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Hi Andy,

it looks like you are talking about the "wire" that belongs to the thermostat. Follow the wire and you will find that the other end is in the oven. This is not a commom wire, but it is hollow.
the link below shows you what I mean.
I hope this will help you.
Kind regards, Dik
Oven Thermostats Help Advice Fitting

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Is there any sort of fan in there - could be some blades hitting surrounding.

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this cooker has 7 burners, one of them is a wokburner.
You can buy complete sets:

These jets can be changed easily with a 7 mm wrench.

Succes, Dik

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Yes. Use your model number and call a parts supplier, they can help you find the right piece of insulation... Range Stove Oven Insulation WPW10208653

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clean the points and check the battery terminals as well as checking the spark plugs and fuel/carburettor and fuel lines.

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Hi what gas are you using? is the appliance suited to the gas, it seems as tho the appliance is jetted for LP gas & you are trying to run it on Natural gas

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What is the model number of the unit?

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Look inside the doors.

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It sounds like you may have a wire or connection that has become grounded. Unplug it, and if you have the know how and ability, dig into it and see if you can find any evidence of it (burnt smell, blackened/melted wire insulator.) Above all, keep it unplugged until it can be properly diagnosed.

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Most likely cause is food on the burner or down inside the burner holes or possibly in the gas tube that feeds gas to your burner.

If it were mine Id take off the burner and gas feed tube going to it and clean them out with soap and water and get a small drill bit about the same size or a little smaller than the holes that are around the burner and push it through the holes by hand and rotate them by hand in the little holes and verify they are clean and unobstructed.If its a light weight burner like aluminum DO NOT Put the drill bit in a drill and drill the holes out, Some burners are so thin and cheep you could easily drill an extra unwanted hole in the back of the burner.If its a heavy duty cast iron burner you could use a drill if you are very carefull .there could possibly be greese or something inside the burner itself ,try to clean it out if possible.Some times insects like a small house spider will make a web or cacoon or something in there if you dont use it very often.

So after cleaning the burner ( inside and out) , and the gas tube,with soap and water, you dry it off with a clean cloth . If you have access to an air compressor with a blow tip, you would thoroughly blow out each hole on the burner ,and front and back of every other nook and crany or hole there is very thouroughly .After all that reasemble itand try it out. If thats not the problem then I dont know what it could be unless some how your gas supply is getting contaminated with something else before it gets to your stove . If this would be the case then all your gas burners will burn black. If it is only one burner that burns black then there has to be something wrong with that specific burner or gas supply tube going to the burner. Good luck with it ,Sincerely, Keith

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Presuming you are in the UK, then you could go to:

You can also get Rangemaster spares through Currys if you go to:

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I have just had the same problem, the connections just fall off the heater! Waiting for a response from Rangemaster....


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I know the answer. You ,must set the clock else the oven(s) wont work.

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Try all parts come with installation instructions and have phone support.

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If grill element not working, switch power off and remove back panel to gain access to wiring. Grill element will be toy element. look for any burnt wire, either blue or brown. Re attach where broken and reassemble. If you have any doubts call a technician. Not to difficult though.

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hi i am having trouble with the timer. it just show auto and 00.00 and i can't do anything with it so i can't cook any thing in the oven. if you can give me a solution i will be most greatful.

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The first thing you will need to do is try lighting the burner manually with a match or bbq lighter. Bring the flame next to the burner then turn on the griddle knob. It should light up. If it does then it is either a weak spark on the ignition system due to debris on the electrode or there is blockage in the burner eyes at the electrode. Try poking out the eyes of the burner with a safety pin or sewing needle. And try using a wire brush to lightly clean the electrode head(where the spark comes from). If your tried lighting the burner with a match or bbq lighter and it did not light or a very small flame came out then there is a restriction in either the burner eyes, venturri, or burner orfice. Frist inspect the burner eyes for any blockage(grease or particles of food) and then use the sewing needle or safety pin to clean out all the burner eyes. If the burner is easily removed then go ahead and remove it and check the venturri(burner pipe) for any debris inside it. A small bottle brush can be used to clear the venturri. And finally with the burner removed you should be able to see the burner orfice. It will look like a small nut(usually brass) with a very small hole in it. This is where the gas comes out and if this hole becomes plugged then the burner will not work. The best way to clear this hole is to use a very small wire like the wire on a sandwich bag tie strap. Burn the plastic off of the tie strap to expose the thin metal wire and then use the wire to clear out the hole. DO NOT USE ANYTHING LARGE to try and clear out this hole. It is tiny for a reason and the soft brass can be opened up easily while try to clear the orfice hole causing a huge increase in gas pressure. If you clear the orfice hole and still do not get any gas pressure then the next step would be to remove the orfice(this requires a orfice wrench) and verify that you get gas coming from the burner tube with the orfice removed. If you do not get any gas after removing the orfice the more than likely the problem lies with the burner valve restricted internally and will need to be re-built or replaced.

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User manual.
When the clock is first connected, the display flashes ( 0.00) and (?) alternately. To set the time, turn and hold the Timer knob to the clock symbol (?) and at the same time turn the Adjusting knob left or right until the clock shows the time of day. Remember this is a 24-hour clock. Let go of the Timer knob and it will spring back to the vertical, oven manual setting.
It is on page 6 of manual

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at the back of the timer/clock there are 4 wires live and neutral to power the timer/clock and 2 others they may be red or orange. safely connect these other 2 together and you are good to go. if you need a new clock email me [email protected]

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