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Acer Aspire... | Answered on Dec 11, 2017

You can make a boot to DVD/CD disk and install a system to your hard drive to make that bootable but not a disk to make the hard drive boot.

Acer Aspire... | Answered on Jan 14, 2014

Sounds like the drivers aren't up to date or are the wrong ones acer has a good webpage to download the latest drivers from i suggest you download them. Hope this helps.

Acer Aspire... | Answered on Oct 20, 2012

I concur with Chris about this laptop model, (NOT that Chris needs me to concur)

If I may;

For the Aspire 1690 series of Notebook PC's, the graphics chipset is soldered directly to the motherboard.

There are models of laptops that DO indeed have a separate graphics, or video card. They use the MXM technology.

The Acer Aspire 1691wlmi Notebook PC, may have either the ATI Mobility Radeon X600 GPU, or the ATI Mobility Radeon X700 GPU.
(Graphics Processing Unit, or also known as the graphics chipset)

This is one example of the ATI Mobility Radeon X600 graphics chipset,


You are looking at a Top View, as it is mounted on the motherboard.
What you do not see is the method of mounting.
This graphics chipset is mounted to the motherboard, via a BGA surface mount.

Ball Grid Array.
To explain the BGA surface mount;
Compare to an older Intel Pentium 4 desktop processor, that uses a Socket 478 processor socket,

The processor has contact pins on the bottom of it's circuit board. 478 of 'em.
The processor socket has matching socket holes. (478),


With a BGA surface mount there are no contact pins, on the bottom of the graphics chipset, as used on an older Intel Pentium 4 processor. (That uses a Socket 478 processor socket)

There are no socket holes in a processor socket.
No socket on the motherboard.

In place of the contact pins, there are Solder Balls on the bottom of the graphics chipset.
In place of the socket holes in a socket on the motherboard, there are instead Copper Pads.
(The copper pads are also gold plated)

The graphics chipset is set down on the motherboard, with the Solder Balls lining up on the Copper Pads.
Heat is then applied at a specific temperature, and length of time.
This action melts the solder balls, and solders the graphics chipset to the copper pads.
(Thereby also soldering the graphics chipset TO the motherboard)

This example of one maker, of a SMT/BGA Rework Station at work, will help demonstrate the above method,


Scroll the page down, click on the red -
Take a few minutes to view the IR 650 demo video

That's just the mechanical aspects of replacing/upgrading a GPU, using a BGA surface mount.
Now you need to look into what will work.

The motherboard chipset determines what hardware components, can be used on a motherboard.
The motherboard chipset, as used on the Acer Aspire 1690 series of Notebook PC's, uses a Northbridge chip, and a Southbridge chip.

(Chip and Chipset are slang terms for I.C.
Integrated Circuit,


The Integrated Circuit, or chipset, that is used for graphics, is the graphics chipset, or G.P.U.,

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GPU )

The Northbridge chip handles the faster capabilities of a computer.
Handles the Processor, Ram Memory, and High-speed graphics.

A graphics chipset using the PCI bus is NOT high-speed graphics.
(Such as a PCI graphics card inserted into a PCI slot, on a desktop computer motherboard)
Integrated graphics is also Not high-speed graphics.

High-speed graphics uses an AGP bus, or a PCI-Express bus.
The ATI Mobility Radeon X600, and X700 graphics chipset, on the Acer Aspire 1690 series of Notebook PC's, uses a PCI Express x16 bus,


IF, your Aspire 1690 series Notebook PC, uses an ATI Mobility Radeon X600 graphics chipset, and you wanted to upgrade to an ATI Mobility Radeon X700 graphics chipset, it would not be worth your trouble.

By the time you buy the X700 chipset, have the X600 removed, and X700 installed, it would be cheaper, and wiser to just buy a better laptop.

[ One I bought for work to use on Electronic Technical Manual's, is an Acer Aspire 5552-3691
1) AMD Athlon II X2 P340 (Dual Core) processor
2) 4GB of DDR3 Sdram (SO-DIMM) ram memory at 1066MHz
3) ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250 graphics chipset.
Price? $398.00USD.

Not the best by FAR. But MUCH better than what you have presently.
Just food for thought ]

Just thought you would like to know why, it isn't feasible to try to upgrade the graphics chipset.

For additional questions please post in a Comment.

