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Put one cup of bleach in it with no clothes and set that water temp to high and the water level to max. Run it.

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If the washer fills then when it goes to the wash cycle it just sits there, then you will need to replace the lid switch. Here is the part to order.
Below is a video to show you how to make the repair. The model may be a little different but the process is the same.

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i am assuming that you want to do that to replace the agitator dogs? this vidoe will show ya how to remove the agitator and replace the dogs......." frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

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Hello & Welcome to FixYa

The problem is with the clutch assembly that needs replacement. Please review this video if you want to replace it yourself:

Please get back to me if you have any other questions.


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Hi, when the cycle doesn't advance, it's probably the timer or a cold-water supply problem:

It's the timer, if your washing machine fills with water and begins agitating, but the timer never advances--or if the washer is in a spin cycle and the timer won't advance. Then you need to replace the timer.

It may be a cold-water supply problem, if the washing machine fills with water, agitates, drains, and spins, but then doesn't fill with rinse water.

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See the link below:

Then click on diagram 01 and/or 04. You must remove the top control panel to get to the large retainer clips that secure thge front panel and housing. Remove the decorative plastic covers on each end of the control panel to see the screws. The most common failure to spin cause is a broken motor drive coupling, which is shown on diagram 04, part ID #13.

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yes it can BUT why not check the heating element first and the thermostats....this is the likely cause.... good luck

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You need to set it on the clips in the front at an angle then tip the casing back into position. Here is a video that will walk you thru

Disassembling a whirlpool style washer

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if its the drain pump your lookin for heres the part number #3363394 .. retails for about $50, find it online for a few bucks cheaper..

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top agitator will not turn bottom one half will work

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It is definitely not the lid switch because the motor runs but doesn't agitate and spin but it drains. This is rather a clear manifestation of a broken motor coupler. The mechanical output of the motor is not transferred to the transmission and therefore result in the agitator not to agitate and the drum not to spin. It drains because the drain pump is directly coupled to the rear of the motor shaft.

Remove the console from the top of the washer then flip to the rear and disconnect the lid switch wiring harness connector from the body of the washer.

The cabinet is attached to the rear of the washer by two brass-colored retaining clips. Insert the blade of a flat-bladed screwdriver into the lip of the clip on the cabinet side then push the handle rearward to release the clips.

Once the clips are released, open the lid and and grab the front rim of the cabinet then rock the cabinet forward and move it away from the machine.

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Chances are high that the gearbox has expired!

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sounds like you may have abad lid switch, not always making contact to tel the unit the lid is closed therefore for safety resons the machine will not spn/ and or drain water.. does it seem to start when you lift and drop the lid assy after checking? you oshould hear a "click" indicating the switch is been made

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The noise is your loose or broken belt. Take the cover off the back to access it, re-install or replace it.

While you're at it, check and clean the exhaust pipe. It will work better and save you some $$$$$$.

Good Luck

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Check your lid switch. This is the most common cause of the problem you are experiencing. Symptoms may include, filling and stopping on the intial fill cycle, a wash tub that will not drain, and stopping right after the wash cycle and not advancing to rinse or spin cycles.

The lid switch is usually mounted under the washer top casing, on the right hand side on most top load models. It is activated by a plastic piece on the lid (called a "Lid Strike") through a small hole on the rim of the wash tub opening. In many cases the lid strike breaks off the lid, or the lid switch becomes loose and no longer makes contact. Inspect the lid to make sure the lid strike is still intact, and then inspect the mounting screws (adjacent to the small opening on the wash tub rim) and make sure they are snug. If you determine the switch to be defective, the following link explains how to replace one:

On some models, the lid switch is located under the top casing by one of the lid hinges. You will know if you if you have this type of switch, because It does not have a lid strike and the small hole on the right hand side of the wash tub will not be present. This switch is actuated (toggled) by a rod on the lid hinge. With this type of switch, if you locate it and it can be toggled by hand, you may only need to adjust the actuator by bending it slightly.

A replacement lid switch (if required) can be purchased at any of the following web sites:

The average price is about $20 - $30 if you perform the repair yourself. Prices differ between sites so shop and compare. If the model number is correct, the replacement part number is 8054980.

If you have questions, or need additional assistance, please post back and let me know. This is a very simple repair that you can easily perform yourself. I hope this information is helpful.

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If it makes this noise in the agitate mode and not during the spin cycle, I would suspect that the transmission is going.

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May I ask how old your machine is? It sounds as if the water level pressure switch is not sensing that the wash tub has drained so the timer does not advance but the motor / pump pump stays running. You manually turning the timer to spin actually can bypass the pressure switch that actuates the motor / spin start if you turn it far enough into the spin cycle.

Does the hum you speak of sound like a motor running or a water inlet valve buzz with the water off?

The water level pressure switch sense line can have a pin hole in it or the pressure switch itself can have a diaphram / internal contact problem. Any of these can cause your machine to stick in the drain / pump out period.

Your drain pump is motor driven and there is a possibility of a pump problem. I doubt it is defective since you said the washer spins and they do not spin well with a full load of water. The water pump is item 22 in this picture

The water level switch is item 12 this Picture

There is always a possibility that your timer is malfunctioning. (Item 9 above)

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Check lid switch and motor coupling, one or both might be gone..

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Hi, could be faulty timer, faulty water level switch, faulty start capacitor for motor, or faulty motor. always put clothes in machine before starting. you can empty machine by lowering drain hose to flow level.

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two screws on the control panel on the corners front or back
with those out roll the cove up and back
disconnect the lid switch clip on back wall
pop the two body clips with a screwdriver
pull off the cabinetpull the clips off the pump
pull the pump out of the way no need to disconnect
sam two clips on the motor
pull those off asnd drop the motor
the coupling goes betwen the motor and transmission
work backwards
youre done

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