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My kic dishwasher does not switch heater on. If I manually make the pneumatic switch the heater does come on

TEST THE heating elements and thermost 2) Timer: test for defective,repair wires broken, loose, or burn, clean contact. God bless you 5_10_2012_10_53_24_am.gif5_10_2012_10_53_35_am.gif5_10_2012_10_53_46_am.gif
5/10/2012 10:54:13 AM • Whirlpool 24 in.... • Answered on May 10, 2012 • 238 views

Whirpool GU1200XT is having problems

Your problem is the timer can be stuck. cleant the contact for corroded, tight the wires for burn, loose, or broke. finaly can be defective. 2) Heating elements and thermostast defective, test see how test. God bless you 5_9_2012_3_57_45_pm.gif
5/9/2012 3:58:04 PM • Whirlpool 24 in.... • Answered on May 09, 2012 • 256 views

I have a whirlpool GU1200 dishwasher. There is a

Hello....My name is Keith.....Please give me one moment while I bring up the parts drawings, and then I will start to address the issue.

Thank You....

3/8/2011 7:39:06 PM • Whirlpool 24 in.... • Answered on Mar 08, 2011 • 360 views

Leaves food residue on dishes, mostly glasses and


The scum, film and white residue problems have started since the reduction of phosphates in dishwasher detergents.

Here is a tip that will help you to solve the problem of films, residue, and scum in your dishwasher.

Dishwasher Residue and Film on Dishes


2/27/2011 7:31:37 PM • Whirlpool 24 in.... • Answered on Feb 27, 2011 • 452 views

There is no start button,

No on button! Look for a slideswitch, or rocker switch, or a dial switch and turn it clockwise to desired setting. If none of these is present, refer to users manual, or call customer service (800) # that is usually on the door. Good luck, best regards.
2/3/2011 2:04:51 AM • Whirlpool 24 in.... • Answered on Feb 03, 2011 • 555 views

What is the minimum times a week that the

To keep the gaskets and other rubber componats from drying out run it once a week, It's also a good idea to run your garbage disposal while the dishwasher is running about once a week.
12/30/2010 5:48:21 PM • Whirlpool 24 in.... • Answered on Dec 30, 2010 • 82 views

Clean light blinks. It blinks


This machine was made by Whirlpool and the flashing clean light is a common error code for them.
If the clean light is the one flashing then your dishawasher could have a heater circuit problem (depending on the age) or this could simply just be water colder than it is used to getting.
Repeatedly press the Heated Dry and Hi-Temp Wash(scrub) which ever yours has untill all the LED lights come on, press cancel twice and try the dishwasher again making sure to run the water at the kitchen sink till it is hot before starting the dishwasher, if this trips and locks you have a problem with the heating element, or temp sensor.
Press the heated dry button followed by the normal cycle button, and then repeat once. You should see all of the lights come on for a second or two, and then the dishwasher will work again.
If you haven't already, take a look under the kick plate in front to see if there is a schematic tucked in there somewhere. Whirlpool has put their diagnostics for specific models on these.
I don't have the specific repair manual for you model.
So, if the above combination does not work here are two more that have worked for me.
HiTemp Wash + Air Dry + HiTemp Wash + Air Dry in less than 5 sec
Hi Temp Scrub/Scour + Air Dry + Hi Temp Scrub/Scour + Air Dry in less than 5 sec

Let me know, if you need further assistance.

Hope i helped you.

Thanks for using ' Fixya ' and have a nice day!!
11/30/2010 3:09:37 PM • Whirlpool 24 in.... • Answered on Nov 30, 2010 • 281 views

It is stuck between cycles. How do i reset?

Have you tried turning the mains power off and on after a short delay?
If this does not work then press the following buttons in quick succession (about 5 sec) and when all lights light up press Cancel.

10/22/2010 9:50:32 PM • Whirlpool 24 in.... • Answered on Oct 22, 2010 • 216 views

Dishes in top rack don't clean


Thanks for using FixYa. First of all please check the Water temperature by using a thermometer inside the dishwasher to measure the water temp. It should be as close to 125 degree F to 140 degree F as possible. Now try using the temperature boost feature if your dishwasher is equipped with this cycle feature and check if this will help your wash ability issues.

Now check the Powder soap by making sure that you store your soap in a dry environment and it is not stale and clumping together. Possibly try a different detergent like a liquid or gel. Also, make sure the dishes are loaded properly, or dishwasher is not overloaded.

To check the proper filling dishwasher will fill with water up to and around the heating element. If water is more below the heating element, you may have low water pressure or a problem with the fill valve. Try & listen if it sounds like it is spraying the water around with enough pressure.

For low water pressure, try to clean the screen at the entrance of the fill valve, sometimes the fill valve can fail and not allow the proper water into the dishwasher and may need to be replaced. And, check the spray arm and pump cover for splits or leaks. Also make sure that the water is draining and is not accumulated in the dishwasher, if it is in dishwasher then check for clogged drain hoses and drain pump.

