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If your microwave oven doesn't appear to shut off when the door is open, you may have a problem with the door switch. The door switches, often referred to as interlock switches, provide power to the various components of the microwave. They are designed to interrupt the power when the door is open. https://www.fix.com/repair/appliance/microwave/doesnt-shut-off/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2zIRmaaH0A

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Toss it out. The transformer is likely bad.

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I say this a lot on here, but may be bad fuse due to bad connections. The fuse holders these companys use are so cheap they get hot if the unit is run for a long time and the fuse Melts at the end, and goes bad. Possibly something shorted out and blew the fuse, But, it had gotten to the point where it said end so it had completed the cook cycle. So, either over heated fuse, or bad door switch that caused it to blow the fuse.. If another switch goes bad or doesnt act like it should, another one is designed to blow the fuse when the foor is opened as a protection feature.

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If the model isn't manufactured any more you may have no choice.

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This is usually caused by either a bad door switch or a loose door switch mount, which are pretty simple problems to fix.

Even though a door switch clicks, it may still be bad inside.

Door switch or mount trouble is usually caused by slamming the door or by opening the door while it's cooking without hitting the Stop pad first.

There are plastic mounts inside the microwave which hold the door switches and onto which the door latches lock when you close the door.

The screws on these mounts may be loose. If they get too loose, the switches will not be activated properly.

Sometimes it's a broken tab on the switch holder, allowing the switch to rotate just out of position. This tab can be hard to see, since it is under the bottom edge of the switch.

If the switch mount is broken, it's usually more economical and safer to add a dab or two of hot glue to the mount to secure the switch. Let it cool for about 30 minutes before using.

One test that sometimes helps is to gently lift up (and/or push down) on the door or handle as you try to start it. If it works or tries to work, then it's a door switch mount or door alignment issue.

You can find helpful exploded view diagrams and order parts by entering your full model number here.

There should also be a "mini-manual" hidden inside the unit behind the control panel or hidden on the left side behind the grille, which is very helpful when troubleshooting, & testing.


Or you can view and download it here.

our Web site, we have a video available showing how to remove a typical over the range control panel assembly in under 5 minutes.

If you only need a switch, you can order a universal type here for $5 postpaid.

If you've recently had trouble with your cooktop lights, one may have shorted, causing a problem on your control circuit board, which we regularly repair for $39.95 in about a week or so with a one-year guarantee.

We're happy to help you with free advice and we'd appreciate your thoughtful rating of our answer.

William E. Miller
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Hello there,When your microwave oven starts to zap, then eventually does not heat up, it means there is a problem inside the unit of the microwave. There are some parts to check inside the microwave before you can tell the exact component that is faulty and to know if replacement will do the job for you.The three (3) main parts to be tested are the power diode, the high voltage capacitor and the magnetron.But since all other components are working like the fan, light and clock, then it is most likely the magnetron. Here is how to test and replace the magnetron of your microwave.HOW TO TEST THE MAGNETRONBefore you test this component, make sure your microwave is unplugged, and that you have discharged the capacitor.There are two tests to conduct in order to determine whether or not a magnetron has become defective. If you receive results other than what are detailed below, you will have to replace your microwave's magnetron. Each test is described for you here:TEST 1: Locate your magnetron and label each of the wires attached to it so that you know which wires are to be replaced where. Set your ohmmeter to the lowest resistance scale. Take a resistance measurement between each of the magnetron's terminals by touching each probe to one terminal each. Reverse the probes and take a second resistance measurement. Each measurement should read less than one ohm.TEST 2: Set your ohmmeter to its highest resistance scale. Touch one of the meter's probes to a magnetron terminal. Touch the other probe to the metal magnetron housing. Take special caution to not touch the two probes together. This could result in an inaccurate reading. This test should produce a reading of infinity - indicating an open circuit. Magnetron replacementHave a certified and experienced appliance repair technician examine and replace your magnetron. This task is much too dangerous for the average layman to perform on his own. Hope this helped.Elect_Comp

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Hello & Welcome to FixYa

Please view this video to follow step by step instructions:

Please get back to me if you have any other questions.


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Here is a tip that will help you to figure out what is wrong with yourMicrowave Oven....

Microwave Oven Basic Troubleshooting Tips

heatman101 ,,./


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Hello, Thank You for using FixYa. I will be helping you today.Make sure no wires were pinched in the process. The turntable motor runs off the board that's why im thinking you have a grounded wire somewhere.
Thank You and please rate my answer if it was helpful..

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Here is a tip that will help you to figure out what is wrong with your Microwave Oven.... Basic Microwave Oven Troubleshooting Tipsheatman101


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No heat means that the magnetron circuit has failed. It is the part the generates the microwaves that heat the food. Magnetrons replacement cost are high, usually as much as a new oven so it is rarely cost effective to repair. Sorry.

