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Garmin Nuvi 370 | Answered on Oct 10, 2014

Please see this link for more info.


- Jim

Garmin Nuvi 370 | Answered on Jun 06, 2011

Begin by carefully removing the frame around the screen window using your finger nail. there you will find a reset button. push that and you should be all set. if not you will have to send it into garmin, the addy is availaable at garmin.com

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Garmin Nuvi 370 | Answered on Jun 06, 2011

You can purchase map updates online from Garmin. Here's the link I use: https://my.garmin.com/maps/chooseDeviceType.htm

You'll need to connect your Garmin to your computer with a USB cable. Then go to the Garmin web site and follow their directions. You can buy a single update, or buy a "lifetime" (of the device) subscription to map updates.

Garmin Nuvi 370 | Answered on Apr 18, 2011


in the settings of the garmin, there will be the maps section, most likely only the US maps are selected for use right now, you just need to either switch to European maps or check them, so that all maps are in use.

the software update has most likely reset this setting.

Take a look at Settings - Map - Map info, to see what maps are currently loaded to the unit.

Garmin Nuvi 370 | Answered on Feb 21, 2011

First press the speaker symbol and check that the volume is not down fully or that the mute box is not ticked. If it is press the mute box to untick it or increase the volume. Otherwise follow the instructions below.

1. Press Tools, then press Settings (or Locale on some models), then press Language. You will see a bar for Voice. Press Voice and select a different voice. If this doesn't solve the problem it's most likely because the voice file has become corrupted. To replace the corrupted file.
2. Download webupdater from http://www8.garmin.com/support/collection.jsp?product=999-99999-27 and connect your satnav to your computer. Install webupdater and your satnav will look for updates. After it's finished it will give you an option to download voices. Click the ones you want and press next. The voices selected will be downloaded to your satnav.
When you have removed the satnav from the computer you'll need to select a voice again as described in para 1 above.

Garmin Nuvi 370 | Answered on Oct 07, 2010

Common problem caused by a defective component. I've fixed this problem hundreds of times. You will not be able to repair this yourself as the part is about the size of a spec of pepper. For more info, please see this link:


- Jim

Garmin Nuvi 370 | Answered on Aug 05, 2010

When u say Normal reset,

did u kept holding the tiny reset button for atleast 8secs?

let me know

Garmin Nuvi 370 | Answered on Jul 30, 2010

everytime u turn the GPS device on it takes anywhere from 30secs to 4 mins to find and lock in the satellites . Once the satellites locked in it will be then start taking ur commands. In ur case u turned it off as u started driving and when u restarted it , it had a memory of where u turned it off and displayed u the location where u turned it off which was ur home, right, now if u would have waited till some satellites locked in , it would have then automatically displayed ur then current location. so next time when u start the unit (any GPS) wait till it locks in the satellites.


Garmin Nuvi 370 | Answered on Jul 30, 2010

Please see this link:


- Jim

Garmin Nuvi 370 | Answered on Jul 21, 2010

Please see this link:


- Jim

Garmin Nuvi 370 | Answered on Mar 13, 2010

Please tell me your current firmware version for your Nuvi 370 and I can email you the latest update files with install instructions. Email me at sharcnet-usa AT sharc.net

- Jim

Garmin Nuvi 370 | Answered on Jan 03, 2010


Garmin Nuvi 370 | Answered on Nov 06, 2009

Please see this link for more info:


- Jim

Garmin Nuvi 370 | Answered on Oct 19, 2009


Garmin Nuvi 360/370 On/Off Power Switch Problem

This tip also applies to the Garmin 360 & 370 series GPS:

For those of you that own a Nuvi 350 with a on/off power switch problem....don't worry you're not alone.

Two days after I purchased my Nuvi 350, my switch broke too. The problem I faced was that I bought it from a so-called "Authorized Dealer" on eBay. Turns out that Garmin never heard of the dealer and therefore refused to register my Nuvi and honor the warranty. They did however offer to fix it for a flat $170.00 fee.

So what do you do in this type of situation? I did some research on the web and discovered that this is a common problem with the Nuvi 350.

Here's why it happens:

The on/off switch is a surface mount switch that is mounted vertically off of the main PC board.

The problem is, that there is no support behind the switch, so when you press down on the button, the very small solder leads of the switch are stressed and eventually the switch breaks off the main PC board. This is a design flaw and it could have been easily prevented by glueing a small piece of custom-fit plastic between the rear of the switch and the SD card housing to give the switch support. Also, the solder pads for the mechanical connections of the switch could have been made bigger, allowing for more surface area and more solder application.

Another possibility of failure because of poor support, is that the switch body may have bent down and away from the case's on/off flap that pushes the switch. There is a plastic stop pin in the case that prevents the flap from going down too far. So, if the switch has been bent down as much as 1/16", the flap will never reach the button on the switch.

Can it be fixed? Yes but it's not just a simple matter of just resoldering the switch. Without fixing the original support issue, the problem will certainly happen again. In some cases, the printed circuit board tracks may have lifted up off the board and need to be bypassed with wires.

The proper way to fix this problem is to improve the mechanical mounting of the switch by securing its metal body to the motherboard groundplane with pre-tinned buswire. The mechanical leads of the switch are not enough to secure the switch to the board. A custom-fit plastic block needs to be glued between the rear body of the switch and the SD card housing. Bottom line, if the switch can't move, the leads won't be stressed causing them to break.

It's very unlikely that the switch itself is bad. The life cycle of this switch is 250,000 cycles. For example, if you pressed it 20 times per day for an entire year, that would add up to 7,300 presses per year. Divide 250,000 cycles by 7,300 and it would take 34.25 years before the switch would fail. No doubt the switch will outlive the Nuvi itself.

Taking the Nuvi apart itself requires the right tools. The internal flex cables for the antenna, touch screen and LCD screen are delicate and can be torn easily if you're not careful. The antenna flex cable runs through the swivel antena shaft and is very delicate.

You will need a surface mount desoldering/soldering station with illuminated magnifier. A standard soldering iron is far too big to solder the leads and will overheat the solder pads, lifting them off the board. All work should also be performed with proper grounding to eliminate static charge issues.

To determine if your switch is broken with no other issues, please
confirm the following:

1. Pressing the on/off switch has no effect and the switch feels mushy
when pressed - no soft click.

2. The unit powers up and operates normally when using the car adapter
or USB adapter and can be turned off by pressing the reset button.

If the above conditions appear to be the symptoms of your Nuvi 350,
then most likely, the on/off switch has broken off from the main
printed circuit board.

Please contact me at KS3R at sharc dot net if you would like further information about this problem and how to get it quickly repaired.

Best wishes,
- Jim
Pittsburgh, PA

on Jul 02, 2009 | Garmin Nuvi 370

You can easily do this by connecting the nav to your computer. Also, you could bring this to a local store and walk through the menus using the stores display as a guide. (use a Nuvi 360 or 370) Lastly, a hard reset maybe possible, press and hold power for 1 minute and go through the set up again.

Garmin Nuvi 370 | Answered on Mar 09, 2009

Please see this link for more info. It sounds like you have the avoidances for highways set.


- Jim

Garmin Nuvi 370 | Answered on Feb 28, 2009

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