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Whirlpool washer age

Your washer was manufactured in March of 1993. The manufacture date is determined by the Serial Number. The second letter "C" represents the YEAR of manufacture. The first two numbers "14" represent the WEEK it was manufactured. The 14th week puts the manufacturing in late March. I hope this helps you.
8/7/2023 2:42:58 AM • Whirlpool... • Answered on Aug 07, 2023

Determining the Age of Your Whirlpool Appliance

This advice applies to all appliances manufactured by Whirlpool. Determining the manufactured date of most appliances is accomplished by looking at the SERIAL NUMBER. On Whirlpool appliances this is determined by the following method:

The 1st two numbers identify the WEEK produced, the 2nd digit identifies the YEAR.

Example: EK1201983 (March 2000)

0 – 1980/2010/2040
1 – 1981/2011/2041
2 – 1982/2012/2042
3 – 1983/2013/2043
4 – 1984/2014/2044
5 – 1985/2015/2045
6 – 1986/2016/2046
7 – 1987/2017/2047
8 – 1988/2018/2048
9 – 1989/2019/2049
X – 1990/2020/2050
A – 1991/2021/2051
B – 1992/2022/2052
C – 1993/2023/2053
D – 1994/2024/2054
E – 1995/2025/2055
F – 1996/2026/2056
G – 1997/2027/2057
H – 1998/2028/2058
J – 1999/2029/2059
K – 2000/2030/2060
L – 2001/2031/2061
M – 2002/2032/2062
P – 2003/2033/2063
R – 2004/2034/2064
S – 2005/2035/2065
T – 2006/2036/2066
U – 2007/2037/2067
W – 2008/2038/2068
Y – 2009/2039/2069

NOTE: WHIRLPOOL (Includes Kenmore, Estate, Roper, Frigidaire, and later model Maytags). If in doubt, look at the MODEL number. Whirpool model numbers are prefixed with the following numbers:

106, 110, 198, 562, 664, 665, 850

Agitator and base won't separate.

I had the same problem yesterday, the tech online said that if you look closely there are 4 little thin rectangle holes... it may not look like holes since the manufacture fuses it with hard melted plastic to keep you from yanking it off. I used a flat edge screwdriver and pounded it in with a hammer (like using a chisel). Punch th 4 holes so the plastic seperates from the dog assembly. Place on floor, stand on it and pull straight up!
2/1/2021 11:24:04 PM • Whirlpool... • Answered on Feb 01, 2021

How to replace the gear case for whirlpool washer lsn1000kq0

remove 2 screws on rear of console lift console forward and roll back remove the lid switch connector remove the 2 clips on each side pull rear of cabinet forwardand slide cabinet off remove screws in center of agitator under cap and pull off ..lean washer backward remove pump clips and hoses remove 2 screws in motor clamps remove clamps and motor remove 3 1/2 in bolts holding gearcase to bottom slide gearcase out remove clutch and reinstall on new gearcase if you go slow and take note reassembly not that hard
10/8/2019 11:27:38 AM • Whirlpool... • Answered on Oct 08, 2019

Whirlpool washer WTW6400SW very loud spin cycle, sounds like airplane taking off

Most likely it is the spin tube bearing worn. Reguires some know how and special tools. Requires a major dismantle of the machine and usally I did these repairs in the shop. Bearing will eventually sieze over use and time. Labor will probably exceed the value of the machine.
11/5/2018 6:18:28 PM • Whirlpool... • Answered on Nov 05, 2018

Dark spots on clothes coming out of dryer; clothes clean when cycle started

could be some u left in one your shirt are pant that fell out in dyrer an caugth between the drum seal
3/23/2018 7:19:23 PM • Whirlpool... • Answered on Mar 23, 2018

Washer will not run on cold cycle. It will run on hot or warm/cold - only fills with hot water.

check your temperature sensor near the inlet valve
2/17/2018 4:59:19 PM • Whirlpool... • Answered on Feb 17, 2018

Washer making whining noise rinse cycle

Possibly a worn drive belt, or it needs tensioning.
1/10/2018 5:58:02 PM • Whirlpool... • Answered on Jan 10, 2018

Clicking sound, motor starts during spin cycle and stops almost immediately.

most if not all washers have three phase motor fitted for the purpose of the torque that is required but will only run on three phase electric supply , and so these motors are externally fitted with capacitor and run on the principle of three phase , but once these capacitors start to brake down the electric motor fail to run . you may have a capacitor doing down
11/25/2017 4:16:48 AM • Whirlpool... • Answered on Nov 25, 2017

Hello I have a WHIRLPOOL LSQ8543JQ0 Ultimate

Check screens on both hoses and on water valve. Clean as needed. Obviously you need to be sure you have water coming from house source.
11/4/2017 4:27:18 AM • Whirlpool... • Answered on Nov 04, 2017

Whirlpool top load washer no low-speed agitation.

