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I have a two draw F/P two draw disherwaher it is built into our kitchen work bench it has been perfect in that position for two years , I have just noticed that the past few days the dishwasher unit l

The retaining brackets have loosened or your house has moved ? If you open the bottom draw you may be able to reach the levelling base feet ? If you can tilt the DD back slightly you can adjust them by hand
10/4/2014 1:47:40 AM • Fisher DD603FCSS... • Answered on Oct 04, 2014

F1 code

F1 is a flood sensor fault code. The problem sometimes comes from loading the machine above the top of the drawer. When the inside lid comes down before the dishwasher starts, it cannot seal completely and water can spray into the outer cavity. The water accumulates in the inner bottom where there is a sensor. The sensor protects the electronic components from getting wet by warning you of the water which you cannot see. The solution is to remove the bottom drawer and wipe out, then dry the compartment with a fan or a small space heater. Once dry, the machine will function as usual.
10/22/2013 7:22:26 PM • Fisher DD603FCSS... • Answered on Oct 22, 2013

On the top drawer of the dishwasher the control lights - Heavy, Normal and Eco are all lit up and on the display at the front it says 05 mins the machine keeps going in to a diagnostic rinse cycle and

Unplug the machine and try again. Sometimes resetting the board can solve the problems, other times it's just a faulty board. Good luck
9/6/2012 7:55:31 PM • Fisher DD603FCSS... • Answered on Sep 06, 2012

F1 code. No water left in machine nor on the

Error F1 on your fisher & paykel means an overfill condition. One of the most common causes for an overfill fault is that the dishwasher cannot pump out the dirty water due to a plugged drain hose. Check the drain hose if it is clogged. Now remove the bottom drawer from the unit to inspect the flood switch. Remove the wire harness cover on the underside of the drawer. With the bottom cover off, unclip the wire harness, fill hose, and drain hose. Then unclip the linkage at the back of the drawer and lift the drawer off the slider arms. Now' you'll be able to look at the flood switch. Note the positions of the wires on the flood switch and remove them. Then unclip the switch housing from the base panel. The switch housing contains one switch for each drawer. The switches are wired normally closed (NC) and each switch has three spade connections, so it's important to note where the wires went. Now clean the contacts and let it dry. Hope this helps... Please post back if you need more information.

8/6/2011 10:33:51 AM • Fisher DD603FCSS... • Answered on Aug 06, 2011

I have a Fisher and Paykel Dish Drawer dishwasher.

it is likely the lid seal is stuck. You will have to get the drawer out and check the underside of the cabinet at the top.

The lid seal is a rubber lining which is actuated by a pair of motors. If the motors are faulty or the power is to the motors is lost, then the seal will not go up to let the drawer sit properly.;
3/20/2011 10:49:16 AM • Fisher DD603FCSS... • Answered on Mar 20, 2011

Runs through entire cycle fine but water is cold

you need replaced the control board its very popular with this dishwashers cost around $220 as i have replaced mine
2/4/2011 10:56:17 PM • Fisher DD603FCSS... • Answered on Feb 04, 2011

Flooding in both drawers of

I suppose "flooding in both drawers of ..." implies water is not draining out. Is that right?

It is a very little information to give you any clear solutions.

Did the water get into the drawers without starting any wash program? Most likely it is the backflow from kitchen sink back through the dishwasher drain hose. Does your kitchen sink plumbing have an air gap sowehere. If so, is it clear?

If the water is the back flow then it is likely to be smelly and you do not want to run it through the dishwasher. I would suggest take the drain hose out from under the sink downpipe and drop into an empty bucket. Then take all the fixtures out from the drawers and empty out water using a small container.

Put the washer arms back and run each drawer on a short rinse cycle collecting the drain water in the bucket. If cycle runs clear, then get plumber to check the kitchen downpipe.

Reconnect drain hose.

Hope this helps.
12/28/2010 7:31:55 AM • Fisher DD603FCSS... • Answered on Dec 28, 2010

How do you get the bottom drawer out for repair?

Pull out the draw all the way. Down both sides there are two plastic square buttons. push those in and at the same time push the rails back towards the dishwasher. it should come off the rails.

undo the pipes and pull the drawer away.
12/28/2010 4:24:54 AM • Fisher DD603FCSS... • Answered on Dec 28, 2010

Our Westinghouse Touchdry SB915 stops


If the dishwasher is beeping 10 times and none of the functions work, it is highly suggestive of faulty control board. You could disconnect the power supply for few minutes,say 15 minutes and then turn it on. If the problem persists, more likely you need to replace control board.

