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Sharp R-1880-L microwave convection oven, year

Any repair on any electrical appliance should be done with the plug removed from the power socket. Microwave ovens are dangerous and has been known to kill people. Rather be safe than sorry. If a fuse is suspected, make sure to unplug first. It should be discharged as it can, even after switching off, cause a very nasty shock.
1/3/2018 11:21:10 AM • Sharp R-1880LS... • Answered on Jan 03, 2018

Unit dead Unit is dead - suspect blown fuse

Usually, when your microwave oven doesn't work it all, the internal fuse (thermal fuse) is blown. This fuse protects both you and the oven. When it blows, you need to have a qualified appliance repair technician replace it.

The reason for this is that if you do not have any experience and training with microwaves, you can get a SEVERE shock, even if the oven is unplugged. THAT being said, if you still want to know where the fuse is get back to me. good luck.

ALSO, as you may know, a small microwave these days is under fifty bucks at walmart.
5/20/2009 12:32:55 AM • Sharp R-1880LS... • Answered on May 20, 2009

Sharp Drawer Microwave SMD2489ES. All indications of *****.

It is a motorized drawer and I doubt it likes being opened manually. It would need to be repaired professionally due to the inherent dangers of microwave energy. The drawer motor would be operated by a relay. Did you read any reviews before you purchased it? IanFromOhio a year ago Thumbs Down - Looks great but features are bad. Drawer microwaves and this model in particular look great. We did a big reno in December and this is now in the island. Looks good and functions as a basic microwave. Everything else is just south of mediocre. I'd suggest you get a drawer microwave from another company. Bad Stuff: - door opens/closes very slowly (~4 seconds)... doing a 30 second reheat now takes 4+4+30+4+4 = 50% longer just standing around. Likely similar with other drawers, but an unexpected negative. - doesn't let you tell it to start until fully closed - its default sounds and reminders are ridiculously annoying - beep-beep-beep on finish, and 10 seconds after that, and 10 seconds after that, and.... on and on - it forgets all settings during a power outage, turning back on the annoying sounds - and forgets your network connection - but good news, you won't want to use that feature - controls are not intuitive - classic 40 buttons where you use 5 The WiFi & App - hilariously bad. Design in your head the things you would want in a microwave app. Sharp engineers designed the opposite. Can you set the alarm settings in the app? No. Do you get a notification each time the microwave finishes cooking? Yes. I guarantee you will delete the app within 48 hours. Hand Wave to open. Neat right? No. Take how long it takes for this thing to open/close and add another 4-8 seconds of waving your hands (which are full food, else you'd just press the button) to then wait for the drawer to open. Push to close works well, but it reacts in a weird way, so some concern I'm breaking it. I stopped doing wave to open after the first week and stopped trying to demonstrate it to friends after one month (cause it will make you look silly). Height - just tall enough - fits a Venti coffee Cooks at 950 watts - basically the same power as a college-dorm microwave Cost. my god, how much did I spend on this. The good: Looks good Flush install if you have a good installer; mine is shown in a 30" wide lower microwave cabinet by Medallion Reheat sensor cook works well push to close works. It was suggested that I buy a Sharp because they have the patent on the drawer microwave and everyone else is just a re-labelled Sharp. I would suggest you give the others a look. They may be using the same hardware, but hopefully they have a more customer-focused interface and better software engineers working for them. Reviewed on bestbuy.com
2/20/2023 5:12:42 PM • Sharp Microwave... • Answered on Feb 20, 2023

How to set the clock on my sharp carousel

Touch STOP/CLEAR pad.
Touch TIMER/CLOCK pad.
Enter the correct time of day by touching the numbers above in sequence.
(for example: for 12:30, touch 1 2 3 0)
Touch TIMER/CLOCK pad again.
2/13/2023 7:19:46 PM • Sharp Microwave... • Answered on Feb 13, 2023

Hi our Sahrp Carousel microwave LCD panle display is not working

You have to replace the control board. Sharp has had problems with the display boards for awhile. There is no bulb or fuse you can change.
1/15/2023 8:13:20 PM • Sharp Microwave... • Answered on Jan 15, 2023

On my Sharp CD-C492, the door for CD doesn't open and it say E-03, how can I fix it ?

