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How do I enter cheat codes for call of duty worl

Text excerpt found at: http://cheats.ign.com/ob2/068/902/902587.html Cheat: Cheat List Cheats are unlocked not by inserting passwords, but by acquiring the thirty Intel Pieces strewn throughout the game.

The more of them you collect, the more cheats you can access. On the left are the number of Intel Pieces collected, and on the right are the cheats that are unlocked, with an explanation of what each does.
  • 2 - "CoD Noir" Play the game in black and white.
  • 4 - "Photo-Negative" Game colors become inverted.
  • 6 - "Super Contrast" Game's contrast increases.
  • 8 - "Ragtime Warfare" The game feels like an old silent movie.
  • 10 - "Cluster Bombs" One frag grenade thrown equals five in explosion.
  • 15 - "A Bad Year" Enemies explode into tires when shot.
  • 20 - "Slow-Mo Ability" Game plays at 40% normal speed.
  • 30 - "Infinite Ammo" Just what it says.
Unlockable: Arcade Mode To unlock Arcade Mode, beat the game once through on any difficulty level. Arcade Mode itself is split into two options - Full Challenge or Level Challenge - that add extra replayability to the game.
Unlockable: Prestige Mode To unlock Prestige Mode, which is a multiplayer-only mode, you must reach experience level fifty-five. Instead of capping out at level fifty-five, which is the highest level, Prestige Mode allows you to start again from level one. This can be done a total of ten times, giving you ten different icons in in-game lobbies to show your extreme achievement.
Unlockable: New Mission To play an all-new mission, which is an extra mission after the main quest is completed, beat the game and view the ending credits thereafter. After they've run their course, you will then be given the opportunity to play one last single player mission before all is said and done.
Unlockable: Golden Weapons To unlock the following "Golden" weapons, fulfill the requirement listed.
  • AK-47 - Complete all Assault Rifle challenges
  • Desert Eagle - Attain Level 55
  • Dragonuv - Complete all Sniper Rifle challenges
  • M1014 - Complete all Shotgun challenges
  • M60 - Complete all LMG challenges
  • Mini-Uzi - Complete all SMG challenges
Unlockable: Multiplayer Weapons To unlock the following weapons in multiplayer mode, reach the numbered rank listed.
  • Assault Rifle (G3) - Rank 25
  • Assault Rifle (G36C) - Rank 37
  • Assault Rifle (M14) - Rank 46
  • Assault Rifle (M4) - Rank 10
  • Assault Rifle (MP44) - Rank 52
  • LMG (M60E4) - Rank 19
  • Pistol (Desert Eagle) - Rank 43
  • Pistol (Golden Desert Eagle) - Rank 55
  • Pistol (M1911) - Rank 16
  • Shotgun (M1014) - Rank 31
  • SMG (AK-74U) - Rank 28
  • SMG (Mini Uzi) - Rank 13
  • SMG (P90) - Rank 40
  • Sniper Rifle (Barret) - Rank 49
  • Sniper Rifle (Dragunov) - Rank 22
  • Sniper Rifle (M40) - Rank 04
  • Sniper Rifle (R700) - Rank 34
Hint: Intel Pieces Below is the level distribution list for Intel Pieces, which are enemy laptops full of information strewn throughout the game. There are thirty of them total. The left column is the level in question, while the right column is how many Intel Pieces can be found on that level. Levels with no Intel Pieces are excluded completely.
  • Level 2 - 2
  • Level 4 - 2
  • Level 5 - 3
  • Level 6 - 2
  • Level 7 - 2
  • Level 9 - 3
  • Level 10 - 2
  • Level 12 - 2
  • Level 13 - 3
  • Level 14 - 2
  • Level 16 - 2
  • Level 17 - 1
  • Level 18 - 2
  • Level 19 - 2
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8/13/2022 9:14:18 AM • Sony... • Answered on Aug 13, 2022


You must sign up for PlayStation Network. You need to create an account via the main screen on your Playstation 3 console..
7/11/2022 2:10:40 PM • Sony... • Answered on Jul 11, 2022

Changing region code

you can change the region code with updates but its risky cos once you upload the update for the region code it may not let you play the other region coded games
11/4/2021 1:54:15 AM • Sony... • Answered on Nov 04, 2021

