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Replace the door lock, takes about 10 mins. Just replaced mine. Ordered it from Amazon for less than 40.00. You take the top off and unscrew the lock from the front. Reach in and pull up, unplug old one, plug in new one. put new one back in the holes, screw it in tight. Put the top back on and your done. Don't forget to unplug it before you start.

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We have a code of efo

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Good Afternoon Friend,

I understand that you are having trouble with your Frigidaire Affinity dryer not heating up. There are some things that you are able to try. First check to make sure that the lint filter, the ducting, and the outside vent, are clear of lint and not constricted in any way. Second, reset your appliance by either unplugging it or shutting the power off at your homes circuit breaker for 3-5 minutes. Once power has been restored, run any cycle. If you are still noticing that your dryer is not heating, I suggest contacting your local authorized technician for further assistance. They should be able to diagnose your dryer and determine why your appliance is not heating. Hope this is helpful.

-Best Regards-

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please go tp the manufactures website and download the user manual its normally free and look in the trouble shooting section eric

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It's the timer control, not the motor or filter. Try a different setting. You should also be able to find more information on the manufacturers website, along with a manual and possibly a diagram. Also You Tube is a good place to find out more on how to repair it.

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You need to lean it back and remove the lower panel, you will have complete access to the water pump, disconnect hose clamps,remove and clean the rubber boot,disconnect electrical connector and 2 screws holding pump, Replace with new pump, before beginning take pictures to ensure proper installation

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I would give it back and enact the warranty.

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not sure if this link will help you out but have a look.
Frigidaire affinity washer shuts down after 5 minutes Google Search

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I would be looking at drain pump for obstructions or pump may have failed

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Look under the washer. Is there a little pile of black rubber shavings? With the heavy load, you may have broken the basket coupler between the motor and the drum. Try turning off the selector, and move it one click at a time towards the end of the cycle and turning back on. Hopefully it will drain for you. If the coupler is the problem it is inexpensive to fix. Some also call this part the "clutch". It kind of looks like a hockey puck with six holes in it... three for the motor, three for the clothes drum.s-l225.jpgs-l225.jpg I attached pictures of a couple types. This part is a common problem when you put a heavy load in, because the rubber takes more stress.

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Hello willkie6 - An error code E52 typically relates to the speed control board or the motor itself. An experienced service technician would test these parts by measuring the resistance of the motor to distinguish exactly which part it is. This is not a typical do-it-yourself job. Personally, I would recommend reaching out to a qualified appliance repair person who will be best able to pinpoint the exact problem causing the error code. I hope this information helps to some degree.

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Unplug it for 10 minutes. Plug it back in and see if it starts and runs normally. If it doesn't then I'd suspect the pressure switch first then the control board.

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You can strip cloth diapers to help bring back absorbency. I use a simple method of washing clean diapers in the hottest temp possible with blue liquid Dawn dish detergent (1 teaspoon for HE washer, 1 tablespoon for older machines). I also add 1/2 cup bleach because it disinfects and sanitizes. Bleach has always been safe for me but im sure there are alternatives if you don't like bleach. Then a few hot rinse cycles and a regular dry cycle and diapers are more absorbent and odor free.

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Error Code ( E-23 )--------Clean the LID LOCK sensor,its almost located where you can see the LID LOCK came OUT and IN or Moving--which is functions to LOCK and UNLOCK the door cover ( Symptom ++ the LID LOCK will moving OUT and IN),open all the cover ,take out the LID LOCK sensor,open the LID LOCK sensor case until you can reach the COPPER connector which is act as the SWITCH .CLEAN the COPPER with paper sand or anything possible but not to damage the copper.After all put it back to the place intact.Hope it work,Mine worked with this procedure.+++++Toshiba AW-SD120S COST=== FREE OF Charge ( Do It Yourself )

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Ef2 could mean the vent hose is blocked or has come off.Slide it out from the wall and make sure the hose is ok.Hope this helps.

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front of washer legs are to High or back legs to low level machine or change door hinge

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Hello. Do you have a well for your water supply? If so, turn off the cold water to the washer and remove the supply hose from the back of the washer. Check the inlet water screen for blockage due to sand, sediment, or other debris. It's a fine filter so BE CAREFUL if you have to remove it--don't damage it at all! It protects the precision valve from debris getting caught and jamming the valve. Next, you will have to remove the top cover of the washer if the screen was clear. Locate the cold water valve assembly(pic 1, part 36) and check to see if 120v is at the valve coil when the washer is supposed to be filling. If the voltage is there, the valve is defective. Also, and more hidden, is the possibility of a defective water level sensor--(it's about 1.25 inches wide by approx 3 inches long), it will have a small wiring harness attached to it, it's mounted on the right side, approximately 6 inches or so from the back wall of the washer and has a black rubber tube attached and running down the back of the tub to the air chamber at the bottom. (see pic 2 and 3) This sensor can fail in 2 directions--it can either think there is water in the tub already and the washer won't fill or, most disastrously, constantly think there is *no* water in the tub and flood your house. The former can happen if the air chamber gets clogged with mold/mildew. The latter can happen if a pinhole should develop in the pressure hose(air pressure never builds up to tell the sensor to tell the main board to stop filling!)To check the latest stored error code, press and hold the start/pause and cancel buttons simultaneously. The error code will appear as long as the buttons are held.
E11 is fill time too long (either a clogged screen or defective valve)
E31 Pressure sensor communication error
E35 Pressure sensor indicates water overfill
MAIN BOARD 134556600
I hope I helped you!




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