The E-03 error on a Sharp CD-C492 CD player typically indicates a problem with the door or the mechanism that opens and closes the door. Here are a few steps you can try to fix the issue:
  1. Check for foreign objects: Make sure that there are no foreign objects blocking the door or preventing it from opening.
  2. Check the door hinges: Inspect the hinges on the door to ensure that they are not damaged or stuck. If the hinges are damaged or stuck, try gently wiggling them to see if this helps free them up.
  3. Check the door switch: Locate the door switch, which is usually located near the hinges on the door. Check to make sure that the switch is functioning properly and that it is not stuck or damaged.
  4. Check the door motor: If the door switch and hinges are functioning properly, the problem may be with the door motor. Check to make sure that the motor is functioning properly and that it is not damaged.
If you are unable to fix the issue using the steps above, or if the error persists, it is recommended to have a qualified technician take a look at the CD player to diagnose and repair the problem
1/3/2023 10:38:28 PM • Sharp Microwave... • Answered on Jan 03, 2023

My Sharp Carousel Micro/Convection Oven R-1870, Begans to Blow out Black Smoke when the Microwave option is used. The convection oven works perfectly.

DO NOT use this oven for any of the functions! You will need to get a specialist to look at this! Smoke suggests a motor or the wiring to it is burning out. Is this a free standing unit or a built in setup? Free standing unit or often not too expensive to replace and there are lots of Companies who make good upgrade models. Get quotes for the repairs from 3 or 4 different places and compare that to the cost of a replacement.
11/24/2022 6:29:20 PM • Sharp Microwave... • Answered on Nov 24, 2022

Sharpe Grill2 Convection Microwave manual

Hi, please call sharp over the phone and ask them to email the manual to you so that you can receive the document without paying any shipping fees. If you need to print it out and it has many pages, you can do so at your local office depot or kinkos. Than you.
11/19/2022 5:07:53 AM • Sharp Microwave... • Answered on Nov 19, 2022

Sharp microwave drawer wont open

My drawer has been sticking for years and always required a little force to get it to open. Just fixed it by putting a little silicone grease on the drawer hooks that are exposed when the drawer is open
10/23/2022 1:36:57 PM • Sharp Microwave... • Answered on Oct 23, 2022

Microwave owen SHARP Model R9H20 Digital

R-9H20 (W) sharp microwave oven- the turn plate does not work kindly let me know what needs to be done. i need help. Kindly e-mail me .

[email protected]

Zaffar Iqbal
10/10/2022 4:07:34 AM • Sharp Microwave... • Answered on Oct 10, 2022

Sharp carousel 8888 is flashing and I cannot remove it

In case of unavailability of touch panel regarding any model of your microwave you can simply asked your repairman to install micro touch buttons (easily available and can be fixed) on the base of touch panel than repest the panel over it. It would work like the same.
10/7/2022 5:18:12 AM • Sharp Microwave... • Answered on Oct 07, 2022

Please tell me how to use the sharp microwave oven r-9h20 model for baking cakes please tell me

I searched using https://www.google.com but did not locate an instruction manual for that model Sharp microwave oven. Recipe at the link below suggests adding extra sugar before baking. https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/140772/easy-microwave-chocolate-cake/?_ga=2.211667349.160497590.1579435247-959462057.1579435247
10/7/2022 4:51:26 AM • Sharp Microwave... • Answered on Oct 07, 2022

Sharp half pint microwave door latch broken - how can I fix it?

Okay. I got the Half Pint Microwave door off, opened it up, found the spring, used a Dremel to make a new point of attachment for the spring since the spring flang on the dooor was indeed broken. The door closes now and microwave turns on - but it doesn't stay on, unless I apply pressure on the top right corner of the door. So the latch is just slightly out of alignment. Will tinker with it some more. Maybe it's just a matter bumping up the lower part of the door a bit. Has anyone encountered this problem?
8/31/2022 6:06:09 PM • Sharp Microwave... • Answered on Aug 31, 2022

Sharp Half Pint Microwave Display Not Working R-120DS

the LCD is bad, 22 year later a great run that.use flash light to it , see data there that means backlamp deadbuy new one.THERE IS NO LCD FUSE EVER. it used low powerfrom he PCB (display drive logic is there only)the PCB may have fuse or onboard solid state fuse. that self resets if shorts are removed.if you see no fuse there, F1 F2, etc there is none.!use the flash light test. first.. OK??SO DOES OUR POST MEAN , ONLY lcd dead, BUT BOTTONS NOT DEAD and most beep, so beeps dead? see buttons with programmed times, like pop corn etc, do those work?LCD dead sure makes time set hardbut gee, hit time 11 and run,see if 11s seconds, runs the fan and Uwave maggycooks for 11 seconds. blind./lots to test there before giving up.OK only LCD is dead.
8/17/2022 8:52:59 PM • Sharp Microwave... • Answered on Aug 17, 2022
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