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You may have a corrupted external hard drive. Often, corrupted means your files are still there, but the directory on the drive is mesed up, and the files cannot be found. If you are on a Windows PC, right click on the drive in File Explorer. Then choose Properties / Tools / Error Checking / Check. This should find and fix basic problems on the drive. Before that though, just try the external drive connected to another USB port, and if you have one, using another connecting cable, just to rule out problems with these items.

SimpleTech 320GB... • Answered on Nov 13, 2017

Could be the caddy is busted or the drive is encrypted. Try another machine and see if it still does the same.

SimpleTech 320GB... • Answered on Mar 11, 2016

Is it formatted as NTFS? What OS on the PC? What program did you download since it should not be required? Sounds like the drive is broken or the cable. Does the power light on the drive light up?

SimpleTech 320GB... • Answered on Aug 04, 2014

C:\Documents and Settings\mpos>chkdsk c:The type of the file system is NTFS.WARNING! F parameter not specified.Running CHKDSK in read-only mode.CHKDSK is verifying files (stage 1 of 3)...File verification completed.CHKDSK is verifying indexes (stage 2 of 3)...Index verification completed.CHKDSK is verifying security descriptors (stage 3 of 3)...Security descriptor verification completed.CHKDSK discovered free space marked as allocated in themaster file table (MFT) bitmap.CHKDSK discovered free space marked as allocated in the volume bitmap.Windows found problems with the file system.Run CHKDSK with the /F (fix) option to correct these.156280288 KB total disk space.12116176 KB in 34467 files.11304 KB in 4337 indexes.0 KB in bad sectors.110084 KB in use by the system.65536 KB occupied by the log file.144042724 KB available on disk.4096 bytes in each allocation unit.39070072 total allocation units on disk.36010681 allocation units available on disk.C:\Documents and Settings\mpos>THIS IS WHAT I GET WHEN I TYPE IT IN. WAIT A FEW MINUTES WHEN U TYPE CHKDSK E:OR TYPE IN TYPE IN CHKDSK E: /F

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Some usb drives - i.e pen drives - bring up the same message when they are inserted into a usb port. Windows usually installs the necessary software from within your computer. Other pen-drives are plug and play. Much depends on the operating system you have and the age of the usb pen.It's probably just a question of getting updated drivers for your desktop hard drive. Right-click on the 'my computer' icon. Choose 'properties' Then choose 'device manager' or 'hardware'. Locate where your desktop hard drive is listed and open it. Then choose 'update driver'. Your computer should then search itself for updated drivers (which it won't find..) but it should also ask you if it can access the internet to search for drivers.Alternatively, go to a website where you can download drivers yourself. Try http://www.iomega.com/support/documents/10425.htmlBe aware that your desktop hard drive is now quite old. It won't last forever .. If you've got important stuff on it consider buying a new desktop hard drive and transferring everything to the new one.

SimpleTech 320GB... • Answered on Jun 10, 2013

There are many reasons....... Maybe you have available unpartitioned space left in the hard disk. To check this: 1. Right click on the "Computer" icon on the desktop and select "manage" 2. After the Computer Management window appears, select Disk Management. It should show you if you have any unpartitioned drive space. 3. You can up or format your unpartitioned spaces from hereon. may be your harddisk is corrupted and has space 296GB only or sometimes all drives contains some space for system file in that space is hidden

SimpleTech 320GB... • Answered on Jan 23, 2013

click start control panel administration tools computer management device manager look through all of your devices if you see a yellow question mark?or exclamation mark ! or red xright click to reinstall drivers or

if you can see your usb but its not workingports(com&lpt)right click update driver

sometimes the wires inside the cable will be damaged due to bending or stretching or placing heavy equipment upon the cable

just replace the cable of the hard disk, when you plugged the external disk drive you got that windows could recognize the USB device change the cable everything should work fine again,

check the USB leads that attach to the motherboard usually red-white-green-black make sure they are securely seated and have no dust build up on them dust will cause static and a lot of unforeseen problems

if this fails to fix the problem type in run "regedit" then press ok then you can see registry editor then locate below key. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11 CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} And remove upper filter and lower filter. Then restart computer then check. Also locate the below key and make sure it's value is 3 not 4. HKLM\system\currentcontrolset\services\usbstor make sure start value is 3 not 4

if still no luckyou might have to install a usb 2 or 3 card they are cheap and easy to install you can buy these on Ebay very cheap hope this helps

SimpleTech 320GB... • Answered on May 07, 2012

if a format fixes the problem then there are several restore programs available on the internet, however if the drive will not format then a restore will have to be performed by the manufacturer (most likely quite expensive) another option would be to see if you can remove the drive and find an identical model, sometimes changing the controller pcb on the hard drive will sole the rpoblem but not always
Hope this has been some help

SimpleTech 320GB... • Answered on May 06, 2011

The correct adapter is 12V 1.5A, 500 mA will not be enough current for the drive.

SimpleTech 320GB... • Answered on Apr 19, 2011

Connect harddrive to computer then when you power up the computer press F8 key 5 to 6 times then enter in safe mode then if still letter will not assigned then follow below.First make sure usb cable connected to harddrive is working fine. try it in different usb ports. Press windows key +R key so you can see run then type in run "devmgmt.msc" then press ok so you can see device manager uninstall all usb drivers then it automatic install usb drivers. then check. Also you need to change registry for that type in run "regedit" then press ok then you can see registry editor then locate below key. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11 CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} And remove upper filter and lower filter.Then restart computer then check. Also locate the below key and make sure it's value is 3 not 4. HKLM\system\currentcontrolset\services\usbstor make sure start value is 3 not 4. Let me know if you need further assistance. Thanks for using FixYa

SimpleTech 320GB... • Answered on Apr 11, 2011

If it is making a clicking sound, your hard disk drive in the unit is bad, and you should return the drive for replacement. If you need more help, please call HitachiGST Tech Support M-F 8AM to 6PM PST at 1.888.426.5214 and a technician will be happy to help you.

