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This is usually caused by a bad async controller where dc voltage is not supplied to the ports. There is nothing you can fix to make it pass the check.

Cisco Catalyst... • Answered on Dec 29, 2020

Here are a couple of ideas...

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Cisco Catalyst... • Answered on Oct 01, 2018

There is a possibility of IOSĀ® corruption, so better check on that before using warranty, RMA or dumpster/recycling Error Message SW_VLAN-4-IFS_FAILURE: VLAN manager encountered file operation error: call = [chars] / code = [dec] ([chars]) / bytes transferred = [dec]. Explanation This message means that the VLAN manager received an unexpected error return from an IOS file system (IFS) call while reading the VLAN database. The first [chars] is the IFS operation that failed. The first [dec] is the error code, the second [chars] is the textual interpretation of the error code, and the second [dec] is the number of bytes transferred. Recommended Action Copy the error message exactly as it appears on the console or in the system log, call your Cisco technical support representative, and provide the representative with the gathered information.

Cisco Catalyst... • Answered on Feb 05, 2017

Too much heat.

Cisco Catalyst... • Answered on Mar 30, 2014

This means that switch is in boot mode, In order to boot it use "dir flash:" and see if you can find a valid image in it. if it is there, use "boot flash:<image name>" to boot up the switch. in case there is no image we need to do an xmodem to recover the switch, we need to have a console cable connected in the console port and an image for 3560 on your system, Issue the command " copy xmodem:<image name> flash:<image name> " after this go to transfer file in the menu of hyperterminal and choose " send a file " browse the file and select protocol as "xmodem" this will take around 4 hours to copy and then you just need to enter " boot" and switch will be up.



Cisco Catalyst... • Answered on Mar 12, 2014

If the switch is dead, replace it. What are you asking for?

Cisco Catalyst... • Answered on Dec 02, 2013

It could be better if you bring us details about this issue. Recently, I had a similar situation with a SW-C3750-48TS-S which was in stack. Just after we removed it from the stack, it starts the fan and the light of SYST is Green but you cannot log in.

Cisco Catalyst... • Answered on Jul 12, 2013

Check the following

If your link light on the swich port turn green when you connect the Airport to the switch then the connectivity is okey. if not then try connecting the airport with a crossover cable.

If the link is on, then I need the following information. please draw the connectivity and upload and the switch configuration.

Cisco Catalyst... • Answered on Apr 24, 2010

My router some port is not ping ip addresses

Cisco Catalyst... • Answered on Dec 30, 2009

connect to switch and type in show interface status

Cisco Catalyst... • Answered on Dec 05, 2009

Probably a bad power supply. Is it getting through power on self test? Any LEDs illuminated when you power it on? Best way is to first connect a terminal configured at 9600,N,8,1 to the console port and then power it on. If you see it running through self test in a few (10-30) seconds, then it's starting up, watch the screen for any errors. If not, then your power supply is probably shot.

Cisco Catalyst... • Answered on Jul 25, 2009

When you say you were able to connect to the switch through hyperterm, were you able to login with the enable password? If not, you cannot reset the factory defaults without the enable password. If you do not have this then search on Cisco's site for password recovery for your model switch. If you did login with the enable password, the command to run for CATos is "clear config all". For Cisco IOS, you have the right command with "write erase". When you issue that command, do you get a "Erase of nvram: complete " or an error? Are you issuing the "reload" command after a successful erase? Be sure you answer No when it asks "System configuration has been modified. Save? [yes/no]:" as sometimes this seems misleading and some people think they mean to save the reloaded default. They are really warning you that you are about to loose the old configuration and attempting to prevent you from accidently erasing it. So answer "no". After a successful reload of the IOS you should also clear any VLAN information. To do this, issue "delete flash:vlan.dat" and then do another "reload".

Cisco Catalyst... • Answered on Jan 27, 2009

That is the expected behavior of the switch.  If you want to go into privilege mode, you need to type "enable" at that prompt and enter the correct password.

Cisco Catalyst... • Answered on Nov 06, 2008

No problem. Glad it help you out.
And thanks for the personal note to me.


Cisco Catalyst... • Answered on Jun 24, 2008

Hi I have checked and no data found for that S/N Thanks

Cisco Catalyst... • Answered on Nov 26, 2014

Hi Instructions telnet to the IP address of the Cisco switch Enter the telnet access password for the Cisco swict when requested, and then the "Enter" key. Type "enable" at the command prompt, and then the "Enter" key. Enter the Privileged Exec password when requested at the command prompt, and then the "Enter" key. Then enter "configuration terminal" at the command prompt, and then the "Enter" key. Type "interface fastethernet0/1," replacing the "fastethernet0/1" with the name of an interface in which you wish to enable PoE, and then the "Enter" key. Then, while in interface configuration mode, type "power inline auto" and then the "Enter" key. Repeat this step for each interface in which PoE is required. Type "end" at the command prompt and then the "Enter" key, copy running-config Below is some commands to run, I don't have any power on the interface but this will show you if this is working... SW1#sh power inline fastEthernet 0/1 Available:360(w) Used:0(w) Remaining:360(w) Interface Admin Oper Power Device Class Max (Watts) --------- ------ ---------- ------- ------------------- ----- ---- Fa0/1 auto off 0.0 n/a n/a 15.4 Run this command to see the interface is up..... SW1# sh interface fastEthernet 0/1 ' in protocol FastEthernet0/1 is up, line protocol is up (connected) SW1#sh cdp interface fastEthernet 0/1 FastEthernet0/1 is up, line protocol is up Encapsulation ARPA Sending CDP packets every 60 seconds Holdtime is 180 seconds Thanks

Cisco Catalyst... • Answered on Nov 26, 2014

Fuel Temperature Sensor "B" Circuit High Input - Faulty Fuel Temperature Sensor - Fuel Temperature Sensor harness is open or shorted - Fuel Temperature Sensor circuit poor electrical connection

Cisco Catalyst... • Answered on Aug 29, 2014

You can only reset password this way: 1. Attach a terminal or PC with terminal emulation (for example, Hyper Terminal) to the console port of the switch. Use the following terminal settings:
  • Bits per second (baud): 9600
  • Data bits: 8
  • Parity: None
  • Stop bits: 1
  • Flow Control: Xon/Xoff
2.Unplug the power cable. 3. Hold down the mode button located on the left side of the front panel, while you reconnect the power cable to the switch 4. Release the Mode button when the SYST LED blinks amber and then turns solid green. When you release the Mode button, the SYST LED blinks green. 5. switch: flash_init 6. switch: load_helper 7. switch: dir flash: 8. switch: rename flash:config.text flash:config.old Rename config.text to config.old. In that file the password is stored. 9. switch: boot 10. Enter "n" at the prompt to abort the initial configuration dialog 11. Type en to enable 12. Switch#rename flash:config.old flash:config.text 13. Switch#copy flash:config.text system:running-config 14. Overwrite the current passwords: conf term enable secret <new pass> enable password <new pass> line vty 0 15 password <new pass> login line con 0 password <new pass> 15. write memory 16. copy run start

Cisco Catalyst... • Answered on Jun 20, 2014

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