Let me know,if needed further assistance.

Hope i helped you.

Thanks for using ' Fixya ' and have a nice day!!
12/28/2010 1:10:27 AM • Fisher DD603FCSS... • Answered on Dec 28, 2010

How do you reset the flood switch on th DD603?

You have to either dry out the board at the bottom left hand corner of the dishwasher. Or replace it. If you are getting the error code you probably have bigger problems to consider. Moreover, you might have a lid problem thats causing water to leak.
Hope that helped. Have a great day!
12/11/2010 1:02:15 AM • Fisher DD603FCSS... • Answered on Dec 11, 2010

How do I test the lid motor on the bottom unit.

set for rince cycle start it and then pull gently if working properly the drawer wont move any slack change the lid motors
7/14/2009 1:02:00 AM • Fisher DD603FCSS... • Answered on Jul 14, 2009

Bottom drawer sliding problem

can you pull the drawer up and out to take a look at both?let me know-mike
3/3/2009 10:25:49 PM • Fisher DD603FCSS... • Answered on Mar 03, 2009

F1 alarm keep coming back on both drawer

I just had the same issue as a result of "mother-in-law" using regular liquid dish detergent in both drawers. After numberous attempts of cleaning out each drawer it still was beeping and attempting to drain both drawers even when the water was drained it continue to run and beep.
My presumption of what occurred is the wrong soup caused so much suds that it triggered the flood sensor. I removed both drawers and discovered water in the base area and moisture throughout. After disconnecting the power to the unit I removed the white plastic cover and exposed the small circuit board. I disconnected the power leads and the screw holding the board in place and lifted it up a bit. I then used a hair dryer for about 15 minutes until the entire area was dry and put it back together and has worked just fine. You will see a service diagram taped to the back pannel when you remove the bottom drawer. It has additional information on various error codes and the instructions on how to trouble shoot problems. I would also remind you to run water in the units if the cause was due to the wrong type of soap as the residue will continue to recreate the same problem.

I hope this helps.

2/1/2009 7:10:52 PM • Fisher DD603FCSS... • Answered on Feb 01, 2009

Fisher dish washer leaking

Simple don't use the draw which leaks. There is laods of baskets on e-bay
12/12/2008 2:57:16 PM • Fisher DD603FCSS... • Answered on Dec 12, 2008

RE: Fischer paykal F1 code

F1 fault means the flood switch on the base of the dishwashers has been activated.
nine times out of ten its the lid motors.
You can remove the two kick plates on the bottom of the dishwasher.
Dry out the water in the base with a sponge.
only one draw will be leaking water??
This allows you to use the second draw until a serviceman shows up.
Dry the base out A.S.A.P, because you have a electronic board that sits on the base. cheers
10/23/2008 9:42:46 PM • Fisher DD603FCSS... • Answered on Oct 23, 2008

I'm Not sure of the model number, Fisher & Paykell double draw dishwasher

My dishwasher's doing exactly the same thing. What was the solution?
8/27/2008 8:21:21 AM • Fisher DD603FCSS... • Answered on Aug 27, 2008

Dishes and Flatware Don't Get Clean

Check to see that the removable cup rack on the left is seated correctly. One of the support legs of this rack is located above center of the spinner. If this leg is sitting on the top of the spinner rather than the center cross member of the main rack, the spinner will not move after that rack has been loaded.
Also check that the spinner is free moving once the draw is fully loaded, some plates can sit low enough to obstruct the spinner.
6/2/2008 9:30:43 AM • Fisher DD603FCSS... • Answered on Jun 02, 2008

Need to take the s/s front off drawer of dishwasher

For the model you have it listed under. Ther are screws on each side of the drawer panel. Remove the screws and slide the panel down and off.
Post back if you have any questions. Thanks/Mike
12/4/2007 11:00:26 AM • Fisher DD603FCSS... • Answered on Dec 04, 2007

The top drawer of my fisher Paykel is disabled, will the bottom drawer still work?

no info generic answer can not receive an answer to an unknown-- fixya does not have mystics or crystal balls
1/30/2023 3:18:29 PM • Fisher... • Answered on Jan 30, 2023
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