Acer Aspire... | Answered on Jun 07, 2012

To determine if the video card or the LCD screen is faulty, connect an external monitor to your laptop, power up the external monitor first the boot up your laptop. The video data will automatically divert to the external monitor. If the image on the external monitor is normal the the fault is in the LCD screen.
Either way, I suggest you return your laptop to the supplier because it should be still under warranty. If you try to fix it yourself you could void your warranty.

Acer Aspire... | Answered on May 02, 2012


Im very sorry to hear that, I believe the problem is not with the AC adapter nor the battery. I believe the problem is with the DC port on the computer itself,it maybe loose or totally broken, that's the reason why when you wiggle it,its intermittent. If its the DC port itself, you will need to replaced the Motherboard or lets just hope that its just the Base Cover.

Hope this will help...Your response is very much appreciated...

Acer Aspire... | Answered on Jan 21, 2011

If you browse www.insidemylaptop.com for your model there is pictorial information available.
Hope this helps.

Acer Aspire... | Answered on Jan 01, 2011

If you post in english I would guess more people would be able to help you out.

Also, try giving as much info as possible right away.

Acer Aspire... | Answered on Dec 21, 2010


Acer Aspire... | Answered on Sep 10, 2010

it requires DDR2-533 PC2-4200, SODIMM

please take a moment to rate this solution thanks


Acer Aspire... | Answered on Sep 04, 2010

Laptops are notoriously difficult to upgrade with one exception. Luckily, that exception is one of the quickest and best ways to improve the performance of your Acer laptop. Adding more RAM will speed up your laptop and boost its performance. Be aware, though, that Acer is also notorious for its "hidden memory compartment" under the keyboard.

Adding RAM to Your Acer Laptop
  • Step 1 Unplug your laptop from the AC power source and remove the battery.
  • Step 2 Protect your computer from static electricity by grounding yourself with an ESD wrist strap or through another grounding method.
  • Step 3 Locate the memory access door for the main memory module. It should be on the back of your computer.
  • Step 4 Unscrew the memory access door and remove it.
  • Step 5 Remove the RAM module by applying gentle outward pressure to the securing clips on either side of the RAM module until they release.
  • Step 6 Rotate the RAM module upward to a 45 degree angle and slide it out of the slot.
  • Step 7 Align the new RAM module with the tab in the connector slot.
  • Step 8 Slide it firmly into place and gently rotate it downward until it clicks into place.
  • Step 9 Replace the memory access door.
  • Step 10 Replace the battery and power up the computer. It should recognize the added memory and reconfigure itself for use.
  • Acer Aspire... | Answered on May 20, 2010

    you can referen the article:

    How to Fix a Black Screen at Startup
    maybe it can give your some help

    Acer Aspire... | Answered on Apr 27, 2010

    have you tried checking to see if you have min low for sleep mode or hibernation try check in control planel in display

    Acer Aspire... | Answered on Feb 14, 2010

    The power socket on the laptop maybe faulty.
    Check power adapter’s DC plug that connects into the laptop power socket with a multi-meter, the voltage should be slightly higher than the voltage that is printed on the label on the bottom of the adapter. If the voltage is zero or way below the voltage that is printed on the label then the power adapter is faulty and needs to be replaced.
    If the adapter is OK then connect it to the laptop and power it up, then look at the power/battery charging LED light and wriggle the power plug in the laptop's power socket. If the power/battery LED light flashes and in a certain position this LED light stays firm, then the power socket is either faulty or it has a dry solder joint where it is connected to the motherboard.
    This can be repaired but it requires the laptop to be completely dismantled to get at this power socket and repair. If you cannot DIY then I suggest you get a quote first.

    Acer Aspire... | Answered on Jan 26, 2010

    If the power supply is working ok, the laptop should start without a battery in. It would be interesting to know what you were doing when it froze, but it does sound a little more serious. Its hard to tell exactly what without a peek at the laptop.

    Please take a moment to rate my solution.
    Rytech Computer Services Limited

    Acer Aspire... | Answered on Nov 23, 2009


    yepp, there is a key for that, tell me the model and number and i will tell you where that key is on your laptop


    Acer Aspire... | Answered on Mar 30, 2009

    Here is the link that will help hopfully. Here you can chose all the drivers you need including bios, and also get any tech information that is needed.

    I hope this helps,,If this has helped please leave a review for me it would be much appericated thanks.,

    Acer Aspire... | Answered on Dec 12, 2008

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