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My little green machine won't spray the solution but it will pick

We had the same problem. After dissassembling the whole machine we could not find a clog or any other obvious problem. The manual suggests priming the pump by putting the solution reservoir in and out a few times. This did not help much. What did work was to raise the unit up a few feet above the trigger while depressing the holding the spray trigger. (That is, use gravity to fill the tube.) After solution was flowing freely, we turned the machine on and it seems to spray fine again.
Hope this helps
1/12/2021 2:44:15 PM • Bissell LITTLE... • Answered on Jan 12, 2021

I dont have the instruction manual for the bissell

You can download manuals from the Bissell website
12/9/2009 8:58:48 PM • Bissell LITTLE... • Answered on Dec 09, 2009

Bissell 1631-Y Steamer. Trying to download a manual?

Bissell Power Steamer Deluxe 1631-1 Owner's Manual

ManualsLib https://www.manualslib.com > manual > Bissell-Power-... View and Download Bissell Power Steamer Deluxe 1631-1 owner's manual online. Deep Cleaning Machine. For Professional-Style Deep Cleaning of Carpet, . ..
4/26/2024 12:27:26 AM • Bissell Vacuums • Answered on Apr 26, 2024

Bissell spun scrub won't dispense water. Unplugged and plugged back in, press x valve, etc etc model 20391

Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try: Check the clean water tank: Ensure that the clean water tank is not empty and is filled with warm tap water and the appropriate Bissell solution. The cap of the clean water tank should be properly closed. Re-seat the water tank: Remove the clean water tank from the machine and then re-seat it back into the machine. Check for clogs: There could be clogs in the system that are preventing the water from dispensing. Check the pump motor: If the above steps don't work, there could be a more technical problem like a malfunctioning pump motor. If these steps do not resolve the issue, it may be best to contact Bissell customer service or a professional for further assistance. Bissell Carpet Cleaner Not Dispensing Water [SOLVED] (vacuupedia.net)
3/31/2024 7:28:01 PM • Bissell Vacuums • Answered on Mar 31, 2024

Bissell Spotlifter 1715. What's the output voltage & amperage of the charger for Bissell Spotlifter 1715?

No one says the output voltage and amperage, you just buy them for the Bex Bissell unit. They are dual voltage in 110 to 220. If you have the old one, it will be written in tiny writing on the charger, usually white writing on the face and engraved on the inner surface where the pins are. There are a number in the link from Walmart, eBay and Amazon. https://www.google.com/search?q=bissell+spotlifter+1715+charger+replacement ..
2/7/2024 3:04:55 AM • Bissell Vacuums • Answered on Feb 07, 2024

My Bissell little green machine has no suction at the hose end.

If your Bissell Little Green Machine has no suction at the hose end but good suction underneath the dirty water tank, try these steps: check for clogs in the hose and attachment, ensure the tank and filters are properly seated, test without an attachment, inspect for damaged hoses or seals, clean the machine, and run hot water through the hose. If the issue persists, contact Bissell customer support for assistance or consult your user manual for specific troubleshooting steps.
10/29/2023 5:07:03 AM • Bissell Vacuums • Answered on Oct 29, 2023

Fuse for a Bissell Pro heat 2X 9200E

As per wiring diagram on Page 20 of service manual, there is no fuse. Microsoft Word - ProHeat2XServiceGuide Revision 2-2-10.doc (evacuumstore.com)
10/24/2023 2:51:31 PM • Bissell Vacuums • Answered on Oct 24, 2023

ProHeat 2X Deep Cleaning System | 9200-2. How do you test the solenoid?

Remove the hoses to it and attach a piece of clean PVC pipe. With the power off, blow down the hose The solenoid should be closed. Plug the machine in and press the button for water. You should now be able to blow through it, if it is operating correctly. https://www.google.com/search?q=bissell+proheat+2x+9200-2+test+solenoid+valve ..
6/15/2023 3:30:25 PM • Bissell Vacuums • Answered on Jun 15, 2023

Bissell pro 2x healthy home carpet shampooer wheel not spinning

Hello Jeanette The answer from 'Rushikesh' that you thanked is from an Indian Artificial Intelligence Answer Bot. The site has been plagued with them for a month or so. They all answer in the same format 1. Repeat the Question. 2. Give five GUESSES to fix. 3. Tell you to consult a professional! From a real person : You need to change the drive belt, simple as that! If you turn the machine over an turn it on, if you carefully put your hand of the brushes, you will find you can stop thee brush from spinning. That shouldn't happen. ..
5/8/2023 4:06:00 PM • Bissell Vacuums • Answered on May 08, 2023

