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I have the same problem on Dell C521 : Over the

To speak technical support representative dial +1 (800) 204-4427 (U.S.) 1800954262 AUS, +44 (800) 046-5216 (UK)Am to 6 Am, Pacific Time, Monday through Sunday. If you needs a technical diagnosis you can call on our tech support team 1-800- 204-4427, which is especially open round-the-clock for online assistance. Dell Technical Support Number 1 800 204 4427 USA for Laptop PC Technical...
7/7/2017 12:40:51 PM • Dell C521... • Answered on Jul 07, 2017

Stuck on safe mode

Press F8 at boot up and select Normal boot up. Or if that fails to work then select Last Good Boot Up. that will restore the computer to a previous date when it was booting perfectly. That should help you.
4/17/2011 6:03:48 PM • Dell C521... • Answered on Apr 17, 2011

Dell c521 firewall problem cant log on

Check your antivirus is out of date or updated................... then try to On or Off the Firwall
3/3/2011 8:39:49 AM • Dell C521... • Answered on Mar 03, 2011

My computer is slow

  • Issue:
  • My computer is running slow what steps can I do to fix it?
  • Cause:
  • This issue can be caused by any of the below possibilities.
  • Hard disk drive is short on available disk space.
  • Several software programs have been installed/uninstalled leaving behind bad files and/or confusing the software.
  • Data Corruption.
  • Missing Windows updates / Outdated drivers.
  • Computer is overheating.
  • Corrupt OS.
  • Bad Hardware.
  • Solution:
  • Below are steps for Microsoft Windows users that should help speed up the computer or determine why the computer is running slow.
  • Note: If it is just your Internet that is slow see document CH000986 for reasons why this may be happening.
  • Not enough hard disk drive space
  • Verify that there is at least 200-500MB of free hard disk drive space. This available space allows the computer to have room for the swap file to increase in size as well as room for temporary files.
  • Steps on how to determine how much disk space your computer has can be found on document CH000369.
  • See document CH000528 for additional information about regaining lost hard disk drive space.
  • Hard drive corrupted or fragmented
  • Run Scandisk or something equivalent to help ensure that there is nothing physically wrong with the computer hard disk drive.
  • Run Defrag to help ensure that data is arranged in the best possible order.
  • Background programs
  • Remove or disable any TSRs or programs that automatically start each time the computer boots. See document CHTSR for additional information. If you're wanting to see what programs are running in the background, how much memory they're using, and their CPU usage open Task Manager. Also, if you are running Windows 7, you can run Resmon to find out which programs are taking up a lot of space.
  • If you've got an anti-virus scanner on the computer, spyware protection program, or other security utility make sure it's not running in the background as you're trying to work. Often when these programs begin to scan the computer it can decrease the overall performance of your computer.
  • Hardware conflicts
  • Verify that the Device Manager has no conflicts. If any exist resolve these issues as they could be the cause of your problem. Information about how to get into Device Manager can be found on document CH000833.
  • Update Windows
  • Make sure you have all the latest Windows updates installed in the computer. Additional information about making sure Windows is up-to-date can be found on document CH000545.
  • Update your drivers
  • Make sure you've got the latest drivers for your computer. Especially the latest video drivers. Having out-of-date drivers can cause an assortment of issues. See document CH000546 for additional information.
  • Computer or processor is overheating
  • Make sure your computer and processor is not overheating, excessive heat can cause a significant decrease in computer performance some processors will even lower the speed of the processor automatically to help compensate for the heat related issues. Additional information about your processor temperature and was of determining how hot it is can be found on document CH000687.
  • Specific operating system basic troubleshooting
  • Basic Microsoft Windows XP troubleshooting.
    Basic Microsoft Windows 2000 troubleshooting.
    Basic Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 troubleshooting.
    Basic Microsoft Windows ME troubleshooting.
    Basic Microsoft Windows 98 troubleshooting.
    Basic Microsoft Windows 95 troubleshooting.
    Basic Microsoft Windows 3.x troubleshooting.
  • Or go through the other basic troubleshooting steps.
  • Memory upgrade
  • If you've had your computer for more than one year it's likely you're computer is not meeting the memory requirements for today. We suggest at a minimum the computer have 1GB of memory. Additional information about determining how much RAM is installed in your computer can be found on document CH000149.
  • Erase computer and start over
  • Finally, if none of the above solutions resolve your issues, it is recommended that you either reinstall Windows and/or erase everything and then start over. Additional information about how to do this can be found on document CH000186.
  • Hardware issues
  • If your computer continues to be slow after going over each of the above recommendations it's possible that your computer is experiencing a more serious hardware related issue such as a failing component in the computer. This could be a failing or bad CPU, RAM, Motherboard, or other component.
9/3/2010 6:34:22 AM • Dell C521... • Answered on Sep 03, 2010

Cannot start up the dell c521, fan is loud and light is orange.

