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you have to send model number,on some bottom mounts there is a metal striker on the door that hits the switches,sometime that gets bent back,all you have to do is readjust the striker by bending it if screws aren't loose but i don't know what kind of bottom mount you have

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On one model you do the following: To get it out of the demo mode, press and hold the "up" and "set" pad for 10 seconds.

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Been three days and you have not received reply, would go to sears customer support and they are supposed to have live support, maybe they can help.

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Remove all the food from the unit and clean it with a diluted chlorine bleach solution and let dry and then do it one more time. Also get a box of baking soda and put it in the fridge to absorb odiferous smells odors

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Could have a bad condensor at the motor.

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FF usually means the freezer fan is not working. If the fridge is cooling poorly, check to see if the fan inside is running while the compressor is running. If not, and if there's no ice jamming it, then you need a new evaporator fan. If the fridge is cooling normally and the only symptom is the error code, then it could be a problem in the electronic control.

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I have the same model and had the same problem after 3 years of use. I checked this and other sites and here's how I fixed it -- easy, peasy.
1. Turn off the power to the refrig. I have a ckt breaker for the refrig so I didn't have to pull it out of its alcove.
2. Open the bottom freezer section, pull up on the front of the middle drawer and pull it out. If you look to the back inside wall of the freezer you'll see 3 vents.
3. Make a platform that will support a common hair dryer to bring it up to the level of the central vent. I used a couple of packs of napkins topped with a towel.
4. Turn on the hair dryer. I left it on for about an hour and heard two chunks of ice fall free at about the 15 and 30 minute points.
5. Remove the hair dryer and platform, put the middle drawer back in the opposite of how you removed it, and close the freezer section.
6. Turn the power back on.
7. Put a towel on the floor to catch the water from the melting ice chunks.
It's been 24 hours and the error has not reappeared.

If this doesn't work, then other comments suggest that it may be the related circuit panel and you'll need to call in for repairs.

I hope that this helps.

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The ice could be caused by a partial thaw such as a power failure. To open bin unplug unit. Get lots of towels and a wet Vac if you have one. The use of these will become obvious shortly. Open the door and put a fan blowing on it, the same type of fan we use when it is hot to cool down. Then wait in time it will start thawing. This would also be a good time to clean it inside, you probably were putting that off. When totally thawed and dry start it up and keep an eye on it for a few days it will probably be ok. If not you have a clean unit to try some of the other suggestions.

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That is difficult to answer because I do not have all the info. Start by cleaning the condenser. If it was clean be sure you have water to the icemaker if so check the freezer temperature. If they are above about ten it is to warm. Check settings. Be sure if the freezer has a fan it is ok. If the coils are full of ice check the defrost system. This should get you started.

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just bang on it until it make a pop sound

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An air leak around the fill tube

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On hour minimum.

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Jon maybe fan motor fault code.

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the air damper apparently has failed or that area in the refrigerator is too full and air can not get thru .

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Has something fallen behind the drawer, and is preventing it from sliding back all the way? Remove the drawer by pulling it all the way out and lift it up and out. Look for anything that has fallen back there.

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you may have a a leaking or defective door gasket. gasket my need to be replaced.

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Check thermostat setting. If that does not do the trick check to see that your auto defroster is working properly - if ice is forming on rear panel of freezer that is definitely the problem and the defrost heater element is burnt out and needs replacement. How are your door gaskets - tight? Evaporator fan working?

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Sounds normal. A fridge will cycle on and off regularly to maintain the temperature correctly. If it kept running non stop, it would turn the fridge into a freezer.

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