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its the round dime sized battery on the back of the cpu inside (back of faceplate) there is an battery upgrade.

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to slide between channels. or to tune the RX

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do you have a ham license? when you purchase it they sometimes ask for proof .

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it could be several things......the rf final,bad mic,cold solder joint on the circuit board just to name a suggestion is to find a good local cb shop,if no local shop find one along the interstate hwy most of the time they are located around or near some of the larger truck stops. tell the tech there what the problem is and go from there. good luck !!

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have you tried it on all bands? still won't transmit?take it to a tech so they can fix it properly.

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all you people that have no right to use ham radios should get your license so you don't have to ask dum ash questions like this.

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When you say it starts but doesn't stay running does that mean it goes right back off or does it go off random. If it goes right back off it could be several different things such as bad soldier or voltage regulator. If it does it at random I'd say first thing look for bad soldier around regulator its on the side of the radio 3 legs attached to side. One of these legs will get unattached because of using your side screws and tighting them to tight.

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i have the same radio rci 2950. Ive had the same problem with mine,turns out with mine the processor would lock up,turning the radio off & on repeadly would clear the problem and the radio would work fine x-mit & recieve. the solution to fixing the problem is to replace the memory backup battery this battery works similar to a computer motherboard cmos battery when this battery goes dead all sorts of strange things happen to the radio wont transmit wont recieve or like your problem transmits continiously. the problem with replacing this battery is finding out what year & model your ranger 2950 is. the internet says only first generation ranger 2950s use the battery second genration & third generation do not use the battery. but the internet could be wrong. so i suggest getting a hold of (usa & give them a phone call or email and ask them about the year your radio was made. they may even service it for you or if you are electronic savvy you can do it yourself. the battery is located close to the main cpu on the front panel if yours uses a battery.

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Cant recommend you doing that or letting a common cb shop in it. That thing is a monster a beautiful monster send it back to a RCI authorized shop and protect the warranty they will tweak it to its max with out compromising the durability. Before you do send this unit off i stongly suggest a 100 amp power supply it may be overkill but you might notice a different on a watt-meter

Sorry if this was of little help it might relieve you of a lot of hassle and depression later...... good luck

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hmmm my money is on a cold or several cold solder points,,
start checking the legs on the PLL first...

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Since you have not ask any specific question i will answer with a url address.
Maybe this will be of help and please return with more questions and i am sure someone will be glad to help.

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Service manual is on the CBTricks.Com website. Look in the index for TR-127GK. This the same radio under the covers. This should suffice as an owners manual also.

....Don at NTCB, Inc.

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  • Open your radio and look for a board with a plug going nowhere not even plugged in. Plug it in to the back of the frequency display. Some shops will not ship your e-chip because of how easy it is to convert they want to get paid for it.
Regards, Tony

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This section is for communications equipment. Please try another section for question

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Do you have receive? If so you might have blew the voice chip. If you don't have receive or transmit you most likely blew those final transistors.

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could be a number of different problems causing this. I would start with your microphone make sure it is working. it is responsible for transmit & recieve. next check to see if the memory battery is dead this will also cause this problem. next check the regulators in the radio to see if they are supplying check voltages in different parts of radio to see if all stages are recieving power follow these steps and something will show up also check your switching diodes to see if they are bad the diodes responsible for x-mit & r-mit of transceiver.

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hello jenn firstly this could be a number of faults its best to check ,when you press the ptt is it registering on the signal/power metre iff not then the problem lies with the final transistor and will need to be replaced ,iff it is registering the problem is with the mic ,check the wirering for shorts remove connector on the mic entering the radio these wires are very delecate and easily broken turn mic gain up fully to test goodluck

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check your swr's, should be free for any to help you check them either a ham operator/or cb shop.

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If it was working fine before storage it is most likely electrolytic capacitors. These "can" looking things that are all over the circuit board. These little cans are filled with electrolyte like a battery. If this leaks out or evaporated as they are known to do they will render useless or degrade circuit voltage and current in circuit.

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The wiper motor transition is not so hard to replace. First remove the wiper blades. Lift the hood to your truck. Towards the windshield their is a plate that covers the entire assembly. Remover the screws and or the push pins and remove the cover. Looking down in there you will see the arms hooked to the transition via a ball stud and socket. Take a pair of long nose needle nose pliers (don't use a screwdriver as it may bend the arm.) and pop the arm off at that point. Don't remove the nut on the wiper motor stud. Your motor is right there. Remove the four mounting bolts. Remove the connector. And wiggle it out. Let me know if this helps you.

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