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Measure out 1/2 litre of water and place it in a pyrex or plastic container. Take a temperature measurement. Say 15degrees Celcius.
Place microwave on full power for 1minute.
The temperature rise of the water should be at least 10 degree Celcius. Say 25degrees Celcius.
If it is, the magnetron is producing aproximately 720Watts of power and acceptable, any higher and a bonus!

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Start with the installation instructions that came with the oven.

If for some reason you don't still have yours:

You can download owner's manuals and installation instructions for several brands (including Amana, Frigidaire, Jenn-Air, Kitchenaid, Litton, Maytag, Roper, Tappan, Thermador and Whirlpool) here.

You can download GE owner's manuals and installation instructions here.

You should be able to download your LG / Goldstar manual here. If not, you can contact them via that page to order one.

We're happy to help you with free advice and we'd appreciate your thoughtful rating of our answer.

William E. Miller, AS-EET
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Disassembling the door is a major pain and the streaks will likely only be faded not removed completely. Best solution is replace the door. Otherwise taking it apart(and not damaging it) is your only option.

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With this model you should unplug it first. More than likely it is a burnt track/trace on the controller board between the relay and the header going to the light. Easy to fix if you have a soldering iron, short piece of solid wire etc. Accessible from the front, just take off the top grille and then the one screw for the control panel.

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You can remove the rust with CLR and it can be purchase at almost any store.

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Test the high voltage capacitor, the rectifier diode.or the magnetron.

The diode and capacitors can br tested. The capacitor must be allowed discharge before testing, or you risk to get electrocuted, even if power is off. Capacitors can get discharged by shorting their two contacts.
Replace the magnetron if the checks and all of the high voltage component tests are good, but the unit still does not heat.

All locations, and description of this parts can be located using the diagram here: Counter top.

Parts must be tested to find out what is wrong.

Remember that microwaves are potentially dangerous devices if not repaired properly, the job must be done by a competent person.
A microwave energy leakage test must always be performed when the oven is serviced for any reason.

Regarding parts, contact the seller here to purchase parts.

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Actually if you can use a screwdriver you can fix this problem yourself. The glass can be accessed by taking off the screws holding the inside panel to the door on. The screws are visible. Once this panel is off you will see the screws that hold the plate glass in. Keep in mind that the gasket that goes around the glass and inside the door panel are there to keep microwaves from escaping. So in all this be sure to put it back in place right. I have fixed many doors and there really is nothing to mess up. Just put it back together the same way you took it off but in reverse of course. As far as cleaning the glass there is a product call Goof Off that comes in a spray. They sell it at Lowes or Home Depot either one. Use steel wool that you can get there as well and spray a generous amount on the steel wool until it drips slightly and not on the glass directly. Clean all the areas and kinda of use a dry rag to wipe off any excess. After you've taken care of the rust stains and are satisfied take a good glass cleaner like Windex and clean it like regular glass. Keep in mind that the whole door will come off and completely apart to get to both glasses and in between. I would comment additionally that what is in between the glass may be that way due to a leak through the gasket around between the inside and outside glass. However, inspect the gasket well and if you need to you can find a replacement through the dealer or manufacturer of that brand. Keep in mind also that leakage from the microwave door in any way could hurt someone with a heart pacemaker if they get close or someone else that has a battery in it such as people with embedded health units for muscles spasms after back surgeries and the like. Those are the most critical health issues to consider and to be sure that your gaskets are good.

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Bought a new microwave :-(

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A microwave can be dead for many reasons.

It may be the fuse, which is usually located behind the grille or on the floor of the oven behind the control panel or between the door switches.

If the fuse is good, it may be an open thermostat or thermal cutout (TCO) / thermal fuse on or near the magnetron or on top of the cavity / body of the oven.

If it went dead almost immediately after pressing the Start pad, that's usually a shorted high-voltage capacitor.

If it went dead a few seconds after pressing the Start pad, that's usually a failing high-voltage transformer.

If it goes dead or blows the breaker (or GFI) when you plug it in or open or close the door, then there's a problem with a door switch or door switch mount.

At our site, we have a video available showing how to remove a typical over the range control panel assembly in under 5 minutes.

You can usually find helpful exploded view diagrams and order parts by entering your full model number here.

There should also be a "mini-manual" (tech sheet) hidden inside the unit behind the control panel or hidden on the left side behind the grille, which is very helpful when troubleshooting, testing, and locating components.

If you don't find your tech sheet, you can download it here.

If the cavity thermostat needs to be checked or replaced you'll need to pull the oven from the wall.

You can download Whirlpool owner's manuals and installation instructions here.

We're happy to help you with free advice and we'd appreciate your thoughtful rating of our answer.

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