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Check the end of the steam nozzle, make sure it is not blocked. If not then with the knob open for hot water cycle push in on the knob if that works then the tap rod assemble or the steam valve needs to be replaced.

Saeco INCANTO... • Answered on Nov 30, 2018

I had the same problem with my Saeco S-class Incanto de luxe, ventilate message would come on when turned the machine on, no matter how many times I turned the knob to hot water & steam through nothing would happen except could hear the pump running - was about to throw it away, then figured had nothing to lose and looked inside the machine for a blockage.I looked all over the net and could not find an answer or youtube vid to show how to fix - closest one was something in german on a similar machine! its not a very easy task, there are loads of little bits packed tight in there. my hands were too big for some places so I had my daughter help hold couple tiny bits to helpessentially I took each main part out and ran some water through it with a syringe until i found the blockage, which turned out to be gunk in a hose next to heater unit. did it like this:you'll need some small phillips and torx screwdrivers, allen keys small spanners - 8mm 10mm and 11mm and some needle nose pliers. (if you are prepared you could replace some o-ring seals while you are in there!)i got my phone to take lots of photos as I went to remember what cable attaches to what 1. power unplug at wall2. took back cover off and disconnected the magnetic water level sensor and the water intake line. 3. take black plastic drip piece out from bottom right with two screws4. undo phillips screw bottom of bean hopper and remove, undo torx screws holidng roof on, undo torx screws on the screen/button surround. gently lift roof off, remove the earth wire with pliers and pull the heater power connection to free the roof. 4. unscrewed heater unit (the thing in the hard foam casing) from the boiler, undid the little clip on the end of the hose going to the steam valve and pull out - take care not to lose the o-ring. other end connects to the boiler5 on the front side removed the drip tray and brew unit, then using an allen key undo three allen screws that hold the boiler in place.6 back in the back side, GENTLY wriggled the boiler free, and taking care to get LOADS of photos of what wire went where, using pliers pulled wire connectors.7 once boiler is free, removed the plastic vent part that was sticking out the front into the brew unit and the hoses disconnect from that. the heater is now free and checked to see if water would go through it. - on my machine this is where the blockage was, so using spanners undid the hose connections from the end - once the nut is loosened off, you can see the little brass ring fixed to the plastic hose, use flat edges of pliers to wiggle the hoses out.my blockage was in the end of the hose, so I stripped a piece of electric cable, and gently fed it down the hose from both ends and broke up the gunk until it was free, then flushed the tube.8 repeated the rinse and remove hoses process once the boiler unit was free, so at this point has ensured that flow was good through each component.(the ventilate command comes up cos no water is flowing, little bits of coffee etc can get in the system and block it at various points) 9. little round flow meter at the bottom of unit twists free, and checked & cleaned this for gunk also10. put the machine back together in the reverse order, carefully ensuring that every wire and every hose was properly connected to the same places - be careful to take lots of photos as you go if you are doing the same.11. switched on and voila everything worked as before!12. ran through full rinse cycle13. make some coffee!!seems like ventilate error is something these machines are prone to - something will be blocked. in my case the machine wasn't very old and was in good nick - about 2000 coffees and regularly descaled. if you did this and didn't find obvious block in a hose then could be a different part is blocked or broken and you'd need to source a replacement part? so satisfying to have fixed it!!good luck!!!

Saeco INCANTO... • Answered on Nov 30, 2018

This is for a Saeco Incanto Deluxe...."doesn't power on"If the control panel doesn't come on, check 2 things first. 1. Is the unit plugged in to an working outlet? 2. is the switch on the back turned to the on position?OK, if you checked both things and are sure, you can check the breakers (switches, fuse?) on the unit. unplug the unit. empty the unit out (water, beans, drip tray, steamer knob, etc) remove the water tank and put the unit on its side there are two screws on the bottom of the unit, they are torq head and if the unit is on its side, they will be in the middle top and middle bottom. they are used to hold little plastic covers. Once the screws are taken out, remove the little plastic covers. once they are removed, shine a light up them, one side will have 2 tan reset switches, the reset button stick out between two wires. i had to use a butter knife to get to them. press them both in. Put the machine upright, plug it back in, and see if it turn on. if this process doesn't fix the unit, put it back on the side and try to put the resets back in. they can be tricky. Getting anymore into the unit can result in you making things worse and you should have a trained tech look at it.also, the wiring diagram on this unit is written in Italian. breaker switch fuse

