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Take the card out and check if the lock switch is in the locked position. You need to move it to the unlocked position. That means moving the switch away from the SD card pins and towards the back of the card. If the lock is damaged or loose, you may need to replace the SD card. To see what the lock looks like, see .

Sometimes, you need to use a computer to format the SD card. This can happen when the card was initially formatted to be used with a different device. Then return the card to the camera when the camera is off. Follow the steps to select the Custom setting and format the card again in the trail camera. See page 20 of the manual, . The last thing to try is a firmware update of the camera.

I hope this helps.

Cindy Wells

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Pleasse check if the camera of the video is turned off -
check the settings under my devices -

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contact the manufacturer of the camera

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This seems to be a manufacturing problem. When the disk is loaded it is centered on a spindle and to make sure that centering succeeds a magnet mounted to a small white rotating plastic piece on the top of the DVD drive. The magnet seems to bee too strong on my machine so the spindle isn't able to disengage when trying to open the tray. The result is blocking. It is of course possible that the electric motor moving the tray and the spindle movement is too weak. Anyhow this is how I solved the problem on my Philips Video/DVS DVDR3510V:
1) Disconnect the device from mains power.
2) Unscrew the eight screws holding the top in place.
3) Unscew four black screws keeping the DVD unit fixed to the main body.
4) Carefully drag the DVD slightly back which allows you to rotate it to point sideways (this allows simpler testing of the mechanical working).
5) Unscew the two blank screws keeping the front half of the top of the DVD unit in place.
6) Using a small screw driver carefully bend the clips to allow the top plate to be removed.
7) Connect the mains power and don't ouch anything inside.
8) After startup try Eject/Load several times to ensure that the DVD unit is mechanically working OK. If the Eject/Load doesnt work with the top off there is no use going further.
9) Disconnect mains power.
10) Use a small felt tipped pen to mark the face of the small metallic (magnet) part in the center of the white movable component fixed to the top.
11) Using a small flat screw driver carefully open the clips holding the two halves of the white component together. Careful! The clips may break easily.
12) Cut small pieces of tape (or use thick drawing paper). The idea is to lift the magnet slightly upwards. We thus use tape or paper as shims. Notice that a hole is needed in the center.
13) When the shims are in place put the magnet back oriented correctly (if you didn't mark it test it against the spindle rotating the disk. The correct orientation is where the magnetic force is strong.
14) Mount the halves back into the hole in the top component and align the clips. Then press the halves together until the clips connect.
15) Put the top component back and clip it into place. No need to screw in the screws yet.
16) Connect mains power, don't touch anything inside.
17) Check that the tray now opens both with a disk and when empty. Check that a DVD is recognized correctly (too little pressure leads to disk loading failure).
18) If the DVD unit now works assemble it and you are done.

The first picture shows the white round plastic part that is modified on the left hand side of picture.
The second picture shows an additional support I glued to the top with super glue because the top is fairly flexible. Initially I thought this was the reason why the spindle got stuck. I think the extra support is unnecessary but i didn't bother with removing it.

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Contact the manufacturer/distributor directly to inquire.

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try google search

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5 hours according to Page 11 of the manual

1. Make sure the appliance is switched off. The battery will not be charged with the on/off switch in the on position. 2. Plug the jack end of the charger (10) into the back of the vacuum, then plug the charger into an outlet as shown. 3.While charging, if the battery is fully discharged, only the bottom led will flash on the charging indicator (9) . As the battery charges the LEDs will illuminate one by one and remain lit until all four will be lit. They will remain lit for 10 seconds when fully charged and then turn OFF. If the battery is not fully discharged when charging begins the LED nearest the fully lit LED on the charging indicator (9) will flash. This indicates that there is a partial charge left in the battery. 4. Leave the appliance plugged in for at least 5 hours to initially charge the battery. While charging, the charger may get warm, this is perfectly normal and safe. It is safe to leave the appliance connected to the charger indefinitely. The charger automatically reduces power consumption when charging is complete.

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Check your Internet bandwidth by using an online speed test, such as nperf,or and Speedtest, or Comparitech. Contact your corporate IT department to check your WiFi and internet hotspots. Turn off the group HD in your Account Management if your WiFI bandwidth is insufficient. Turn off your corporate VPN if it is not required for the meeting.

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You are shorting something inside the camera. This can even be a faulty SD card.
Battery problem: bad quality of the battery bring this challenges. It normally occurs when the battery has been user beyond its operation.

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