SimpleTech 320GB... • Answered on Mar 10, 2011


Simpletech is not cheap and as far as I'm aware they may be marking up a third party recovery labs services. There are a couple steps I would suggest trying before sending it anywhere if you're on a budget and time is not a big issue. Once you've tried these steps, if they fail to give results or if your on a tight time frame and can justify the cost I can refer you into a lab near you where at least you won't have the additional markup on recovery service.

If you've tried more than one power adapter and usb cord, odds are one of two things has failed. First, good chance the circuit board for the enclosure has failed, this can be remedied at any PC shop for a small fee. Second, something has failed in the drive or it's circuit board, this requires in lab repair to rescue any lost data.

If you're not in a mad panic and would like to save a few bucks, head to your local PC shop and ask the technicians to remove the drive from the enclosure and test it for you. If the drive passes testing, they can simply install it in a new enclosure, the whole process costs about $40-$70 depending on shop rates and brand of enclosure.

If the drive fails testing, ask them to wrap it in an anti static bag and if they have it a hard drive shipping box, then reply back here letting me know your results and tell me you location (Country, State, City) and I will refer you to a proper lab near you.

I always tell customers to shy away from any offers of data recovery attempts by technicians in regular hardware shops as many will claim to offer recovery services but generally they are only set up for logical recoveries, such as undeleting a file and any attempts they make with a drive suffering a hardware failure can worsen damage and reduce the chances for effective recovery.

Hope this helps FixYa,


SimpleTech 320GB... • Answered on Jan 06, 2011

you should be able to plug and play but if not then look up a driver for that online that may help you

SimpleTech 320GB... • Answered on Jan 02, 2011

An external storage-device has four major components:

* the USB cable

* the power-adapter

* the disk-drive inside the enclosure

* the USB-to-disk-drive adapter inside the enclosure.

One of these components has failed.

Try a different USB cable.

Try connecting to a different USB port on your computer.

Try connecting to a USB port on a different computer.

Take a "multi-meter" and measure both the voltage and amperage output from the AC adapter, and compare with the specifications on the label on the adapter.

Open the enclosure, and remove the disk-drive, and then connect it as a "slave" disk-drive in a desktop computer, to see if it works at all.

Purchase a new, compatible, disk-drive, and install it in the enclosure, to "revive" your external storage device.

Get the part-number and serial-number from the label on your disk-drive, and access the manufacturer's web-site, and use "check warranty status", to see if they will replace the device, at minimal cost to you.

There exist commercial "data recovery" services that can try to repair your device, just long-enough to rescue and copy your files. For example, see: https://services.seagate.com/index.aspx?lng=en-US for a "no data - no charge" guarantee.

SimpleTech 320GB... • Answered on Dec 29, 2010


Okay , so there are some steps to figure out what is wrong with your external.

Firstly , if your computer makes a sound when you plug in your external , go to Start-Control Panel-Administrative Tools-Computer Management-Disk Management , and see if your external drive is listed here with your local drives. If it is listed , right click on the drive and change the drive letter to make it appear in "my computer".

If your drive does not make a connection sound when connecting to your computer and also does not show up , please follow the next step.

Remove the hard drive from the casing if possible and install it in your computer case or another external case.If the drive works , the problem is with the casing and you can ignore the drive.

Now , if the problem is with the casing , there are still 3 possibilities.

  1. The USB cable between the drive and the computer may be damaged.
  2. The circuit board which connects your drive to the interface of the external may be blown.
  3. The power supply (if applicable) may have a blown transformer.
The latter is the easiest to diagnose , does your external light up at all when you plug in the power? If not , then this is probably your problem. On the bottom of the adapter is a label which you will be able to use to have a new adapter made at your local electronics shop and this will cost about $30 max. They will also be able to test the adapter with a clamp meter to see if this is really the problem and this should be free.

The second component you want to test is the USB cable. If you have a printer , swop out the cables and see if your printer functions normally. Most externals use the same connector so you should be able to test it in this manner. If the cable works go on to the last step. If the cable is defective , replace it with a new one which you can find for about $10 at most electronics and chain stores.

The last component to test is the circuit board. This is a bit of a grey zone as you probably won't be able to spot the blown component unless it failed really badly. With the casing already opened , locate the external's circuit board and check to see if you have any blackened components or fluids leaking from some components. If all the other components of the external worked perfectly , then this is the faulty part. It is not really economical to replace the circuit as most of the time it is out of production by the time you need to replace it and it still costs a lot even if it is available so if your drive is working perfectly when connected via sata or IDE on your computer , the best is to buy a new casing and place your old drive in the new casing.

A casing costs about $50 and you could get it at most tech shops and big chain stores like Best Buy.

I hope this solves your problem and please reply if you need more help.

Kind Regards

SimpleTech 320GB... • Answered on Sep 29, 2010

Try a new name which u didnot use earlier.

SimpleTech 320GB... • Answered on Sep 27, 2010

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