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sidekick 3 unlock code or how to unlock

Please help me so I can use it in South america it asks me for an lock code and how can I get spanish language. thank you

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ok dis is wat u have to do (i only tested dis on cingular or at&t waveva u call it)

1.your sim needs a password
2.turn off ur sidekick 3 ur cingular card in
4.turn on sidekick 3
5.itz gunna ask you for a special code ignore it
6. go to settings den sim center
7. if ur sim lock is disabled jus enable it
8.den change ur sin pin to wateva you want
9.once u change it you will signals bars go up
10.go 2 settings network options
11. press scan scan select manually
12. select ur network
13. and datz it your sim iz workin on sidekick 3

if u turn it off u will have 2 do da same process again

soon i will put a video of dis on youtube

Posted on Feb 11, 2008


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How do i unlock my sidekick slide

i need to unlock the 3 digit code on my sidekick slide?

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from the keyguard lock go to emergency calls.
after that press the:

1. menu key (top left hand corner)
2. shift
3. q

Posted on Jul 07, 2009


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My side-kick LX will not turn on

can you please show me how to take it apart and fix it

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Try this, though is used for when the device is randomly rebooting aswell, it might help you to force your Sidekick to come back on:

  1. Check the device's battery level for at least two bars of strength.
  2. If the battery level is low, charge the battery.
  3. If the issue is not resolved, remove the back cover.
  4. Remove the battery.
  5. Wait 10 seconds.
  6. Press and hold the W key.
  7. While pressing down the W key, re-insert the battery.
    • The device restarts and after approximately 15 seconds, the 'Recovery' screen appears.


  8. Select the desired language.
  9. Select Reboot to restart the device.
  10. Your Sidekick should go back to the main screen as normal. Good luck

Posted on Dec 09, 2008


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Unlock Code for Sidekick 3

I've looked everywhere for the code to unlock my Sidekick 3 and I still haven't found anything. There are many sites that have these codes and tell you how to unlock the phone for a small price. Is this the only way to unlock the phone? Does anyone know how to actually unlock a Sidekick 3?
Thanks for reading and thanks for the help....

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ok the way to do it this jus lets u use text and calls i got cingular and i used my sidekick to txt and call here wat u gotta do

1. out sim card in
2. start phone
it will tell u sim card locked it needs special code(the code u get to pay for) juys exit outta that get to the main menu
3.hit the top letf menu button and go all the way down to sim center if u dont allready have a sim pin then enter a new one if u have one change it then ur phone should go from the big X to some bars and a hollow phone icon after you do that hit the menu button again and go to network options then go down and hit (SCAN AND SELECT MANULLY) then chose what ever carrier you have i have at&t so i chose it after a few seconds the hollowed out phone icone should be colored in and u can now text and call

Posted on Aug 07, 2008


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sidekick 08 special unlock code

what is the code im trying to unlock it for att and it says i need the special sim unlock code to do anything on it... cam some one please help me

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type in 001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009 till it unlocks

Posted on Dec 30, 2009


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my sidekick 3 wont turn on

the phone is new to me, it was purchased as a working phone. i plug it in and the orange light confirming that the phone is charging lights up. the orange light is on and now nothing happens. i try to turn it on and nothin happens. every once in a while a circle made of circles lights up in the middle, then it disappears. also every once in a while the wheel lights up green then stops. if i unplug it every thing just stops. please help me and email me at [email protected]

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my sidekick 3 wont turn on at all,, it charges but when i go to turn it on. nothing.. how can it get fixed or wat kind of profesional help could i get to fix it?

Posted on Jun 07, 2008


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Sidekick 3 does not receive charge

i have a sidekick 3, and i also have two batteries (one is brand new). The batteries work fine. i have a couple of chargers, that work fine. none of the chargers charge up the batteries, i believe there is a charger port problems. is there anything that i can do?

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All right. The Sidekick 3 has a known charging issue that crops up on some phones. If you are under warranty, call t-mobile and get it fixed. If not, the repair is going to run 100+ to fix the charging port.

A fast and simple solution is to by an external charger and an extra battery. They run about 30 bucks total on ebay.

Check out Sidekick Battery Chargers.

Be glad the battery is easily removable. The original sidekick and sidekick II had internal batteries that are a pain in the butt to remove!!!

Posted on Dec 04, 2007


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how do you unlock a sidekick 2008 ??

hey guys
i have read on some sites that the sidekick 2008 was made in a different way to the others........
by that i mean its not the same unlocking process
i will be getting my sidekick 2008 in a few days and I would not like it to be a dummy phone that cant be unlocked...
and also i really dont want to buy anything or go to or buy stuff off ebay that would unlock

please some1 help
(also its a sidekick gekko/shell not a sidekick 3 like it tells u in the description or picture)

:) :)

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Hello.. I live in denmark and I just got the sidekick 2008.
I bought an Isim (ver. 2) on ebay. I payed $9.
Then I put It under my non tmobile sim card and powered it up and I could se my phonebook and other stuff from my sim. But it keept saying: emergency calls only.
Then you have to put it into a nother mobile phone to get signal. Then put it back in the SK with the Isim and then it works. Just remember to update the sim and phone with the settings from your current phone company by sms. Then it wont happen again.

It worked for me. so I hope it would help others...

Form Diana - Denmark

Posted on Dec 16, 2008


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Network data

I have a used tmobile sidekick 3 and when I put my sim card in (also tmobile) it says "network data services are currently unavailable. either your GPRS APN setting is incorrect, or your account is not configured for GPRS? Can you help?

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"Dont be stupid... you dont have to call anyone... ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS, hold the top left button (the one one that looks like three little bars) and with the screen flipped open press the letter L on the keypad. So while holding the top left button hit the letter L.


yeah thats a good idea,apart from the fact you need to unlock the phone everytime you turn it on and you cant get on the internet at all,

it meand the internal ariel is broken and you need to get t-moble to swap your phone for a new one

Posted on Jun 03, 2008


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i wanted to know if anybody can please help me with the unlock code for the sidekick 2008 so i can use it with a different sim card.thanks

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yes, tmobile does unlock the sidekick 2008 for FREE!!. i promise you this works, i just did this today, the agent told me that they dont usually advertise it.
So here are the steps. tmobile but dont ask the first representative to unlock it.
2.ask him or her to transfer you too customer care.
3.then ask the customer care agent for the SIM SUB SIBY unlock code.
4. he or she will ask you for the IMEI number, if you dont know that number, just dial *#06# or you can find it on the back of your phone under the battery. IMEI number is a 15 digit code.
this will let you use your sidekick 08 in another country.

Posted on Jun 30, 2010

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