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I see that your question is listed under Frigidaire wall-oven (FEB30S5D). If both the broil and bake elements are not heating, I suggest resetting your wall-oven. This can be done by either unplugging it or flipping the household circuit breaker to the off position. I recommend waiting approximately ten minutes and then turn on your appliance. If this problem persists, then your wall-oven could possibly be experiencing a potential wring failure, or a communication problem with the EOC (Electronic Oven Control). It would be advisable to contact an experienced appliance repair tech to assist further.

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Try setting clock before presuming board is faulty, ovens shouldn't work if clock is flashing or timer is counting down or bell symbol flashing. Consult your instructions

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Here is a tip that will help you figure out why your oven will not shut off...

Electric Oven Problem Oven will not shut off


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Your f30 problem may be a bad sensor circuit. It may have an open connection or just plain defective sensor. Check the connection between the clock and the sensor as well as disconnect and measure the resistance of the sensor - should be about 1090ohms at room temp (75F)

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Most likely the temperature sensor is bad. This is a small pencil shaped rod in the top of the oven.

Well, to ensure the temp sensor isn't bad, you can take an ohm meter to the contacts of it and measure the resistance. It should be around 20 ohms. If it is much greater or infinite, then its bad. To get to the contacts you will need to unplug the oven, pull it away from the wall and remove the rear panel. Then disconnect the wiring and touch the probes from the meter to the contacts on the sensor. You can order a new sensor locally or from Let me know what you find.


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just because the indicators light up does not mean that u have 220 volts avail to the burners and oven, the first thing to do here is test the cord and make the 4 wire conversion was done correctly and u do indeed have 220 at the stove, the controls run off 110 volts leg, the plug uses two110 volt legs of house current to give the 220 volts needed.

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yes if you ave is set for fan if you have is set for non fan force....a lot of ovens have many setting depending what you are oven/bottom oven or fan oven plus a combination.

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F1 continues to show up even when the oven if off

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fuses or need new element.

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Your oven heats up to over 800 degrees when you self clean it. ONLY clean it when it's very dirty and when you do, you risk the power outage of many electronic parts, so try NOT to self clean it, if you can get away with it. Hope this answers your questions. Call me if I can help. Ella

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This sounds like your control board is out. We have parts that can be shipped next day air if you need us. Hope this helps! Ella

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they stopped 1992...crazy...we now have to depend on breaker switch

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Here's the info from the service manual:

"Fault Code: F9

Likely Failure Condition/Cause:
1. Door motor failure / jammed. Latch
motor switch failure.
2. Control software failure, or component
failure (relay stuck).
3. Wiring Problem.

Suggested Corrective Action:
1. Press CLEAR key.
2. If CLEAR key does not eliminate problem, turn off power for
30 seconds, then turn on power.
3. Check wiring of Lock Motor, and Lock Switch A and Door
Switch circuits.
4. Unplug P4, apply power (L1) directly to the Lock Motor, if the
motor does not rotate, replace Lock Motor Assembly. Plug
5. Check Lock Switch A for proper operation (do they open and
close, check with ohmmeter). The Lock Motor may be
powered as in above step to open and close Lock Switch. If
the Lock Switch is defective, replace Motor Lock Assembly.
6. If all above steps fail to correct situation, replace control."


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Either your lock motor switches are defective and out of sequence or your electronic control(clock) is bad.

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I have the same problem. Any resolutions for you?

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Check your power to the oven at the terminals where the power cord connects.Should be 220 volts. Also check the terminals of the bake element for loose connections or a burnt wire.

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If it has been awhile since the self clean function has been used grease from cooking can build up on the inner contacts of the oven control. This would either need to be replaced or taken apart and cleaned. The self clean function should either be used more frequently or not at all,

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Try pressing and holding the Clear/Off button for 3+ seconds. The LOC indicates the control panel lock is enabled. The LOC should clear from the display. Note: if you hold the key pad for too long, the lock will reengage. From the picture of your range that you included, I believe this is the key pad button just below 7 to the right of the LCD display. There is a label in a small font just below the key pad. (The label probably is a padlock symbol and the word Controls but I can't resolve it from your picture.) Some newer Frigidaire Gallery ranges have a key pad button with a padlock symbol; this would be the correct button to press and hold on those models.

Warning: on some models, the door lock will also engage. Do not try to force the door open. Wait for 15+ seconds for the door lock mechanism to fully disengage before attempting to open the door.

I hope this helps.

Cindy Wells

Frigidaire Ovens | Answered on Jul 05, 2020 | 28 views

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