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System date error! please check NDS system date.

I have a tempory method of fixing it!
  • Take out the NDS cards and start up DS without them
  • Tap the symbol in the middle of the screen at the bottom that looks like a DS.
  • Tap the blue box with a calender and clock in.
  • Change the date a month or two back.
  • Restart DS with NDS cards in.
  • Done!
Although this temporary the people at NDS are working for a solution i think. But until then you might just have to keep putting the date back.
4/9/2024 8:33:44 AM • Nintendo DS Lite... • Answered on Apr 09, 2024


Hey everyone, not sure if this will work for everyone, but its worth a shot.  my problem was identical to all the others here, a flash of orange and then nothing.  
i thought perhaps those little metal contacts on the battery and the ds had build up a little corrosion, interrupting the charge.  so, i took some rubbing alcohol and q-tips and gently scrubbed them clean, both on the battery AND the ds side.
After this, my ds has worked flawlessly.  Hope it's the same for you!
12/17/2022 10:34:53 AM • Nintendo DS Lite... • Answered on Dec 17, 2022

Nds roms not working

Usually when there are problems with booting roms on the r4 it is because the kernel is out of date. Download the latest kernel for your r4 at http://www.r4ds.com/download-en.htm
If the games still don't work, you might need to replace the arm7.bin file in the game. To do this, you will need to use a program called DSLazy. You can download it here. So to replace the arm7.bin, you will need a nds rom that works without the arm7.bin fix.
Step One: Start DSLazy.
Step Two: Browse for the file that works without the fix (I use Tetris DS)
Step Three: Click Unpack. This will create a new folder called NDS_UNPACK
Step Four: Move the arm7.bin inside the new folder somewhere safe. Close DSLazy
Step Five: Complete steps 1-3 again.
Step Six: Now open NDS_UNPACK that you just created with the game you want to fix and put the arm7.bin that you moved from step four into the NDS_UNPACK to replace the one already in there with the new one.
Step Seven: Click NDS Packer in DSLazy. This will create a new version of the game you want to fix with a new arm7.bin
Step Eight: You are done. Copy the game to your r4 and load it. The game should work.

If this didn't work, which shouldn't happen, try re-downloading your roms.
If it STILL doesn't work, there might be a problem with your r4, and you might want to get it fixed or get a new one.

~hope this helps.
12/3/2022 8:48:22 AM • Nintendo DS Lite... • Answered on Dec 03, 2022

Cannot save game in super mario 64 for ds

maybe you're not going to the start and turning it off. when you save everything else and quit turn it off right on the menu or further back. I think this will not answer the question so if no work sorry.
7/12/2022 1:30:47 PM • Nintendo DS Lite... • Answered on Jul 12, 2022

Hi our nintendo keeps freezing when we turn it on,

try taking the battery out then putting the thing in again
1/19/2022 9:47:02 PM • Nintendo DS Lite... • Answered on Jan 19, 2022

The ds is game for the children

I'm allow to my child play Papa Louie games - http://www.papagames.org . May be you'll find some interesting games there.
11/18/2021 11:37:49 AM • Nintendo DS Lite... • Answered on Nov 18, 2021

DS does not read my R4..says There is no card inserted HELP?!?!

Listen this will work. TRUST ME. If you DS says "no ds card detected" but it will detect regular games, there is nothing wrong with the ds or the card. Take a piece of paper, cut it the size of the R4 card (a little longer) then fold it over and place it on the R4 card (same side as sticker on R4card) then put them both in at the same time. This will push the R4 card closer to the pins and it will work. keep trying. Took 3 tries for me and it worked. The idea here is to push the R4 card closer to the side and therefore making a better connection. THIS WILL FIX IT.
8/21/2021 4:25:59 PM • Nintendo DS Lite... • Answered on Aug 21, 2021

Hi my nintendo ds lite

You can try charging your DS lite using a phone charger. In order for this to work the charger must
  • Output around 5.2 volts
  • The end of the plug must look like the second plug from the left in this picture
When plugging this cord into your DS lite do NOT force it in. If you push to hard it may break the DS lite.
6/26/2021 3:52:05 PM • Nintendo DS Lite... • Answered on Jun 26, 2021

R4 White Screen on startup

The screen is broken and has stopped working and the screen has to be replaced You should buy another DS Lite from DKOLdies and Lukie Games and East Starland games and JJ Games.
2/28/2021 11:40:26 PM • Nintendo DS Lite... • Answered on Feb 28, 2021

My Action Replay won't activate cheats in the game!!!

did you try pressing the L and R triggers to activate the cheats? (different games require different buttons to be presses to activate the cheats)
4/28/2019 8:40:24 AM • Nintendo DS Lite... • Answered on Apr 28, 2019

How do you put cheats on your R4

you can do it with a GameShark for some games.

