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Yor can Choose or Enter Your model number to make sure this fits.I looked for this for a very long time. I ordered several because it was so hard to find. I rated it a five because it fits prefect,

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Yau say a few conflicting things. First you wonder if it blew a breaker, and then say you have power to the receptacle. If you have poer to your receptacle your breaker if not tripped. There are NO breakers Inside of the Microwave. Only 1 time fuses. So, if your init is dead it has probably blown a fuse inside of the unit. If that is the case. Probably shorted HIgh volt capacitor would be my first guess. If it is jsut dead. it can be other things than just a blown fuse. bad thermal protectors, bad low voltage transformer on main circuit board. Burnt wires. Anything that will cause it to lose power inside the unit. From bad parts to bad connections.

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The parts to fix this are indeed no longer available, but if you could live without the turntable by rotating the plate halfway as needed, you may be able to replace the antenna cover as long as neither the antenna nor the cavity is damaged.

You can get a sheet of "universal waveguide material" and use the old one to trace and cut a new one. Sand the edges smooth.

It's part number 40QBP1012 and you can get it from Sears here.

If you decide to skip that and replace the oven, you can contact Jenn-Air with your model number and they'll be able to tell you if they make a "drop-in replacement model" for your oven. See Customer Care Jenn Air.

Otherwise, they can tell you the specifications.

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I hope you are a technician as there are lethal voltages inside a microwave , you could also inadvertently expose yourself to microwave radiation if protective switches are disabled or the door seals are damaged .Open the microwave top cover, disconnect the two wires going to the Power Transformer (The Big one) and connect a Dummy Bulb and Power up if the Bulb goes ON and OFF according to your settings, the control Panel is OK, or else replace .Check the High voltage diodes, Protector Diodes and the high voltage capacitors , if they are OK the magnetron is suspect. The high voltage transformer rarely fails. If the microwave is of the inverter type , forget it, it is not for amateurs to repair.

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The main fuse in the microwave oven has probably blown, caused by a defective door.

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their is a panel up near the top on the right hand side of the interior cabinet just remove the screws and put in a new bulb

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To check the fuse in the JMC7000adw you first should remove the power cord from the power source. Then remove the screws holding the outside cover of the microwave . The High Voltage circuitry may hold a residual charge that could be lethal so use appropriate care when near the High Voltage circuitry. The fuse holder is a plastic inline clamshell type that must be opened carefully with the fingers or pried open. The fuse holder is located above the micro-switches near the internal light socket. The fuse plugs into contacts soldered onto wires so carefully pull the contacts off each end of the fuse being careful not to get cut if the fuse breaks. Sometimes the blown fuse might come apart so you will need to force the fuse ends out of the contact using a small screwdriver or other small instrument that will fit into the end of the metal fuse contacts. After replacing the fuse with the appropriate size I suggest you might wish to see if the fuse blows again before reinstalling the cover. Most likely the fuse blows because of an overload in the circuitry or a short in the safety micro switches as noted in other posted solutions. These micro switches seem to be underrated for the current they may be carrying and the contacts will weld themselves together or intermittently stick together causing the fuse to blow as noted in my previous posting.

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You have blown a fuse. Check inside the oven chamber and look for missing powder paint or signs of arcing, if so there is a paint to repair microwaves for this issue or else just dispose of the microwave. If the inside is good remove all the screws and remove the cover. Replace the fuse. If the magnetron was making louder noises prior then replace the magnetron. Since the fuse went the giant capacitor is likely bad. While the cabinet is open make sure to look for burned wires, check the continuity of thermal cutoffs, and check the main circuit-board for burned traces or components. The relays in most electronics are known for arcing (spot welding) and staying in the wrong position. Tap them hard with the back end of a screwdriver. During all of this use safe electrical practices by having the power cord unplugged. The capacitor could still have a high charge on it so be careful.

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Panasonic manuals can be downloaded at

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Open it up and look for button shaped thermal cutoffs, test for continuity. Also look for burned wires and repair. The magnetron is the likely culprit so i don't expect you to find anything else. Also there is a belt that turns the turntable. Just replace the belt. I have always salvaged microwaves out of the garbage (prior to the new appliance recycling programs) and pilfered free parts out of them. 95% or more had good magnetrons so i throw them into a box for future repairs.

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Check the turntable guide to make sure it is lined up properly and that there is no debris caught in it. You may need to re-align or clean your turntable guide.

Cleaning and realigning a turntable guide;

Remove your glass turntable cooking tray from your microwave. Gently wash with warm soapy water to remove any debris. Next remove the turntable guide and clean it in the same manner, with warm soapy water. Pay particular attention to the turntable rollers. There could be spilled food particles caught in the rollers, hindering the rollers' movement. Also, gently cleanse the internal cavity of your microwave, paying special attention to the area below the turntable.

With the internal cavity, turntable, and turntable guide completely clean and dry, return the parts to your microwave. First place the turntable guide on the bottom of the microwave. There should be a circular groove in the bottom of the microwave cavity keeping the turntable guide in place. Follow the guide with the turntable cooking tray. Carefully place the glass tray over the turntable guide and onto the drive bushing. The drive bushing should fit neatly into the grooves on the bottom of your glass cooking tray. It may take some adjusting before the tray will sit properly onto the drive bushing.

Test your microwave after this thorough cleaning and realigning in order to determine whether this has solved your problem. DO NOT run your microwave with nothing in it.

CAUTION: Your microwave oven is capable of giving you a serious electrical shock, even when it is unplugged. We strongly suggest you seek the assistance of an appliance repair technician when conducting any microwave oven repair.

Also, Examine the plastic drive bushing the turntable tray sits on. It may have become worn, or even may have split in two;

Drive bushing replacement

Inspect the plastic drive bushing located below your microwave oven's turntable tray. There may be some debris blocking the tray's range of motion. Clean away any blockage you find, and then test your microwave to see if this has cleared up the problem. DO NOT run your microwave with nothing in it.

However, if upon your inspection, you notice that the plastic drive bushing below the turntable tray is worn and/or broken, you will need to have the bushing replaced. Consult with a certified and experienced appliance repair technician. Replacing a drive bushing is a lengthy and involved process that the average layman should not perform.

Good luck.

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