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For most applications I would set fan on at 140 Degrees, fan off at 90 degrees and fan limit should be either factory at 190-210 or I would set it at 190. When you are setting set points on dial you should hold outside of dial so it can't move and set inner indicators where you desire. If you want you can vary by a few degrees but I would not go below 90 on fan off or above 140 on fan on. Possibly 100 and 120. Hope this helps you. Thanks

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on your fan motor. red is low speed ,blue is med speed, black is high, red for heating . blue works good for cooling. black is high speed. re look where the forth speed was hooked up. put blue there.

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you could try national energy they very help full if you give then make and model they should have one to fit

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Did you just install this or has it been running for a while.
Usually if the fan keeps running and if you just installed it,the temperature settings need to be adjusted, but first make sure the fan switch button (should be the white button) is pulled out completely.
Set your Fan on setting at about 120°F and fan off at about 90°F.
If you get your fan settings to close together when the blower starts it may cycle on and off a few times before finally staying on.
If this has been in service for a while then it's probably bad and needs replaced.
To check it out first make sure the fan switch button is pulled completely out then turn the fan on setting up and see if it will shut off,if it doesn't then it's bad and needs replaced.

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Chances are you ahve a bad fan limit switch. If it is adjustable try to adjust. Set at 90 and 120. If it is off a little move the temp up a little. Should have slide dial under the lid on the fan limit. Keep in touch Rus

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You should have a fan relay on your furnace that would control your fan in air conditioning and that sounds like you are needing

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Hmm this is tricky it depends what kind of furnace you have etc....need more info but basically you supply 120V to the common connection(with the jumper) and from there you would run a wire L1 to the furnace motor from "Load" on the fan side....and the wire L1 from the "Limit" side will power the furnace transformer../..the Limit ios very important and must be wired correctly...I suggest you have an exspert install it

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could be a relay possible fan motor try put the fan to on on the thermostat if no fan one of the two relay or fan motor. you'll need a volt meter and know how to use it to solve problem It would be safer to call a contractor. Tom

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remove the switch and test it with a meter on ohms or remove the switch and disconnect the fan wires and connect the fan wires to an extention cord to test.

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first try to pull the little white button out, it is a manual control button, and the out position is auto. If that does not work try taking off the cover, lightly hold the dial down while you adjust the settings. they are on the side of the dial, first setting is the off pos. set to 90, second is the on pos. set to 125-135. then put cover back on, while being careful not to push the button in.

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first try to pull out the little white button on bottom left side. if it is already pulled out, then take cover off, lightly press on the center dial as you adjust the little adjusters that are in the dial. should be two of them, the first should say off set to 90, second one says on set to 130or 135. these steps may work. if not then one of the wire connections may be loose.

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I sounds like the thermostat you have is heating only. You need to buy and install a heating/cooling thermostat. The new thermostat will have a sheet with wiring diagrams to choose from.

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try to dial rotate in middle,not left not right.

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I would start by sanding the flame sensor. It will be located in the path of the flame.

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who cares

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Shut off 80-90, on around 130-140, high limit (if you can set) 160.

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Sounds like you may need a new electronic control module. This is a rectangular shaped plastic box that has wires coming out of it. This is what tells the pilot to light on these older furnaces.

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Okay, the red button is a manual reset that is the heat enchanger gets to hot it opens the safety cicruit. The new one does not have the red button so therefore it will automatically reset itself once the temperature of the heat exchanger cools down. Once you install the new one verify the control shuts the unit down. The easiest way for you to do this is to cover the return grilles with a plastic bag with a little tape to hold it to the grille. Then start the heat cycle and observe the furnace operations. There should be a little tab near the 200 degree temp. once it gets to the 12 oclock point the burners should shut down. If it shuts down properly pull plastic bags off returns and satisfy tstat. now turn heat on again and observe what temp the blower comes on

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what is happening is that the heat exchanger has to get to a certain temperature before the fan comes on that way you have warm air blowing out of the grilles and when the heat excahnger gets cool it shuts off until it warms back up again.

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try sliding them in, if they refuse to move, I would recommend replacing it, they are not to costly, and a new one would be more of a beifit than a henderance, sometimes the old ones get a little rusty inside and will not move, they should move rather eaisly, hope that helped, please leave a feed back, thanks

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