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It sounds like the T-Barbed fitting on top just before the brew head. There is a water by-pass system on large commercial brewers. The idea is that it's possible to over-extract the ground coffee if too much water is poured into the worn out ground. There are several types of systems and ideas on how to overcome this problem. over extraction is one of the causes of bitter coffee. You've tasted old peculated coffee from old brewers of the 1950-60's.
* the t-barb fitting comes from the main brew head valve then tees off to the bypass port which can have another solenoid or just a pin valve. the pin valve is manually adjusted to flow anytime the brew head valve is turned on. water is partially diverted to by-pass the grounds and drips directly along the inside of the brew funnel. Open it too much and you get weak watery coffee. Too little then stronger bitter coffee. I suggest turning it all the way clockwise (off) then opening it 3-1/2 turns. Check and adjust to taste.
* you should call your vendor for service and parts if needed.
* Parts are available from Bunn vendors,, Amazon, or your local restaurant supply as Bunn is a very common brand. Curtis parts may fit too. The barb is a standard 3/8th T fitting if I remember right. You may also find it at a Refrigeration plumbing supply like COSCO plumbing (Not the COSTCO membership store)
* It's just a divert-er so even a nylon t-fitting may work.
* Final; you can find the parts and manuals from Bunn.com even some of the discontinued models.
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Bunn Coffee... | Answered on Jan 18, 2018

VPS are pour over brewers. Like the 12 cup brewers you find at home, they need to be filled with 12 cups of water (a full pot), heated and then peculated over the coffee grounds and collected in a decanter.
BUT there is one main difference! The VPR and similar COMMERCIAL coffee machines are quick brewers. They usually have a pre-heated pot of water stored inside the machine.
* VPR's and similar machines REQUIRE a pre-fill and heating period prior to brewing. This means it's sitting on a level table and filled with water until water sprays from the brew head. At this point the unit is plugged in and the heater is turned on (CWTF's have a toggle switch behind the machine). Brewer will pre-heat the water (there may be some water discharge from brew head as the water expands). Ready light will come on in about 15 mins.
* To Brew; Place coffee grounds in filter, place in funnel and brew head, clean empty decanter under funnel, slowly pour one full decanter of water (cold or hot) into brew tray. Do not overflow tray. Allow water level to sink before adding more water. Only fill with one pot as an equal amount will come out the brew head and funnel.
* FYI Coffee grounds are usually in pre-messured packets for office use. A simple guide is one tablespoon per cup. (level or heaping spoon is up to you)
* Since your brewer was bubbling at one point. I'm guessing it had water in the pre-heater at one time. But if it's not in use and left plugged in all that time then the water has probably boiled off. Hopefully someone unplugged the brewer prior to the unit blowing the thermal fuse.
* You can test the VPR by following the Pre-fill instructions I've listed earlier. If the brewer heats up and does not continuously boil (shorted condition) then try a brew. If it works then your okay. Otherwise the unit will need service for a blown high limit or bad heater element.
* Call your coffee vendor anyway. Many coffee vendors will service your brewer of even replace it as long as you buy coffee from them. Ask around.

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Bunn Coffee... | Answered on Jan 18, 2018

Bunn machine smells hot
* Check for unusual sounds from brewer (other than sizzling from warmer plates). There should be a gradual boiling sound accompanied by some steaming at the top of brewer. This will turn off and ready light indicating the brewer is ready to brew.
* You may sometimes hear a slight boiling sound from time to time (about 15-30 mins apart). Notify your vendor as the warmer blanket may be out. (your brewer will still work but call them anyway.)
* Check your manual for setting up procedures and checks. It's available on line: http://www.bunn.com/product-manuals
* Constant boiling (more than 15 mins) with lots of steaming is a sign of an electrical problem. Unplug machine and call vendor for service.
* Final; Unplug unit and check for 'stuff' in pour over tray. I've found Chocolate, Cream, Milk, powder, sugar, honey, and a dead rat in the tray. Crew will repour old coffee or beverages into brewer to 're-heat' them. Notify vendor for cleaning or replacement (it happens all the time.)
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Bunn Coffee... | Answered on Jan 17, 2018

1.check the setting of your timer
2. open the top and see if the pan is overflowing or water is sprayed from the jet .

Bunn Coffee... | Answered on Jan 03, 2018

Hello, Trent -

I checked the User Manual for the Bunn Speed Brew
< http://www.bunn.com/sites/default/files/care-and-cleaning/49740.0001.pdf >
and didn't find the problem you describe in the troubleshooting (Let's Solve) section.

Therefore, I recommend you telephone Bunn Customer Service and talk with a someone there. See this web page to find the right number to call and the days and hours of availability:

The company may need to send you a replacement machine.

Bunn Coffee... | Answered on Dec 24, 2017

There are two heaters in a VRP unit (Pour over style) The brewer has a tank that your last office person poured in a full pot of water. The main heater senses the colder water and begins to reheat the water to near boiling. The new water pushes out the same amount of water into the brewing basket (funnel with coffee). Once the new water has come up to temperature then the main heater turns off. There is a warming blanket around the inside tank. This keeps the water hot and ready to brew. It uses less power than the main heater. If this blanket fails then the water will cool down to a point where the main heater heats everything back up. You may not notice this as the only indication is luke warm coffee on a freshly made pot or a 'boiling' noise every 15 - 25 mins. This VRP probably needs servicing (check Thermal blanket and Thermal fuse)

Bunn Coffee... | Answered on Sep 19, 2017

The heating coils may be calcified. With the machine off- pour some vinegar into the water tank. Let it sit over night. then pour clean water in and run it at least 3 times to flush out the vinegar.

Bunn Coffee... | Answered on May 06, 2017

bin it and buy a new one they are non repairable

Bunn Coffee... | Answered on Mar 15, 2017

You will need to replace it, parts are not made for repair except under warranty.

Bunn Coffee... | Answered on Mar 14, 2017

Ac supply may be Good but PCB may be foulty

Bunn Coffee... | Answered on Mar 14, 2017

you would have to unplug it, and then turn it upside down over a sink with the cover and coffee pot removed. be careful, the water in the reservoir is quite hot and ready to brew.

Bunn Coffee... | Answered on Mar 14, 2017

you could remove the cover and look for the connection that isn't connected properly - - be careful not to touch electrical connections/bare wires when cover is off - or take it to a technician - or contact Bunn directly for suggestions.


Bunn Coffee... | Answered on Mar 08, 2017

probably because the heating element has burnt out .

Bunn Coffee... | Answered on Jan 12, 2017

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