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Do you mean the compressor is clicking?

Jenn-Air... | Answered on Nov 22, 2012


Check to see if the evaporator fan behind the freezer wall (remove wall) is running. If it isnt the air will not flow properly in the unit. Replace the fan motor and it will fix it.

Good Luck!!

Jenn-Air... | Answered on May 02, 2012

It sounds like 1 of 4 things...
1. It could be related to the evaporator becoming Iced over and when this happens it insulates the area iced over and the temp rises...this is caused from the defrost cycle not being activated...(Thermostat, or loose or broken wire)
2. There is a device called the thermistor which senses temp and Ice build up which will cause the unit to go into defrost...this could be bad.
3. The previous fixes may cost a little but not as much as the next which could be a restriction in the evaporator. This is serious and usually requires the replacement of the same...very pricey. Is there only 2 compartment or a pull out drawer for freezer foods..If so you could have an isolated problem in the upper freezer compartment which may be remedied without great cost

If your husband or yourself ..or a handy person can access the back of the freezer by removing the back panel I'm sure you will find either lots of Ice good..as far as cost to repair goes....or no Ice...bad...bad.. as far as cost to repair..the later falls in line with a restriction.
I hope I have helped....please rate me ...The Fang

Jenn-Air... | Answered on May 02, 2012

Here is a tip that I wrote on moving refrigerators...if you did not do it thisway then you may well have ruined a perfectly good refrigerator.

Moving a Refrigerator What is thebest way

If you already have moved it wrong, you can sometimes get it working byplugging it in and unplugging it a number of times with an hour or so inbetween.


Jenn-Air... | Answered on Jun 24, 2011

Hi, Check the rear inside panel of the freezer section and see if there is a frost build up. Also check and make sure the evaporator fan motor in the freezer is running.
If there is a frost build up, remove the rear indise panel and check the defrost heater and bi-metal switch for continuity. The bi-metal switch located on the top of the evaporator has to be tested while it is still cold.
If either of them show an open circuit, it will need replaced. If both of these parts show ok, you will need to replace the defrost timer/board.
Please let me know what you find and if I can assist you further.


Jenn-Air... | Answered on May 16, 2011


Insufficient cooling is a fridge repair job that you can do without the help of a professional. Often the fridge has a frost-free failure, or the compressor is faulty but there are many other reasons for a fridge not cooling properly.
Step 1 – Find the Problem

Your first job is to locate the source of the problem. Consider each of the following:

* Gaskets - Make sure the gaskets/seals are not torn and are sealing properly.
* Evaporator fan – Make sure it is working. If it is now working you may have a problem with the fan motor. Check for power to the motor and also examine the fan switches around the door (not all fridges have these switches).
* Air damper – Sometimes the air damper will not open up to allow the cold air from the freezer part to blow into the fridge section.
* Condenser coils – Check to see that the condenser coils don’t have a dust build-up and that the condenser motor is working.
* Compressor – Make sure your compressor is working with on and off clicking noises.

Step 2 – Frost-Free Failure

This is the most common cooling problem in fridges. Expose the evaporator coils by accessing the panel in the freezer section. The coils in the freezer section can sometimes get clogged up with frost. This can stop the evaporator fan motor from blowing cold air around, or cause the fan to hit it and stop, or become noisy. The defrost timer can be a bit tricky to find but it is usually located behind the back bottom corners of the fridge, although they can sometimes be found in the ceiling of the fresh food section, or behind the cold control cover.
Step 3 – Find the Timer

When you find the timer, turn the wheel-like screw slowly with a screwdriver until the fridge shuts off. The refrigerator is now defrosting. If you find that the fridge starts now, you will need to replace the defrost thermostat and the defrost timer.
Step 4 – Volt Test

If the heaters do not come on, use a volt meter to ohm test the defrost heater or volt test for 120 volts to the heater. You can bypass the defrost thermostat if you haven’t got power to the defrost heater to check if the defrost heater will come on. To bypass the thermostat, join the two wires together. Replace the defrost thermostat and the defrost timer if the heater comes on now.

If there is a ticking or squealing noise in the defrost timer, or it seems hot to touch, replace it.

Many fridges have and inline fuse on both sides of the defrost heater. You will need to replace the whole heater if one of those fuses blows. Check these fuses with a volt meter if the defrost heater doesn’t work.

A quick check if you have a cooling problem is to inspect the evaporator coils. If there is a build up of white snow on the coils, this indicates a frost free problem; if there is balled ice on part of the coils with the rest bare, this indicates a system problem, like a problem with the pumping compressor.

hope this will help in solving the problem , Take care....

Jenn-Air... | Answered on Sep 05, 2010


Check out these tips...they can help you figure out whats going wrong with your refrigerator and why it is not cooling

Refrigerator not Cooling or Fridge not Cooling

How to Defrost Refrigerator Defrost Timer Problem

Water Running in refrigerator from Freezer


Jenn-Air... | Answered on Aug 28, 2010

If the freezer is staying cold it sounds like a defrost system problem. A bad timer, heater or thermostat can cause frost to build up on the coils and block air flow to the refrig side. Check out ACMEHowTo.com for troubleshooting the defroster problem

Jenn-Air... | Answered on Jun 03, 2010

this is the problem because it control the compressor and fans
but to be sure and on the safe side if the thermosat is bad it wont work either. there are two wires that go to the t'stat (http://www.repairclinic.com/Appliance-Parts?s=t-JCB2280HES-%3d%3dc214temperature control) jump them or put them together if it goes on replace if it doesnt go on replace the timer control board (the first link i gave you)

Jenn-Air... | Answered on Mar 27, 2010

Hi Tom, I am Kelly.

If the 60 Deg thermostat or wiring has failed it will never come out of defrost. The thermostat is what tells the ADC that the defrost cycle is complete. When the thermostat never closes.... the circuit never completes so your stuck in defrost hades.

On your model the thermostat is part of the Defrost heating element assy.

See this link: http://www.repairclinic.com/SSPartDetail.aspx?s=t-JCD2389GEW-%3d%3di1025806&PartID=1025806

The way this defrost thermostat and element circuit are wired the only way you can jumper the thermostat to see if it will come out of defrost is to probe the wires on each side of the thermostat. (i.e only across the themostat) If it does come out of defrost then you need the replace the whole assembly.


Jenn-Air... | Answered on Feb 16, 2010

I am here to help and will assist you. I will send your service manual soon. For now I recommend you pull away from wall and unplug remove cover over compressor and feel compressor for over heating or if too hot to hold hand on top of compressor.Please respond, Thank You Sea Breeze

Jenn-Air... | Answered on Jan 12, 2010

You can set the temperature to a lower position. Sounds like the thermostat is broken.

Jenn-Air... | Answered on Oct 30, 2009

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They also have a you tube demo "debruce method"

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Jenn-Air... | Answered on Aug 24, 2009

check breaker and you may need a new defrost timer(hidden anywherehas5-6 wires and what looks like a flat screw on it may be inside or out depends on model it has one so keep looking

Jenn-Air... | Answered on Aug 16, 2009

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