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HP Pavilion zv5410US need audio driver

go to control panels add/remove pick item then pick software
7/14/2011 5:23:03 PM • HP Pavilion... • Answered on Jul 14, 2011

I want to know which memory to buy for my pc. I

hello, here's a part of the spec from the hp website. It looks like you've got 256mb on board memory and one expansion memory slot in which you can fit a 1024mb card, giving you a max memory of 1280mb (1024+256).
Hope this helps!

Product Name zv5410US US Product Number PR465UA#ABA Microprocessor 1.8GHz AMD™ Athlon™ 64 Processor 3000+ with PowerNow!™ Microprocessor Cache 1MB L2 Cache Memory 512MB DDR SDRAM (2 x 256MB) at 333MHz Memory Max 1280MB DDR SDRAM (1 x 256MB, 1 x 1024MB) Video Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 4 440 Go Video Memory 64MB DDR (dedicated) Hard Drive 60GB (4200RPM) Hard Drive Diskette Drive External USB Floppy Drive available for customers via hpshopping.com or local retailers

1/12/2011 12:00:31 AM • HP Pavilion... • Answered on Jan 12, 2011

I need to get under the keyboard on HP 5410 US to

If you need to ask "how", I recommend that you take the RAM and the notebook to a qualified technician, to get it done correctly & safely. Probably about $25 for "30-minutes" of the technician's labour.
4/7/2010 6:19:17 PM • HP Pavilion... • Answered on Apr 07, 2010

I need to know where the wireless switch is on an

Most HP Notebook PCs have wireless devices built-in. To turn on the built-in device, simply press the wireless power button on your PC which will have the universal symbol for Wi-Fi (shown here on the left) and illuminate with a blue light.
9/3/2009 7:30:04 PM • HP Pavilion... • Answered on Sep 03, 2009

How to unblock yifi page

Give this a try: You can easy unblock youtube facebook etc by the following website , there is no need to install any sheild etc , just open it and enter your website you want to visit and voila , it just works. the website is http://bypass.germanystudy.net/ bypass germanystudy net Bypass Proxy
7/28/2021 6:46:19 PM • HP Pavilion... • Answered on Jul 28, 2021

I have an HP Pavillion tx2000 laptop. It runs a

yes, you may have to change the internet settings.if you prefer not to do manually you can use softwares like Internet Tweak.http://download.cnet.com/Internet-Tweak/3000-2155_4-10047257.html
4/8/2021 12:25:36 PM • HP Pavilion... • Answered on Apr 08, 2021

How can i sync my android phone to my hp laptop

in your android phone's settings enable or access developer options and turn on usb debugging,( if you don't know how to access developer options you can google your android phones model and android version and how to enable usb debugging) once you enable it just plug it into your laptop and it should recognize it and automatically download the correct driver, if not, go to your phones manufacture's website and look for driver downloads for your model and android version. you can also google this to save time.
12/31/2019 2:27:20 AM • HP Pavilion... • Answered on Dec 31, 2019

I cant play cd or dvd on my laptop

You can install or reinstall DVD driver onto your laptop. 1. Open Device Manager using devmgmt.msc command and enable "View -> Show hidden devices" option. Now locate the DVD/CD-ROM drives and IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers items. 2. Right-click on each entry present under both "DVD/CD-ROM drives" and "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers" sections one bye one and select Uninstall. 3. Once all have been removed, right-click again and select Scan for hardware changes. The drives will be rediscovered and when the drivers are loaded back, the drives will re-appear in My Computer window. You can also try to restart your computer. Then you should also have a DVD player program on your laptop. You can try Leawo Blu-ray Player which can play both Blu-ray and DVD movies.
12/16/2019 2:47:12 PM • HP Pavilion... • Answered on Dec 16, 2019

How to fix error 0X80070057 on HP Pavilion Slimline s3323?

if you want to know what this is the error code is related toclick start control panel administrative tools computer management then select event viewer this may vary depending on what operating system you have extend the events there you will see errors in red you will no what exactly what the error was and at what time it occured you might be able work your way through the problem if you need more help with this post a reply with the error message details To fix 0x80070057 errors you need to follow the steps given below:

Update Windows driver:

An obsolete driver can be one reason for causing this error problem.

Therefore to remove 0x80070057 errors message from your system you need to update your Windows driver.

For that you must

http://download.cnet.com/slimdrivers-free/3000-18513_4-75279940.html also

it might take some time being a freeware driver solution

note: it will find all of your outdated drivers

this is a free driver solutions

this will automatically search for and find the correct driver

you will have to update every driver individually once you update you might be asked whether you want to restart or make a system restore point click no to both of these then continue updating each driver free then restart once all of the drivers have been updated


Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 free driver program

Registry repair: Corruption to the registry can cause 0x80070057 errors to appear. Registry is the storehouse of files and program settings. Therefore frequent access to the registry key can cause corruption to it. Therefore you need to to repair the


registry. also http://download.cnet.com/ccleaner/

If the error problem still remains in your system then it is recommended to


microsoft security essentials your operating system must be registered

Win7/Vista/XP 64 bit

http://majorgeeks.com/downloadget.php?id=4281&file=1&evp=dbb3b0aebe6a6a4ff18089a6489a5e62 anti malware free edition Win XP/2003/Vista/Windows7


malware protection

It might be possible that due to virus or malware has infected your system that's causing 0x80070057 errors.