What you are describing is a no post failure. Disconnect all external devices, see if anything changes. if not, replace the motherboard
7/24/2010 8:35:17 PM • Dell C521... • Answered on Jul 24, 2010

Will not come out of power save mode

Have you tried reseating the memory stick on the computer? Open the case and move the memory around to see if that helps.
7/24/2010 8:33:44 PM • Dell C521... • Answered on Jul 24, 2010


cheq your data cable and dvd lens not work.
3/6/2010 7:12:37 PM • Dell C521... • Answered on Mar 06, 2010

My dell c 521 is

The answer is "YES!" If you have two (2) accounts open on one (1) computer; when closing one ("Deleting") an account, you will be given the option of saving" Files, Data, Pictures etc" to Folders that will be placed on the open account's "Desktop". You can also transfer Files etc, to the User account: example; Move, Send to: open "Documents" in (Active) "User's" account, and "Drag & Drop." To start, go to: Control Panel, change User's account. There are other options aswell; change (Password)... "Apply, and click "OK! " I hope this helps Ya"
1/25/2010 5:16:53 PM • Dell C521... • Answered on Jan 25, 2010

Cd drive has stopped working

Will need some more information. It could be anything from a loose connection on the inside of the computer to a failed drive. When you open the My Computer icon, is the icon for the drive displayed? If not, does the CD drive appear in the device manager? (Right click on the My Computer icon and choose Manage on the menu to pops up, select Device Manager and look for CD/DVD drives). If the drive does not appear in these areas, then I'd start by checking all of the connections to the drive (power cable and ribbon cable) and motherboard. If that does not fix it, check the BIOS to be sure that the on board IDE is enabled. After doing all of that, if you still get no response from the drive, then it is probably time to replace the drive itself.
1/10/2010 5:22:09 AM • Dell C521... • Answered on Jan 10, 2010

Blue hue on computer, but not caused by the

Yes probably it came from the graphic card, you should try cleaning it or reconnect it to your computer, if cleaning and reinstalling doesnt work, then you have to buy a new one.
1/7/2010 11:24:41 PM • Dell C521... • Answered on Jan 07, 2010

Need to download ageia physx driver ver 2,8.1 to

if you are trying to run empire earth 3... just uninstall it... even with the driver... it is downright awful... with choppy video and action... very bad... but if you really need it go get the driver go here... I’m happy to assist further over the phone at https://www.6ya.com/expert/norman_d2fa496dce30c65d
12/27/2009 3:09:28 AM • Dell C521... • Answered on Dec 27, 2009

JavaScript enable or Flashplayer HELP

Try going to http://www.adobe.com , and installing this year's latest flashplayer. Restart your computer. If after this doesn't work, go to your control panel, then go to firewall settings. Turn them off then back on. Close out your internet and open a new internet window
4/24/2009 5:54:01 PM • Dell C521... • Answered on Apr 24, 2009

No display on screen

Follow this link for diagnostic error codes for your model: http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/systems/dimc521/en/SM_EN/tshoot.htm#wp1064555

It appears that your video circuit has a problem, not the monitor but the graphics card or on board graphics controller.

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12/9/2008 10:55:18 PM • Dell C521... • Answered on Dec 09, 2008

Moniter speaker

on my dell one male pin goes into the monitor and the other male pin goes intop the computer where the speakers normally hook up hope this helps ok please keep me posted on this ok best regards mike
8/24/2008 6:04:29 AM • Dell C521... • Answered on Aug 24, 2008


happy holidays
wow, super generic problem here,
but, all has fix around, so uninstall the video drivers, start up your computer, and see if happend again with out them, then, if all is ok, try to install a new driver for your particular video card, don't change your refresh rate over 60hz
happy day
12/19/2007 3:16:24 PM • Dell C521... • Answered on Dec 19, 2007

No video

It's not necessarily the video that's the problem. Anything that would keep the computer from beginning the POST process (beginning of the process of booting your computer) could also result in no video. When you start the computer up, does it beep at all? If so, how many beeps, and are they long or short. The order and lengths of the beeps are the most basic type of error codes. Also, do you hear the hard drive spinning up? And does the CD/DVD ROM drive start up normally? It could be a power supply, your processor, memory, the motherboard or just the video card. It could also be just about anything in the computer if it developed a short, as a single short can cause the power supply to shut itself down so as to protect the computer from being further damaged. I would suggest disconnecting power to the drives, and trying again. If it boots to video, you know one of the drives is the culprit. If they aren't the problem, try removing the memory. It won't boot that way, but if the memory is the problem it will at least reach your POST and give you the option of entering BIOS. If you get that far, the memory is at fault. Then, try the same with any expansion cards onboard. If none of that causes it, then you either have a bad processor, bad onboard video, something else wrong with the motherboard, or bad power supply. Unfortunately, none of that can really be tested without having parts to swap out.
8/28/2007 5:22:43 PM • Dell C521... • Answered on Aug 28, 2007

Dell Vostro 3560 Bios Password needed

I do not subscribe to this method but have a look. He does go on a bit though! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VFaa_T-z4I
7/29/2021 7:36:15 AM • Dell Computers &... • Answered 3 days ago

Monitor display says OSD Lockout /no signal input

This document pertains to LCD monitors .One of the following messages appears on the screen (over the items being displayed).OSD LockoutOSD Lock-out... or similar message.This message occurs when the Menu button on the front panel is pressed for more than 10 seconds. OSD lockout prevents the OSD menu from opening on the screen when a button is accidentally pressed. NOTE: The button may be different and the procedure might vary on some monitors. Please check your monitor User Guide to find the exact procedure if this procedure does not work.To remove the OSD Lockout message, release the Menu button (if something was pressing against it), and press and hold the Menu button again for about 10 seconds - until the message goes away. If the OSD Lockout message does not go away, the button may be stuck or the hardware behind the button might have become defective.
7/20/2021 1:13:54 PM • Dell Computers &... • Answered on Jul 20, 2021
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