 Pro or Ultimate, you can create a virtual XP computer for free. Download and install Virtual PC and XP mode from Microsoft. Install them in order. Then install the XP software on the virtual computer and it will work. (Other virtual computer programs are Parallels and VMWare.) All of the other options will require a licensed version of the older Windows OS. Please note that the virtual computer can't share files directly with the main computer. You'll need to save files to external or removable media (optical media or flash drive, for example) to share them.

Your final option is to upgrade to the current version. The 25th Anniversary edition runs under Windows 7. Other editions are not listed as compatible at the Broderbund site. You can try the Microsoft Windows 7 Compatibility Center for more information on tested software. My ISP is slow to connect to the site.

I hope this helps.

Cindy Wells

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Printshop version 10 is unfortunately NOT compatible with Windows 7. You will need to upgrade to at least version 23.

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The problem your facing is often caused by a damaged disc. I'll outline two solutions for you, the first involves the disc itself.

1.) insert the disc into the drive, close the autorun screen (setup screen)
2.) click start / my computer
3.) right click the disc drive with your disc in it and click open
4.) hold ctrl and press a or click edit select all
5.) hold ctrl and press c or click edit copy
6.) minimize the window
7.) right click on your desk top and create a new folder, (call it anything you want)
8.) double click on the folder to enter it
9.) hold ctrl and press v or click edit paste
10.) all the fies from the disc will be copied to this folder, if completed without any errors, simply double click on the setup / install icon to install the program.

Method 2 if the above fails.

1.) click on this like,g/PrintmasterPro.html
thats an iso image file of the print master 18 disc
2.) download the file
3.) burn it off to a dvd using ultra iso, a trial version will ,do download it here
download it, install it, double click on the printmaster disc, iso file, burn it to a cd
4.) install it as you would but USE THE SERIAL NUMBER AND KEY FROM THE ONE you PURCHASED!. piracy is illegal and fixya does not condone it, but seeing as you already brought it you already have a serial number and key so you dont have to worry. the disc image has a readme file for extra instructions.

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The best removal tool is revo uninstaller. (The free one will do the job!) It will check for all links and files and delete them for you. the medium setting is enough for most operations

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