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F1 in unit implies....Inlet Valve Fault

    How to Test the Water Inlet Valve
  1. Step 1 Turnoff the power to the dishwasher. Dishwashers are direct fed straightfrom a dedicated breaker in your electrical panel. Find the breakermarked "dishwasher" and turn it off. Return to the dishwasher and tryto run it to make sure that you've got the right breaker.
  2. Step 2 Lookat the bottom front of the dishwasher; here you will see a set ofscrews holding a panel in place. Remove the screws and pull away thepanels (there may be two of them depending on your make and model). Thewater inlet valve is usually located directly in the front, on theleft-hand side. It is usually blue in color.
  3. Step 3 Remove the two screws holding the water inlet valve bracket to the dishwasher's frame.
  4. Step 4 Withthe inlet valve hanging free, pull the slide-on connector off of itsterminals. Make a note of which wire goes to which terminal, so you canhook the new one up correctly.
  5. Step 5 Setyour multimeter to read ohms (the Greek symbol for Omega) and touch oneprobe to each of the water inlet valve's terminals. If the multimeterindicates a reading of "infinity," then the valve is faulty and needsto be replaced. If you get a resistance reading, then the valve isprobably good and your problem may be elsewhere.
  6. How to Replace the Water Inlet Valve
  7. Step 1 Withthe power already off and the leads disconnected from the inlet valve,the only thing you have left to do to remove it is to disconnect thevalve from the waterlines. Before you remove any of the lines, be sureyou turn the water feed OFF. The shut-off valve is usually locatedunderneath your kitchen sink.
  8. Step 2 Place a towel underneath the water inlet valve. This will help absorb any excess water left in the hoses when you disconnect them.
  9. Step 3 Usethe adjustable wrench to loosen the fitting on the water feed hose.Once it is loosened, you can unscrew it the rest of the way by hand.
  10. Step 4 Takeyour pliers and use them to squeeze open the compression ring on therubber hose. With the compression ring open, slide it backwards, awayfrom the inlet valve, so it is no longer over the valve's nipple.
  11. Step 5 Pull the rubber hose off of the valve's nipple. If it is holding tight, try twisting it to break the seal.
  12. Step 6 Oncethe bad water inlet valve is removed, take the replacement and slidethe rubber hose over its nipple. Use the pliers to open up thecompression clamp, slide it over the hose until it is over the nippleand release.
  13. Step 7 WrapTeflon tape around the threads on the inlet valve, and then screw thewater feeder hose fitting over the threaded section. Secure it by usingthe wrench. Be careful you don't overtighten or you could cause a leak.
  14. Step 8 Turnthe water back on to check for leaks. If no water droplets appear, thensecure the water inlet valve to the housing of the dishwasher with thetwo screws you removed earlier.
  15. Step 9 Slide the wire connector over the terminals on the valve and replace the front access panel covers.
  16. Step 10 Turnthe circuit breaker back on and run your dishwasher. You should hearthe valve opening up to release water into your dishwasher as the cyclebegins.



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Dacor Epicure... | Answered on Aug 30, 2009

Model number usually helps but I don’t see anything under F11 error codes

Dacor... | Answered on May 19, 2019

I had this problem and it was driving me crazy! I finally figured out what it was, in my case. I thought that the door switch would be the problem, so I took the door cover off and jumpered out the switch. No luck. While I had it apart, I noticed that each time I bumped the main control board, I heard a short, and heard a relay close. I found that the main control board wasn't snapped all the way into its mount on the left side. Apparently, there is a contact on the back side of the board that only makes when the board is fully seated. Snapping the board firmly into place has fixed my problem.

Dacor... | Answered on May 17, 2013

If the cycles are off and the timing doesn't seem correct, then the timer is likely bad and will need to be replaced. You can get the parts, diagrams, and more at partselect website

Dacor... | Answered on May 11, 2010

Raise the front support so that the top is slightly leaning towards the rear.

If you need further help, reach me via phone at https://www.6ya.com/expert/dan_73bbd84fe1d95b61

Dacor... | Answered on Mar 08, 2010

problem with your board(or)pump.

Dacor... | Answered on Jan 07, 2010


Hold down the clear button for longer, about ten seconds.

Try tripping the circuit breaker, or disconnecting power cord for about five minutes.

If the appliance is still not opening, then the tub is probably filled with water, or the door lock solenoid is broken.

At that point you many need to call the service number listed on the owners manual to get a repairman.

The tub is emptied accessing the drain hose underneath the dishwasher and disconnecting it from pump.

Dacor... | Answered on Dec 02, 2009

ask winterhalter we do not know their code list

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Dishwashers | Answered on Nov 25, 2020

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