Or you can use cheat right away on you R4 card.
Look on the bottom screen when you have selected a game.
Then you must see Cheat(Y) written below the game (not with all games)
Then you see this image ( on the bottom screen). a3a8546.jpg you must enable the cheat and enable the game just like on the picture , (own dicision real-time on/off enable(B) .
Select your cheats and choose save and exit (down left)
start your game and have fun playing!
4/21/2019 12:07:44 AM • Nintendo DS Lite... • Answered on Apr 21, 2019

I've downloaded a torrent game for my DSi do I put

Most torrent files come with .nfo files. Just right click on them, go to open with. choose notepad, and read.

other then that, downloading games and software and other copyrighted material is illegal. We can not give you instructions to do so.
4/9/2019 5:48:00 PM • Nintendo DS Lite... • Answered on Apr 09, 2019

Downloaded games

where can i download ds games for free
3/15/2019 8:19:26 AM • Nintendo DS Lite... • Answered on Mar 15, 2019

Hi , I bought a

you shoud have a try on https://www.fifacoinszone.com, FIFA Coins, FUT Coins and FIFA 19 Coins are available there, good luck to you
2/12/2019 6:55:32 AM • Nintendo DS Lite... • Answered on Feb 12, 2019

Wrong date or firmware expired! Please check NDS machine date configuration.

my ds game is not working
11/2/2018 7:46:47 PM • Nintendo DS Lite... • Answered on Nov 02, 2018

Couldn't dind ds-menu.dat using R4 card


first of all , check your r4 version.
there are many.

have you put the right firmware on your r4?
original : http://r4ds.cn/download/r4_v1.18_kernel.html

r4 revolution pro : http://www.r4dspro.com/download_en.html
r4 ultra and de luxe : http://www.r4deluxe.com/en/down.asp
r4 III : http://www.r4dsl.net/download-en.asp

after that it should work.
or maybe you should format your memory card first.
10/21/2018 8:29:45 AM • Nintendo DS Lite... • Answered on Oct 21, 2018

Imagine Babies

the problem with ella solved well for me it has been so try this.......
take the game back to ella being delivered by her mum do everything in this order feed her,rock her in the chair, play with her with the rattle 3 times, bath her, change her nappy get her ready for bed (babygrow or trousers and t shirt, put her in her cot and rock her keep the stylis as close to the blue ball as you can and make sure the ball hits each end it takes a while but she will put her thumb in her mouth and go onto her side keep rocking for about 30 seconds after she has gone to sleep when she wakes up her mum will come and get her and I love my son-in-law for telling me how to do it thank you.
10/3/2018 10:44:23 AM • Nintendo DS Lite... • Answered on Oct 03, 2018

Cannot find menu dat file

To format any drive just insert the memory, right click over your memory drive in My PC window, and there should be an option to Format this drive, formatting will erase all the card contents so make a backup in your computer first.

When you click on "format" a window will appear to chose FAT or FAT32 (try FAT32 first then if not working try FAT), dont have to do nothing on the size option, write a label for the drive if you want, not needed, let Quick Format clear, click on start button and you'll see a proccess bar, when it finish it tell you and you have a formatted drive.

Put the sistem files and one rom to test again in the memory, test it on your DS. Be sure you have the right files for your card, the www.R4ds.cn site only supports R4 cards, not R4 III, R4 SDHC or any fake non R4 hardware.
7/28/2018 11:05:22 PM • Nintendo DS Lite... • Answered on Jul 28, 2018

Console doing it's own thing


I see that you are having an issue with your DS.

Unfortunately, you are going to have to be more detailed about the problem. Please describe what you mean by "doing it's own thing".

We can not assist you without more detail about this.

7/7/2018 5:03:41 AM • Nintendo DS Lite... • Answered on Jul 07, 2018

Download ds menu dat

You Need To Reinstall r4i software to your DS.
6/19/2018 8:06:04 PM • Nintendo DS Lite... • Answered on Jun 19, 2018
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