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My Uniden walkie talkie keeps saying L very time I push a button

You've set the keylock feature on your walkie talkie. From the Uniden manual... KEYLOCK ON/OFF Press and hold the call/lock key until the "L" appears. After 1 second, the LCD will return to the channel display. To exit Keylock on mode, press and hold call/lock again. Note: While in keylock on mode, it will still receive transmissions.
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You can follow the link below for a complete listing of FRS/GMRS frequencies.


Bill B
5/12/2010 3:25:29 AM • Uniden... • Answered on May 12, 2010 • 205 views

Is there any place online I can get the

Certainly -- here's a link to the operating instructions for your radios:

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One will not keep batteries

The unit is drawing too much power.

Take the unit apart and look for any resistors that are bubbled clean any contact points in the unit with contact cleaner or the highest pcnt rubbing alchohol you can find let the unit dry completely (hair Dryer etc() then try if it still fails. One of the components in the unit failed and I would recommend replacing it.
1/16/2009 2:42:42 PM • Uniden... • Answered on Jan 16, 2009 • 96 views

Uniden GMR-1035 2-way radion, with advertised 10 mile range

The range estimates are inflated by every manufacturer I am familiar with.
Even with line-of-sight transmission, I have found none that meet the claimed distance under common circumstances.

If you have a friend who is a radio amatuer, you might let him crack the case on one to see if there are any adjustments that could be improved; an 'old dog' would be able to locate the right area in which to look and perhaps tweak something to improve either transmitted power (he should have an instrument that would monitor it for adujstment if not for actual measurement) or improve receiver sensitivity.

The factory is only concerned with function and cost, not performance.

That the Motorola meets its stated range doesn't surprise me; they were long one of the most ethical companies around.
I'm not sure of their honesty today since profit (or even survival) has become more important.
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I need a battery for UBC3000 please?

All questions need full 'make model (what it is)' or we guess. I see a number of UBC3000.

Uniden - UBC3000XLT Battery

Complete Battery Source https://www.completebatterysource.com > uniden-ubc... The Uniden - UBC3000XLT Nickel Metal Hydride (NIMH) battery is the perfect replacement battery at a great price! The Uniden - UBC3000XLT battery is ... Capacity: 1100 Length inches: 2.7 US$43.55
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Here is the wiring diagram for connecting a D104-M6B microphone to a Uniden 880 radio:
  • Shield: Connect to pin 1 of the microphone jack on the radio
  • White: Connect to pin 2 of the microphone jack on the radio
  • Red: Connect to pin 3 of the microphone jack on the radio
  • Black: Connect to pin 4 of the microphone jack on the radio
It's important to note that not all Uniden 880 radios are wired the same way. If you're unsure about the wiring on your specific radio, it's best to consult the manual or contact Uniden customer support for assistance.
2/26/2023 4:12:25 AM • Uniden Radio... • Answered on Feb 26, 2023 • 20 views

Uniden UBC370XLT Scanner. Hello, I am looking for a schematic diagram for a UBC370XLT. Does anyone have a copy or know where I might be able to get one please?

Question edited for clarity and add maker + (what it is). Question moved from Misc. You will have to contact Uniden direct. This search query should find it. The CLT model seems better known https://www.google.com/search?q=UBC370XLT+schematic More here including software https://www.google.com/search?q=%22UBC370XLT%22 ..
1/5/2023 2:36:14 AM • Uniden Radio... • Answered on Jan 05, 2023 • 25 views

Uniden 210 XLT. What modification to pick cell phone frequencies

Question edited into english. No modifications. The range is restricted and the calls are encrypted.
12/1/2022 4:28:40 AM • Uniden Radio... • Answered on Dec 01, 2022 • 35 views

How to wire a Superstar 507-5 microphone to a Uniden Washington base unit please?