The anti spyware software will remove the viruses and make your system clean.

Hence increases the performance level of your system.

all of this is freeware

hope this helps

if there are any stubborn drivers

click start control panel administration tools computer management device manager scroll through all of your devices

if you see a yellow question or exclamation mark ? ! or a red X you will need to update the drivers for this device right click select update driver/reinstall driver

if you can see your usb device but its not working scroll to Ports(Com&Ltd) right click to update driver


Device Doctor is a freeware Windows application that scans your computer hardware and checks to see if there are new driver updates available for your devices. It also locates drivers for Unidentified Devices in the Windows Device Manager. This tool was designed to be very simple and easy to use

7/31/2019 9:57:47 AM • HP Pavilion... • Answered on Jul 31, 2019

How could i fix my sound device on my laptop?

you can try going into your control panel and look for the speaker icon click in there and you should be able to set your sound settings.
7/15/2019 9:48:07 AM • HP Pavilion... • Answered on Jul 15, 2019

How I can install HP Support Assistant in Windows?

I am assuming you are wanting install this on a HP machine, so all you should need to do, is go to the HP website if you use the machine you want to install it on, the web site should be able to detect, your make and model, and if any software is missing it will direct you to the page where you can download the software, and install it in the same way you install any other application in windows.
6/12/2019 10:05:23 AM • HP Pavilion... • Answered on Jun 12, 2019

How to reset email password?

which email service you use go to ittype in your ID name & in the same menu boxlook for CAN'T LOGIN TO MY ACCOUNTand follow the prompts
2/12/2019 5:51:18 AM • HP Pavilion... • Answered on Feb 12, 2019

I have an HP Pavilion

old post, I do only 2018 posts) first off why the huge contradiction even HP and ASUS mixed. photo of laptop, and title, NOTEBOOK and texting a Desktop, but must be a so i moved you.... p6126f PAVILION. it is. no monitor stated, at all. no errors show on monitor, like no signal? the PC blue light means it thinks its one. the fans must blow, both PSU and CPU or you have no 12vdc power. the uSB ports have power, but that happens even with PC in standby mode, or even turned off, that is how I charge my cell phone PC off, using my USB ports, what matters is: 1: monitor errors, seen 2: Fans. 3; you clicked shut down via what< windows, linux what? if you CLICKED shut down and the fans don't go dead that means your OS is corrupted. for sure. top reasons are bad drivers, and vista can't shut down. or worse. there is always that. (virus) I'd DUMP vista, nobody on earth wants to help anyone with a dead vista , horrid VISTA, did you know MS in there great wisdom failed to add recovery mode to vista, yah sux, swap gas. that. upgrade to w7 and end this silly mess called vista. w7-64bit is best here, with full HP support seen here. this is not spam, its the real HP, the place with no malware,etc. https://support.hp.com/us-en/product/hp-pavilion-p6100-desktop-pc-series/3942799/model/3999655/product-info
12/11/2018 10:15:23 PM • HP Pavilion... • Answered on Dec 11, 2018

OLD DV6 HP laptop. LCD problems. horizontal thick bar lines on the bottom of laptop monitor

Take it back to the retailer. Unless it is more than a year old. The graphics chip or screen has failed.
12/11/2018 9:54:02 PM • HP Pavilion... • Answered on Dec 11, 2018

Why erro 0x4001100200001005 when trying to install on new hard drive

This error comes up if you have replaced the branded drive with an oem one, the original drive is watermarked and the OEM one is not, the restore disks look for this watermark, and will not install if it cannot find it, it then gives you the error above Cliff OEM
12/11/2018 8:15:30 PM • HP Pavilion... • Answered on Dec 11, 2018