My ps3 won't play DVDs in Brazil it says the DVD

DVDs have reigon codes. A PS3 sold in the US will only play DVDs and Blu-Rays that have a region code of 1. DVDs sold in Brazil have the region code of 4, so they will not work.
1/31/2021 1:11:23 PM • Sony... • Answered on Jan 31, 2021

Having A problem with playing Blue Ray DVD's on my Playstation 3

change the bd setting to 24. make sure you download irmware 2.52..it has new bd settings features
2/24/2020 4:22:27 PM • Sony... • Answered on Feb 24, 2020

Ps3 cannot play a dvd with region code

my ps3 will play demos but not games is it not reading the disk f so why not
2/21/2020 9:23:52 AM • Sony... • Answered on Feb 21, 2020

Different Audio output between DVD and Blu-Ray DVD


The issue is that not all videos use DTS. Look at the videos that you are trying to play do they support DTS if so make sure that you are selecting the DTS track in the audio setup.

In regards to your receiver if it does not support Dolby Digital then you might want to look at upgrading to a receiver that supports Dolby Digital and DTS if you want true surround on all your videos.

Let me know if you have any more problems or questions

2/21/2020 7:24:30 AM • Sony... • Answered on Feb 21, 2020

My playstation 3 will play a disc fine but i have

Check ur Audio settings should fix ur problem
2/13/2020 3:05:54 PM • Sony... • Answered on Feb 13, 2020

Fifa 10 Data Curruption

get an xbox. lol but seriously, im sorry. you lost it.
3/21/2019 6:22:07 AM • Sony... • Answered on Mar 21, 2019

Can't find an IP Adrress

my friend thin may due to your new ip address.just repair it and try u can then connect.
3/11/2019 7:19:24 AM • Sony... • Answered on Mar 11, 2019

Gran turismo 6 switching off ps3

This seems to be a problem with GT6 that many people have experienced. Maybe stick to 5 or find a way to play Forza.
1/17/2019 2:08:27 PM • Sony... • Answered on Jan 17, 2019

My ps3 60gb doesn't read blu-rays


It is either firmware or lens problem. In either case the PS will be replaced or repaired for free by Sony, this is considered factory defect.

Contact Sony at the number listed on the PS manual, or see PS3™ | Support online.

About the lens problem, a BRD device with lens issue may be able to read DVD and CD but not BRD.
6/4/2018 7:12:39 AM • Sony... • Answered on Jun 04, 2018

60 gb ps3 motherboard

when you reflow the chip do you put the copper plate in after as if you have to keep reflowing the chip sounds like you have not fitted it. its a copper square plate. heatsink paste on both sides and screw down after resinked.
2/5/2018 1:23:43 AM • Sony... • Answered on Feb 05, 2018

My PS3 will not play sounds on games.

1. In the PS3's XMB, go to the left and select Settings. 2. In Settings, go into SoundSettings. 3. Select Audio Output Settings, and select the type of cable you use. 4. The next page will give you an option for Automatic or Manual. Select Manual. 5. The next page will give you a list of all the audio settings the PS3 can output. Unselect every option except the ones grayed out, which are required. 6. The next page will ask you to confirm the selections, say yes. 7. (OPTIONAL) For those using HDMI cables, now that we have set them to default settings, we can actually start the process over again, but instead of selecting Manual we will select Automatic. This will force the PS3 to scan the devices again and set up the correct list of output modes.
1/6/2018 3:40:52 PM • Sony... • Answered on Jan 06, 2018

Sometimes when I'm playing movies (blu-ray), my

try with another HDMI cable. also, is your ps3 connected to the net? some newer bluray support functions that are not available on the player and they need an update. given how old the ps3 is, it may not fully support playback.
11/14/2017 9:38:03 PM • Sony... • Answered on Nov 14, 2017

When i put the disc

Be the first to answer 8/10/2017 7:27:02 AM • Sony... • Posted on Aug 10, 2017Be the first to answer

PS3 Clicking Noise

Be the first to answer 5/7/2017 1:03:03 AM • Sony... • Posted on May 07, 2017Be the first to answer
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