It should just connect with the plug eBay states. This is a brand new Workman replacement omni-directional CB radio microphone. Features a 5-pin connector and a flexible coiled cord. Wiring:
  • Pin 1 - Audio
  • Pin 2 - Ground
  • Pin 3 - RX
  • Pin 4 - Common
  • Pin 5 - TX
  • Compatible Radios:
  • Cobra 90LTD
  • Cobra 140GTL
  • Cobra 142GTL
  • Cobra 148GTL
  • Cobra 148-F-GTL
  • Cobra 2000GTL
  • Cobra 2010
  • Uniden Washington
  • Uniden Grant XL
  • Uniden Madison
  • https://www.google.com/search?q=connect+Superstar+507-5+microphone+to+a+Uniden+Washington ..
    11/27/2022 9:08:36 PM • Uniden Radio... • Answered on Nov 27, 2022 • 26 views

    I just received a Uniden Bearcat handheld scanner model BCD325P2.

    all it can do is in the manual. 2015 made new. all those safety channels frequencies are regulator by FCC.gov and are published here they are, first google hit ,amazing. https://www.radioreference.com/db/browse/stid/12 keep in mind some 800MHz transmitters (gov) are encrypted trunking mode radios, (like police is) in my town text, the HAM band 2meters has full time weather brocast (I have HT and HF here) our RAD does 25mHZ to 900mHz bands all stated in the manual below. page 129 covers the public service bands starting at 758.0125 MH vhf and uhv is line if site comms so that is why there are so many stations. (broad casting) best is try the closet one first. a better antenna , is what to use. what kinds of safety data do you need, not told fire, police , amber alerts, weather, road reports, and lots more what you want not told. but you can find it if you google that, in clear simple text. for sure. by county is best. as it is line of site. police bands are trunked and have are networked sites to overcome line of site issues,. (magic) and is encrypted.(and ******* to hack btw) broadcast is site by site and 20 miles max (aprox) but station power in watts is prime there, and no 2 stations are the same, (rare) set the radio to scan them all , see what it finds.? be patient. or look up what you want googled. https://www.manualslib.com/manual/952528/Uniden-Bcd325p2.html?page=129#manual good luck and happy DX'ing.
    7/2/2022 3:06:23 PM • Uniden Radio... • Answered on Jul 02, 2022 • 94 views

    I have an Old Uniden BC760XLT scanner been sitting for months..now it Appears by the display To be Scanning,No Audio I've tried the internal/external speaker/recorder jack ..No Audio..any ideas?

    Probably has some leaky capacitors that stop it from working and just shows a display without tuning at all.
    7/6/2022 5:49:23 AM • Uniden Radio... • Answered on Jul 06, 2022 • 90 views

    How to setup a uniden BC75XLT BEARCAT?

    6/12/2022 11:17:03 PM • Uniden Radio... • Answered on Jun 12, 2022 • 84 views

    Astatic D104 T-UG8 base to Uniden President Washington 40 channel AM/SSB base radio.

    Question edited for clarity and funky punctuation. Check out the link https://www.google.com/search?q=Astatic+D104+T-UG8+base+to+Uniden+President+Washington ..
    5/17/2022 4:13:04 AM • Uniden Radio... • Answered on May 17, 2022 • 70 views

    Uniden scanner won't scan

    If your Uniden scanner won't scan, there are a few things you can do to try to fix the problem. The first thing you should do is check to make sure that the scanner is properly plugged into an outlet and your computer. If it is plugged in and still not scanning, try restarting your computer. If that doesn't work, you may need to update the scanner's software. You can download the latest software updates from Uniden's website.
    3/17/2022 4:52:11 AM • Uniden Radio... • Answered on Mar 17, 2022 • 201 views

    Uniden Bearcat 800 XLT Radio Scanner. What IC chip controls the display?

    Question edited for clarity and capitalization.Question moved from computers.Not controlled by an IC. There are some ideas in the link, but check the back of the display for a capacitor. If there is one replace it.https://www.google.com/search?q=uniden+800+xlt%2C+display+dim..
    3/11/2022 12:39:51 AM • Uniden Radio... • Answered on Mar 11, 2022 • 78 views

    Uniden bearcat scanner 800 xlt comes on but screen will not display

    Download a schematic from modsdk.com or radio reference.com.Then change the two regulators in the back left corner.Should be a 78mo5 and a 78mo9.THE 7805 is the one usually goes out.
    3/11/2022 12:32:25 AM • Uniden Radio... • Answered on Mar 11, 2022 • 831 views

    Uniden scanner won't unlock channels

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    Uniden scanner won't squelch

    Model number may help as there are many models using different settings.
    10/10/2021 3:13:17 PM • Uniden Radio... • Answered on Oct 10, 2021 • 142 views
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