BISSELL powerforce helix silver piece fell out? 2191 not compact

It sounds like the small silver piece that fell out of your BISSELL Powerforce Helix may be the motor brush. The motor brush is a small, spring-loaded carbon block that makes contact with the motor to conduct electricity. If the motor brush falls out or is not installed correctly, it can cause the motor to make a loud, high-pitched noise. To fix the problem, you should locate the motor brush and try to reinstall it. The motor brush is typically located near the motor on one or both sides of the vacuum. You may need to consult the user manual or contact BISSELL customer service for specific instructions on how to access and install the motor brush. If the motor brush is damaged or missing, you may need to purchase a replacement motor brush from BISSELL or a vacuum repair shop. Once you have replaced the motor brush, the high-pitched noise should go away and the vacuum should operate normally.
2/15/2023 7:45:37 AM • Bissell Vacuums • Answered on Feb 15, 2023

How do I replace the upright locking foot pedal on my Bissell 3760-4

Replacing the upright locking foot pedal on a Bissell 3760-4 is a fairly straightforward process. Here are the steps you can follow:
  1. Turn off and unplug the vacuum cleaner.
  2. Lay the vacuum cleaner on its side so that you can access the bottom of the machine.
  3. Locate the locking foot pedal and use a screwdriver to remove the screws that hold it in place.
  4. Once the screws are removed, gently pull the old locking foot pedal away from the vacuum cleaner.
  5. Take the replacement locking foot pedal and position it in the same spot where the old one was removed.
  6. Use the screwdriver to attach the replacement locking foot pedal with the screws you removed earlier.
  7. Test the new locking foot pedal to make sure it works properly and holds the vacuum cleaner in the upright position.
  8. Once you are satisfied with the new locking foot pedal, flip the vacuum cleaner back over to its normal upright position.
  9. Plug in the vacuum cleaner and turn it on to make sure everything is functioning properly.
With these steps, you should be able to successfully replace the upright locking foot pedal on your Bissell 3760-4.
2/15/2023 6:08:04 AM • Bissell Vacuums • Answered on Feb 15, 2023

My height adjustment on my new bissell power force helix tirbo rewind vaccum wont adjustmy height adjustment dont go up and down

If the height adjustment on your Bissell PowerForce Helix Turbo Rewind vacuum is not functioning properly, there are a few things you can try to fix it:
  1. Make sure that the height adjustment lever is being pressed down all the way. Sometimes the lever can get stuck in the "up" position, which prevents the height adjustment from working.
  2. Check the height adjustment mechanism to make sure it is not damaged or obstructed. This may involve removing the vacuum's dustbin or base plate to access the mechanism.
  3. If the height adjustment lever and mechanism are functioning properly, the problem could be with the vacuum's belt. The belt is responsible for driving the height adjustment mechanism, and if it is stretched or damaged, it may not be able to move the mechanism properly. In this case, you may need to replace the belt.
  4. If none of these solutions fix the problem, the vacuum's internal hardware may be faulty and will need to be repaired or replaced. You may need to seek the assistance of a professional for this type of repair.
1/6/2023 6:28:32 PM • Bissell Vacuums • Answered on Jan 06, 2023

Bissell 7920 ProHeat replaced belts and level arms. Got things back in place. Brush spins when I move motor spindle. Can't get retainer clip back in without things binding. Any suggestions?

If you are having difficulty getting the retainer clip back in place, it may be helpful to check the alignment of the belt and level arms. Make sure that everything is properly aligned and not binding on any other parts. If everything looks aligned but you are still having difficulty, you may need to gently manipulate the brush and belt to get the retainer clip to fit properly. It may also be helpful to refer to the user manual or a guide for your specific model to ensure that you are reassembling the parts correctly. If you are still having difficulty, it may be helpful to seek the assistance of a professional or to contact the manufacturer for further assistanc
1/6/2023 9:41:16 AM • Bissell Vacuums • Answered on Jan 06, 2023

My belt on my Bissell Pro-Heat Shampooer for the pump keeps coming off.

Question edited for clarity and typos. Did you 'replace the belt 2 times' with a new one? If they stretch, they can come off. https://www.google.com/search?q=belt+on+my+Bissell+Pro-Heat+Shampooer+for+the+pump+keeps+coming+off ..
12/19/2022 8:15:39 PM • Bissell Vacuums • Answered on Dec 19, 2022
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