Saeco INCANTO... • Answered on Jul 19, 2016

Remove the dredge drawer. Open the door. On the left side of the brewing unit, and towards the back of the brew group, there is a single screw. Remove the screw. Grab the handle and pull carefully, but firmly with a quick ****. The brew group should come out. There is a piece that remains in the machine. Slide that piece down and to the right and it will come off. Insert the piece into the hole on the backside of the brew group with the clip up. Tighten the screw and move brew group back into position.
To return the brew group to the centered position, you first need to drop the funnel. To do this, look on the opposite side of the brew group from the handle. At the top you will see an object that looks like a sharks fin. If you follow this piece down you will see 2 horizontal bars on the brew group body. Push your finger between these 2 bars and the funnel will drop. Now you can push the puck slide on the left side down and to the center. (You can insert your key into the hole in the front and twist the key to return the brew unit to the center. Line up the 2 diamonds and it centered) If you look down through the funnel you should see a piston. This should be centered in the funnel. If not, locate the slide on the left side of the brew unit,(it should be hanging down, a flat rectangular piece attached to the cylinder) and push the slide to the right until it does. Push the press button and you are now ready to reinsert the brew group in to the machine. First you must close the door and turn on the machine without having the brew group in, but you must have your drip tray and dredge drawer in. Turn the machine on. You will hear the motor turn on and when it stops completely, open the door and remove the tray, now insert the brew group and replace the tray.

Saeco INCANTO... • Answered on Mar 11, 2016

Make a solution of ½ pot vinegar and ½ pot water.
Run a cycle thru the machine. If there is a cleaning function on the coffee maker, use that.
If very calcified, run a newly made solution thru again.
Rinse by cycling fresh, plain water thru, 2 times.

Saeco INCANTO... • Answered on Sep 15, 2015

  • Check to make sure there's nothing inside your flow meter.
  • Check the flow meter wire connection at the board (cpu/pcb).

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Dear Jon, Hi this shrikant from mumbai.This problem is happen due to dust stuck in tea/hot water valve ( for steam which you rotate). If you have screw driver set then open the machine by using + screw drive. step below, 1.I here attach picture of valve. 2.you have to open it and clean it ( sea in pic 44,46,47,54). 3.after water leaking stop you have replace one o-ring 54 no. in picture. 4.After you machine work fine. regards, Shrikant Shinde Yogishri Engineering +91-8425830001 25387109-aunphyte2qlfpjvvnabnwbl5-4-0.jpg 25387109-aunphyte2qlfpjvvnabnwbl5-4-1.jpg

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At the main board there are two transistor on a aluminum.The one is small and the other one is bigger. The big one is usually tip33c or bdxxx if that is damaged group turns slowly.

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Hi When you want to empty the grounds because it says to in the menu, REMEMBER TO LEAVE THE MACHINE ON when you remove the drawer. The machine is a counter and when it reaches the magic number for that machine the message comes on. If the machine is turned off when you pull the drawer out, the machine doesn’t know this and the message will be there when you turn the machine back on. Also remember to leave the drawer out for at least 15 seconds or a little longer so the machine thinks you actually dumped the grounds.

Saeco INCANTO... • Answered on Apr 21, 2015

hi,probably your machine is need decalcify. Try to turn on the hot water knob when you start the machine. Fill about 1 water glas with hot water from machine.If the ventilate is still appear-you must decalcifying machine with special liquid for descaling.

Saeco INCANTO... • Answered on Jan 04, 2015

from the menu select descaling and open the steam knob. The machine is doing descaling.When descaling proces finish fill the water tank with frsh water and rinse from the hot water .When water finish you are ready to drink coffee.

Saeco INCANTO... • Answered on Aug 11, 2014

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