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What have you done to try to fix it I need to know so I can help you fix it and Mabry you need new headsets

Logitech... | Answered on Nov 18, 2017 | 648 views

Hi there,
Just a couple of questions that might help you solve your problem..
- Have you already installed the sound driver of your motherboard/sound card?
- Have you properly inserted the right color/jack of your headset to the computer?
- Have you check the volume control of the headset whether it is in mute or full volume?

If you have tried the above questions then you might have a defective headset.

To test if it is working, try playing some music & the sound recorder for you mic.


Logitech... | Answered on Apr 12, 2009 | 424 views

Start on the Mac side by checking your sound input preferences. Do this by selecting under the apple pull down menu: System Preferences. Then get to the screen where you see all preferences icon's shown and select Sound. Once in the Sound preferences, select Input. Where is says "Select a device for sound input:" It is probably set to USB audio device since that worked for you. Look for Bluetooth Audio Device or similar name for your headset and select it. Speak into the h760 and adjust the input volume, you should see the input level go up when you speak. If not, your H760 bluetooth device is not properly paired. If your device does not show up, back up to the System Preferences page and select Bluetooth and follow instructions there. If that all is working but does not work in Parallels, inspect Parallels for Sound Input options and try to find your bluetooth device. Also check Windows sound input control panel to see that bluetooth is selected.
Hope this helps.

Logitech Radio... | Answered on Jan 14, 2018 | 51 views

is the minijack plug compatable with your mike

Logitech Radio... | Answered on Dec 28, 2017 | 69 views

if you followed the instructions and doesn't work return to place of purchase for refund or replacement

Logitech Radio... | Answered on Aug 29, 2016 | 156 views

easier to just replace the cable.

Logitech Radio... | Answered on May 19, 2014 | 112 views

If you do not have the Bluetooth dongle (plugs into a USB port) you should contact Logitech for a replacement. Alternatively you can also look for one second hand via craigslist, ebay, etc.etc.

Logitech Radio... | Answered on May 04, 2014 | 183 views

Did you ever find an answer to this? We have had a couple of agents have this happen to them also just this week. I would like to know if it's the headset or something else.

Logitech Radio... | Answered on Jan 24, 2014 | 66 views

contact the manufacturer for assistance

Logitech Radio... | Answered on Apr 29, 2013 | 43 views

I had the exact same problem. Boombox flashing blue, but not rapidly flashing blue. I did two things that seemed to fix it:

1: Reset the device by switching it on, then holding both volume up and volume down buttons at the same time for 10 seconds. The blue flashing light will briefly flash quicker to confirm.

2: Switch off the boom box

3: Switch on using the power button and (very important) immediately press and hold the Bluetooth button. The Bluetooth button needed pressing and holding almost instantaniously after the power button for it to work for me. I had to try several times to get it to work.

When you do this successfully, the Bluetooth light starts flashing rapidly and it enters search mode.

I nearly threw my speakers away, now it works and connects fine :)

Logitech Radio... | Answered on Dec 10, 2012 | 1,895 views

The soft clicking noises could happen for many reasons such as moving your headset around, tapping on any part of the headset or even the wire, but if it's for none of these reasons, then it could be because of a loose wire.

Logitech Radio... | Answered on May 31, 2011 | 164 views

samsung ear speaker not working

Logitech Radio... | Answered on May 30, 2011 | 379 views

The "trident" represents the outline of a speaker. Often, on will have a '+' sign next to it, an the other has a '-'. These, respectively increase and decrease the volume. The one with a cross through it mutes all sound. Pressing it again will restore sound.

Logitech Radio... | Answered on Mar 02, 2011 | 177 views

Go to heighest building in your city and throw it

Logitech Radio... | Answered on Dec 22, 2010 | 602 views

Sounds like its a loose connection inside the headset itself. this will happen. It could either be on the plug or in the headphone itself. An from experience its more of a hassly trying to fix it then its worth.

Logitech Radio... | Answered on Aug 31, 2010 | 522 views

the problem is from the mouthpiece of the headset,since its a newly acquired headset,its better you don't tamper with it techniclly,i will advice you return it to the point of purchase for a replacement,i believe it has a warranty

Logitech Radio... | Answered on Mar 01, 2010 | 300 views


I believe this is a Bluetooth headset, have you tried replacing the batteries? If yes, try to delete the existing Bluetooth connection and try to create/add a new connection. 70% chance it will work, if not, the headsets need to be replaced.

Hope this helps.

Logitech Radio... | Answered on Apr 16, 2014 | 266 views

I personally owned this item, they were great until an inadvertant accident just slightly extended its coord a few days ago, greatly destroying all sound effects other than music. All you have to do to get yours to play sound out of the headset is go into the control panel option. from there, go to Sound. You will find that there are your speakers and your headset if plugged in. All you have to do is right click the headset icon and choose the option "Set as default device" or something to that nature. To be sure they are working properly, right click the icon again and hit the "Test" button, you should hear two jingles, each coming out of a distinguishable earphone. If you find your programs or internet pages not playing sound through your headset at first, simply close them and re-open them. I had the same problem and am now actively searching for my own 2nd pair to replace my poor broken ones =(. I hope my post helped you solve your problem. =)

Logitech Radio... | Answered on Nov 19, 2009 | 313 views

Yes, bluetooth is a standard and, in principle, you should be able to connect across brands. That's the reason why standards are made. so, just give it a try and let us know if there is problem :)

Logitech Radio... | Answered on Nov 18, 2009 | 121 views

Just in case you are referring to a hands free headset for cell phone and asking whether you can replace it with another, separate headset then the answer is yes.
You only need to set up the phone to accept a new Blue tooth device.

Logitech Radio... | Answered on Oct 29, 2009 | 125 views

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