Low water fills are a very common trouble maker with today's dishwasher.

Please do rate this solution and revert for further assistance.

8/30/2010 9:52:50 PM • Whirlpool 24 in.... • Answered on Aug 30, 2010 • 192 views

The dishwasher makes quite a loud sound, not

It could be a motor with bad bearings. But to check you need to remove washer and take outside or in garage. Put machine on it's "back" and take pump apart and look for obstruction. If you are mechanically inclined this is EZ!
1/3/2011 4:25:30 PM • Whirlpool 24 in.... • Answered on Jan 03, 2011 • 280 views

When dishwasher is turned on to the cycle mode -

The impeller on the wash pump is worn out or the disposer screen is obstructed. Disassemble as needed to investigate the cause.
5/28/2010 9:10:31 PM • Whirlpool 24 in.... • Answered on May 28, 2010 • 278 views

Keeps on filling with water when turned off

water in let valve
5/2/2010 8:16:07 AM • Whirlpool 24 in.... • Answered on May 02, 2010 • 161 views

I have to replace the element in my GU1200

to be honest i really dont know but just because you dont know doesnt mean you cant figure it out. this will help if you figure the position of the element when removing. go to searspartsdirect you will see an entire image of the unit .they will give you parts and part # and prices,you can also have the part ship to you. the image will tell you how it is positioned in the unit. hope this helps.
3/4/2010 3:11:05 AM • Whirlpool 24 in.... • Answered on Mar 04, 2010 • 133 views

I have a 24in. Whirlpool built in dishwasher

limescale inside the sprayers, try to remove the sprayers normaly a plastic colar turns then it comes off, give it a shake and it will probly rattle with the limescale in it, i think you can put limescale remover inside give it a shake then put it into a bowl of boiling hot water, be carefull you dont splash yourself, if this dosent solve the problem you may have a faulty circulation pump.
1/21/2010 12:28:59 AM • Whirlpool 24 in.... • Answered on Jan 21, 2010 • 184 views

Dishwasher fills but no pressure during wash,

What I would Do :
1st I would start your dishwasher and let it fill with water and when it stoped filling, I would open the door to see how much water it filled in the tub. ((( if you don't have enough water you will not get the correct pressure )))

If We have enough water we then close the dishwasher door and resume.

you have 2 motors in the bottom of your dishwasher, The drain pump motor and the Wash motor. They should be differen sounds.

We want to know if your wash motor is coming on.

If your wash motor is coming on then I will listen to see if I here water coming out of the spray arm. (( somtimes you can here the swish of the water hiting the door ))

If you do not here the water then I would open the door and position all spray arms the same way and close the door for a min and reopen to see if i have any movment.

If you do not have any movement and did here the motor run then your impellor might be broken or cloged or bound. you will only really find out by taking it apart. you could buy the hole pump & motor Kit. but you can save money by finding out what is the cause.

You can see a breakdown of a similar model here
I was unable to get your model to come up and you should check the machine model number so you have it to get the correct parts. Look at the pump & motor section and you will see how this pump is broken down.

If you don't think your getting the proper water amount, just open the dishwasher door and pour 5 or 6 glasses in and close the door for the wash cycle and listen for a differance.
1/8/2010 9:49:42 PM • Whirlpool 24 in.... • Answered on Jan 08, 2010 • 341 views

After replacing a hotwater heater I was unable to

i dont know but call this number it is my grandfathers number he does that kind of stuff it is 3344514348
12/3/2009 2:22:56 AM • Whirlpool 24 in.... • Answered on Dec 03, 2009 • 97 views

Dishwasher wont drain

You can check the drain or the filter. You will have to pull it out of the space it is now to access it. Items will get stuck in the drain clogging it.
5/31/2009 8:04:47 PM • Whirlpool 24 in.... • Answered on May 31, 2009 • 195 views

My Whirlpool Dishwashe will not drain...before I mess around with

I think that your air gap at the sink needs cleaning out. This is where your drain hose comes from your dishwasher to the sink and then to your disposer or your drain. Check this and you'll probably find your problem.
4/4/2009 3:55:45 AM • Whirlpool 24 in.... • Answered on Apr 04, 2009 • 129 views


Sounds like you have something in the sump/motor. I could lead you through it on a chat session but too much just to type. Let me know if you would like me to do so.
4/16/2009 8:10:51 PM • Whirlpool 24 in.... • Answered on Apr 16, 2009 • 521 views

Will not drain. Cycled 2nd time, solenoid cycled

sounds like a bad drain pump needs to be replaced unless there is something in the pump causing it to lock up.
4/4/2009 3:50:02 AM • Whirlpool 24 in.... • Answered on Apr 04, 2009 • 118 views
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