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There is a possibility it just needs more water or it could be 'furred up' because it has not been purged or descaled for a long time. Fill up with water and place a large jug '500ml min' under and press both the single and two cup buttons at the same time. Refer to the user manual for the type of descaler to use.

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Hope you did fill the plastic canister on the back, with water
because what you write there is what it does when there is no water in it

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How to Open Repair cover key stuck?


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I found a quick fix for me and the no-water problem is to totally dry out the receptor under the reservoir (where the water container fits into) with paper towels, and then try again using warm water...not hot.
But this is an indication that there is some calcium buildup in the hoses and filters. Time to clean the unit! Here is the manual online to fix this, and the instructions for descaling are on page 13.

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Hi. Who says to use vinegar. I wouldn't use that. Sounds like your pump is not pumping at right pressure. Vinegar can make the lime/calcium build up, break up into too large of pieces. which can block the pump. Descale solution breaks these deposits up. allowing it to be flushed from the system. Dazza REPAIRER

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here you can download the user's manual -- or ask specific questions to people that have the same model

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there is a float at the side of the machine by the water level, if the float gets stuck the red light will continue to flash even though water is present. Use a magnet on the outside of the machine by the water and float level and raise the float when connected to the magnet and the light will stop flashing red rapidly

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is the red light flashing as though not enough water, if so use a magnet to connect to the valve inside the machine, the valve can be found along the water level where the float is. what is happening is that the float is stuck. by connecting the magnet to the valve and very slowly moving the magnet along the water level, upwards the valve will follow and the water will begin to heat as the light changes to a slow flash, if it doesn't work try again as you have not connected to the magnet

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Hello shid9
This is an easy fix. To decalcify your unit you need to make a water/vinegar solution. 2 parts water and 1 part vinegar. You might need to run two pots of the solution through if the first one is very cloudy. When done with that, rinse with 1 pot of fresh water. This should help remedy your calc problem. I hope this is helpful for you.
Happy brewing! NormanZ

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This model of Senseo suggest cleaning once every 3 months, preferably 4 to 6 times a year.
I suggest to download the user manual from Philips for your model and to follow the procedure described.

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I just had this same problem. The seal is stuck and might have coffee jammed in it. I unplugged it. Then I pushed down on the lid and pulled up at the same time. It opened for me. I hope this helps.

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I haven't used a seseo, but most coffee machines need to heat up first. There is probably one switch to turn on the boiler, and then the second for the pump. Try to turn on just the boiler switch and then wait for it to heat up (around 1 or 2 minutes).

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I had the same problem with my machine so use coffeemate instead of milk now seems to have done the trick

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Had the same problem.I fixed it by carefully prying the top lid apart,the latch had become detached from the slider inside.Simply snap the latch back onto the slider and snap lid assembly back together.Do all this unplugged with reservoir empty.

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Descaling Problem SOLVED!
Folks, I really hope this helps a lot of you. I too encountered the dreaded descaling problem where it gets stuck in a loop and never finishes. I thought the machine was toast and see so many reviews that people experienced this and had to return the machine.
I tore apart the machine and figured out the issue and the super simple fix!
What happens is the water level sensor does not know it is running out so when the tank empties due to running dry, it never completes the cycle.
Where the water basin goes, if you look at the back lower down, you will see a small rectangular protrusion. This is the water level sensor that works by measuring capacitance. You know how sometimes your machine runs completely out of water and you have to prime it with the tea/hot water button? This is why! When you put the tank in full, water splashes over the edge and down the back. It coats the outside rear of the tank and the sensor with water so the machine thinks it still has an adequate level of water but then all of a sudden runs dry.
The FIX:
Take a paper towel and dry off the water level sensor and the back of the tank. When you put the tank in, do not fill it too high and put it in gently to avoid water spilling out.
Simple as that...fixed!

and videos and help from Philips

Press and hold (for about 6 seconds) the hot water button until the descaling light turns off.

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First, I'm not a Philips technician. Also don't recommend De-scaling of table top machines UNLESS the MFR provides the de-scaler and recommends it. Several things can prevent the water flow in these small machines. It's probably the vibration pump but suggest following the following list to check if everything is in order.
- Water not getting to machine or not sensing that the water tank is already filled.
* There usually some type of float near to middle of the water tank. It's usually white or colored plastic. This 'float' needs to move freely up-down to 'sense' the filled tank. clean the tank and shake it -note the movement of this float. It will need further cleaning if it's stuck (or you will have to replace tank if it's crudded up).
* Re-install tank and fill with filtered water. Turn machine off, count to 15 then turn on again. This usually turns on pump to add water to inner tank. If this does not happen then there is a CPU problem. If it does hums for 5-10 seconds then goes off but no heating then the pump may have an air bubble in line. Try the turn off and on method several times (up to 5) to get the water flowing. If it's still not working then there is a clog in the pump and will need service and/or replacement.
* Did you change water source? Since this is a table top machine in which you fill the water tank. Try to use filtered (bottled ok) water. Do Not use Distilled or 100% pure water as this type of water will eat out the metals from your machine! Some places use a water softener as it tends to be better for the machine long term (years).
* Still got problems? Check with vendor or MFR for service or replacement. Most machines of this type do not have serviceable parts or adjustments.
Aloha, ukeboy57

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Quite possible the boiler has failed. You would need to disassemble to check (with a multimeter) if the boiler heater elements are a continuous track from one terminal to the other. Boilers often fail - else you have a electronics problem somewhere that will require a tech person check out.
The other thing boilers can do is to develop an earth leak between the heater element itself and the outside of the element - this will cause the machine to shut down your house's power supply if you have an Earth Leakage Safety Switch installed in your meter box.

Given this was an inexpensive machine and uses rather "odd bod" pods it may be time to consider something more 'common' like a Nespresso, Aldi or the Cafitaly style of capsules.

I especially like the Cafitaly capsules as they have more coffee than Nespresso, have 2 internal filters, can be refilled with ground coffee (I reseal top with wide cellotape) and can be refilled at least 4-6 times before they should be thrown away. Instead of around 30-50c a cup, refilled capsules costs me about 9c a cup - I get about 100 capsules out of 1Kg (2.2 pounds) of coffee.... beat that.

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Hi,if its been packed away is there a chance the cable might have lost connection inside machine,open and check connections,just food for thought,all the best.

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You are going to struggle finding one of those; where I live here in New Zealand that model has been obsolete for over a decade. You may be better off finding someone who repairs multiple brands of coffeemakers and see if one can be matched up. It is very possible that machines very similar are still being made, just not for Philips.

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hard to tell, if you are doing something wrong, that is

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