Either the wire going to motor for non working speed is loose or damaged, or motor is bad. It could also possibly be timer not sending power to motor for that speed.
9/27/2017 1:45:14 PM • Whirlpool... • Answered on Sep 27, 2017

Whirlpool Ultimate Care II GST9679PW3 Top Load

Defective lid switch is most likely causing problem
9/11/2017 2:01:14 AM • Whirlpool... • Answered on Sep 11, 2017

Whirlpool washer Perminant Press cycle does not work

Your timer is causing the problem more than likely, valves , pump motor is working so your timer itself is not change it most of the jobs can be done by the homeowner they are a quick connect disconnect and maybe a screw or a catch holding it just look at it how it attached to the console and reattach it the same way
8/12/2017 6:50:53 PM • Whirlpool... • Answered on Aug 12, 2017

Top load whirlpool washer model LSQ9544KQO leaking small amount

more likely from a hose........need lid off and a good torch cheers
8/3/2017 2:54:53 PM • Whirlpool... • Answered on Aug 03, 2017

Washer does not spin or

4/24/2017 8:39:10 PM • Whirlpool... • Answered on Apr 24, 2017

Whirlpool Ultimate Care II - Gas Dryer - Drum Won't Spin

No spin, or lite spin try these: bare in mind that many times there is no spin it can be due to a clogged water pump so check it for debris and or broken propeller. Other items to check Using a multi meter check for continuity the door switch, which when bad may not allow agitation or spin. Bare in mind the lid switch assembly can fail either mechanically or electrically. Check the clutch, brake assembly and transmission, one way to check for slipping is to get under the machine after a spin cycle ( this is if u get a lil spin but not much leaving clothes still wet) mix in a spray bottle a lil water and some dish detergent, then spray it on the clutch assembly ( the metal round pc. Connected to the tranny) if it sizzles and steams up then u know its bad and slipping. Another way to check clutch if u get no spin at all? Is to take it out and use ur hand to try and turn the inner spring assembly pushing it around the inside? If its very easy, it BAD should be hard to push by hand. Or try the hand test: If no hammering sound has ever been heard out of this machine, one of the unofficial tests we professional appliantologists will do in the field is called the Hand Test. WARNING:This test is not sanctioned by Whirlpool Corporation; it involves bypassing safety equipment and then putting your hand on and near rotating machinery which could result in injury, dismemberment, disfigurement, disembowelment, mangling, hideous screaming, and a ****** *****. Proceed at your own risk! Have a nice day. - put the timer on a spin cycle and open the lid- grab the inner basket with maybe 30% to 40% of your hand strength with your left hand - turn on the machine and bypass the lid switch by depressing the lid switch with a key until the machine begins to spin - if the clutch is engaging properly, the basket should immediately begin to spin and slip through your hand - if it takes very little force to stop the tub from spinning, the clutch needs to be replaced. Next check the motor coupler which engages the tub and tranny to the motor. ( if its bad u usually get no wash or spin or very little of either) Next if belt driven check for a loose, worn or broken belt. And on some models there is no clutch but rather what is called a splutch. And a MODE shifter. These can go bad and effect the spin cycle. On some front load models u may need to check the STATOR assembly. The stator is essentially one half of a motor, it interacts with the tub by creating a strong electro-magnet. If the stator burns out the washer won't spin or agitate. Check the stator for continuity. This part is often misdiagnosed. Sometimes a no spin machine can be due to a plugged waterpump hose or obstructed water pump propeller. Check these by eye and hand. And in some models check with a meter for continuity and voltage. LID SWITCH TEST- next step is toremove the cabinetand jumper the lid switch harness (tan to gray). Put the unit in spin and watch the shiny metal clutch disc that is on top of the transmission where the shaft comes out. If the machine starts and runs in spin, check to see if the disc is spinning. If it is, then the problem isnot in the gearcase- look for trouble in theclutch,basket driveor the tub drive block If, on the other hand, the disc is NOT spinning, check for a problem withthe motor drive coupleror one of its retainers. This washer doesn't have a belt. Instead, the motor is directly coupled to the gearcase by a drive coupler; that's why it's called a direct drive washer. Read more:Diagnosing and Repairing Spin and Agitate Problems in a Whirlpool / Kenmore Direct Drive Washer http://fixitnow.com/wp/2010/07/07/diagnosing-and-repairing-spin-and-agitate-problems-in-a-whirlpool-kenmore-direct-drive-washer/#ixzz3XW7eZwiN By the way my advice is free cuz God is good! Diagnosing and Repairing Spin and Agitate Problems in Whirlpool Kenmore... belt broken beltwasher motor maytag amana-n2one1aiwr4twi02ek2pnwzo-2-0.jpg clutch spring-n2one1aiwr4twi02ek2pnwzo-2-2.jpg coupler-n2one1aiwr4twi02ek2pnwzo-2-5.jpg coupler set up and remove-n2one1aiwr4twi02ek2pnwzo-2-9.jpg doorswitch bypass-lid-switch-unplug-n2one1aiwr4twi02ek2pnwzo-2-14.jpg doorswitch lid -n2one1aiwr4twi02ek2pnwzo-2-20.jpg
3/24/2017 9:17:12 PM • Whirlpool... • Answered on Mar 24, 2017
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