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I had this on a second hand I bought too. The regulator for the water level was full of gunk. Most of the time it is flour and starch that do this. (spagetti, potatoes, etc)Using machine cleaner and a high temp. program solves the problem. (do this once a month) Cleaning the tubing and the regulator isn't a little job to do it took me an hour. Take it off, open if possible and clean well. Mine had a few mechanical parts thet were frozen. There is a little tool you can buy at your local music shop, a trumpet or trombone cleaner brush, which fits the diameter of the tubes. On you model I don't know. I used an old trombone cleaner (instrument I play) and it worked well. Als boiling water is a good way and kitchen degreaser helps a lot. Prevention is a good way to get avoid the problem in the future. In a few cases: Also have a look if there is no loose part in the water intake. Or the intake valve, or it's connection, which is unlikely, but can be. If there is a leak in the machine body, it is easily found by pouring a bucket of water in, while the door is open, you can see a lot. In that case look for loose connections. Unscrew the bottom if there is one. Put the machine on two chairs, so you can see underneath what's happening, where the water is coming from. Be aware of the danger, water and electricity are not good friends... I hope this helps? Jean-Marc from Belgium (Europe)

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Sorry - this isn't a solution, just a "me too."

I wasn't even sure the piece was from the dishwater, so at least you settled that.

I found the part on top of the bottom rack of dishes, so I looked at the top rack and the top of the interior. I suppose water pressure could have moved it from the lower part of the washer, but what are the odds? I didn't see anything in the top half of the dishwasher that looked like a part came off.

For the guru's out there, it's a piece of rubber/vinyl (SAE PA66), 2.5 inches x 1.5 inches.

I was about to attach a photo, but I have to learn to decrease the file size first.

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see this causes and fix it: God bless you1) try to tight the wires connector well to the control board, clean it , but unppluged the power 2) dry solder, try to resolder+control board faulty3 see the following steps: Power Supply The main power supply is the first thing to check. Also remove the toe kick and the cover on the power box and check the connections. Also check for 120 volt at the power box. Hi - Limit Fuse This will fail if your dishwasher overheats and occassionally with power surges. This is easy to check, inexpensive and a quick fix. Just check the terminals for continuity ( remember always remove one wire) if you have none replace the hi limit fuse. Door Switch This is the second place to look. Again an inexpensive easy fix. The following video will walk you thru checking the door switch. The power comes into the main power box and usually runs to the door switch next before entering the main control module. Main Control Module / Timer The main control module or mechanical timer controls all the functions of the dishwasher. To check this you will need to find the 2 leads that supply the power to the control. They will be marked on the wiring diagram. They usually come from the hi - limit fuse or the door switch. When the door is latched you should have 120 volts entering the main control. If you do not the problem is not the control. If you do have power entering the control but none of the functions work properly or it does not respond at all you will need to replace the control module, this is easy to replace but not very inexpensive to purchase. Consider the age and overall condition when purchasing this part. Motor The motor may have failed. If the control illuminates on electronic versions the problem may be the motor. To check the motor refer to the tech sheet located behind the console cover on most models, this will sometimes have the ohm reading of the motor. Also check each lead to the metal housing of the motor to check for shorts in the motor. If you do not have the ohm reading specicifications, check for continuity if none replace the motor. Make sure the motor is recieving power. Float Switch If the float switch has failed or is stuck the dishwasher control may not respond. The float switch is easy to check and replace. We have video and tutorials that cover several styles. 7_21_2012_6_08_02_pm.jpg7_21_2012_6_08_37_pm.gif

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Adding this though may be a little late. Some dishwasher have a small arm in the top of the dishwasher. The outside of the hose going to it will gradually erode and water will leak off and on until it finally just leaks all the time. Pull out the dw and check under the insulation for the hose. You should be able to follow it from the pump to the top. Then go to appliance store and order part if not in stock. Hopes this helps.

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decrete, you want to get down to the chopper and screen. If the screen is plugged up with gunk there won't be enough pressure to reach the top spray arms. Check out the posted pics. Remove the lower spray arm. Rotate the rear feed arm to the right until it unsnaps from the tube going up the back. See the 4 torq screws holding the filter on. Remove them. Lift the filter up. Now you will see the chopper inlet cover. 1 torq screw holding it in. Lift it up and there's the chopper and screen. Catriver..post back

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If the water inlet valve is fine and it fills with water then the issue seems to be with the float switch assembly that is bad and should be replaced. Float assembly is found inside the dishwasher's tub, on the bottom. The water that fills the dishwasher lifts the float, and when it reaches a certain level, it acts as a trigger for the float switch. The float triggers the float switch to shut off, thereby shutting off the flow of water into the dishwasher. A defective switch may interfere with dishwasher's filling and/or draining ability. Use voltmeter to test the switch. Set the device to the ohms setting x 1. Take each probe and touch them to one switch terminal each. This should produce a reading of either zero or infinity. Continue to touch the probes to the terminals, and press down on the switch's button. The reading should change to the opposite extreme. If the switch fails either of these tests, you should replace it. Hope this helps...please post back for further assistance.


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Hi, I have an older dishwasher also and recently mywife also complained about it not cleaning right... so me being the man I amtried in vain to clean the things... Bought new spray arms online and installedthem in minutes...now the thing works like new... However I have also foundthat if the heating element goes bad then that also can mess things up bad...So I would buy new spray arms, and also check out the heating element to makesure it is working... Here is a tip that will help you with the onlinebuying...
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A bad heating element causes many problems in dishwashers...

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Asker's Testimonial "explanation very clear. will give it a go and see howsimple it was. thanks Ronnie " - ronnieshomes

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what most likely is going to be the problem is a blown thermal fuse that attaches to the control panel housing. gain access to the control panel and use should see the thermal fuse,the housing for the control board is grey and this part is white.Remove the wires to it and check for contininity (zero ohms) on it using a ohm meter set to a low ohms setting. If it turns out to be good the next thing to check is the switch(s) on the latch asm using the same method to check them as the fuse.BEFORE CHECKING EITHER OF THOSE BE SURE TO DISCONNECT POWER TO THE DISHWASHER

Good luck, i hope that i 've helped you to figure out what is wrong with your dishwasher,

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Here is a tip that will help you with how to clean that dishwasher up and get it smelling good again...

Dishwasher Maintenance

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