Blue Ray not working

One of the advantages of owning an HP Pavilion includes playing your favorite DVDs conveniently at home or anywhere with your HP Pavilion laptop or notebook. Whether you have Windows 7 or Windows Vista, your HP Pavilion may experience problems playing your DVDs. For example, sometimes you may have a DVD movie skip while playing, which can happen frequently with a lot of DVD handling, such as with rental DVDs. Perhaps your DVD player does not recognize the DVD and rejects it. When you troubleshoot your HP Pavilion DVD player, you become more acquainted with your HP Pavilion, plus you can get back to movie-watching sooner. Clean the DVD if you notice any skipping while playing or if the DVD stops. You can clean the DVD by wiping it from the center to the edge using a lint-free cloth and filtered water. Avoid watching DVD movies while you have a virus system scan operating on your computer system. Reschedule the virus scan to another time or disconnect the scan temporarily and then reconnect the scan when you have finished watching your movie. Disconnect from the Internet while watching movies. Other programs on your HP computer can access the Internet and disrupt the movie as you watch. Turn off your printer, scanners and other external devices connected to your HP Pavilion while you watch movies. This allows your computer to concentrate its resources on your DVD player. Install the latest DVD player updates from the HP Support and Drivers website for the best DVD performance. Test the DVD Drive Insert the DVD into the HP Pavilion DVD drive. Close any window that opens automatically. Click "Start" and then "Computer." Right-click on the DVD player icon and then choose "Explore." Check to make certain you placed the DVD into a DVD drive. If the HP Pavilion DVD drive ejects the disc or prompts you to insert a disc, it does not recognize the DVD. You can also try inserting another DVD disc. If you do not see folders appear, such as VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TX, you may have a defective disc, or the DVD may not be compatible with your DVD drive, such as a Blu-ray disc. Try a different DVD movie. Insert a regular CD into the DVD drive to see whether HP can read it, after you have tried playing several DVDs. If the drive can read the CD, it may not be the DVD drive. Have the internal ribbon cable replaced if the drive cannot read the CD, or have the DVD drive replaced if a new cable does not help. Reinstall DVD Software Windows 7 Click "Start," "All Programs," "Recovery Manager," and then "Recovery Manager." Click "Continue" if prompted by Windows 7. This will bring up the HP Recovery Manager window. Click "Software Program Reinstallation" and then "Next." This will bring up the HP Software Program Reinstallation window, which allows you to reinstall the programs that originally came with your HP Pavilion. Click "Next" and then follow the instructions provided. Restart your computer after the driver installation. Select "Next" and follow the directions provided to recover and reinstall the DVD player software that came with your HP Pavilion. Reinstall DVD Software Windows Vista Click "Start," "All Programs," "PC Help and Tools" and then "Recovery Manager." This will bring up an HP window called Recovery Manager to help you recover HP Pavilion drivers and programs. Click "Next" and then select "Yes" or "No" when prompted to perform a program recovery. Select "Next" and follow the directions provided to recover and reinstall the DVD player software that came with your HP Pavilion. HP Pavilion PC Laptop Blue Ray not working Blu-ray disc technology continues to improve and advance, so simply having a Blu-ray player in your computer doesn't guarantee that all discs will play immediately. The Hewlett Packard DV7 Entertainment Notebook has a Blu-ray player, but as the technology advances you have to keep the software and firmware on the system up-to-date to ensure compatibility. Reboot your Pavilion notebook. A minor miscommunication between the disc drive and Windows Vista or 7 may lead to a disc read error. Rebooting clears your system's memory and forces Windows to reload all of your device drivers, which may resolve a minor kink. Play your Blu-ray disc to see if the problem is solved. Open QuickPlay and update it. Double-click the "Update" button to open "Updates and Enhancements." Double-click "Get the latest QuickPlay updates." Select "Download now!" on the next screen and wait while the file downloads and installs. Close and reopen QuickPlay and insert the Blu-ray disc again. Update MediaStart regularly. This program tracks updates for your Blu-ray player's firmware, the software coded onto the device to tell it what kinds of discs it can read. Open MediaStart and select "Update your MediaStart." Updates are only listed when available, so if you don't see an update, check back in a few weeks. Each update for the Blu-ray player enables you to play more recent discs, since some interactive features may not be compatible with older software. Restart after each update. Update your software on a disc-by-disc basis. According to HP, some Blu-ray discs have special content protection and require new codes for you to play the movie. These codes or disc-specific updates are stored on the disc. If you are prompted to download a free update after inserting a disc, follow the prompts to do so. The updates will be different for each disc. Check to make sure your player will play regular content if you continue to have issues with Blu-ray discs. It may be that the error is related to the drive, not the type of media. Try a CD-ROM or a standard DVD to see if the disc responds. If not, contact HP for a replacement or for drive-related troubleshooting. HP blueray problems http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/Document.jsp?lang=en&cc=us&taskId=110&prodSeriesId=3744231&prodTypeId=321957&prodSeriesId=3744231&objectID=c01361837
12/11/2018 8:11:15 PM • HP Pavilion... • Answered on Dec 11, 2018

HP Pavilion Slimline s5713w

what is the problem?
5/27/2018 7:57:58 PM • HP Pavilion... • Answered on May 27, 2018

The input hole on my hp pavil is too big for my mini-jack from the headphones. general problem one these machines?

no PC stated. what new Pavillion, must be guess that>here I will answer for both classes of PC.my wild guess, not seeing the PC.you need the 2.5mm to 3.5 mm adapter. tiny to big.you have the wrong ear phones , that dont fit PCs.here it is,....the also so the other way too. 3.5 to 2.5mmhttps://www.bgmicro.com/AUD1107.aspxas PC's get thinner,, the makers must go to the smaller 2.5mm jacks, or they cant do it.no PC posted, why do that? 1985 to 2018HP has vast 1000s of PC now. endless list really.
3/2/2018 1:30:25 PM • HP Pavilion... • Answered on Mar 02, 2018

Pc performer activation key

Thats trial software preloaded by HP when you buy the machine. Suggest you dont waste money on that and remove it using the add/remove or program and features in the control panel.
2/18/2018 7:03:44 AM • HP Pavilion... • Answered on Feb 18, 2018
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