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Migrate Entourage emails to Outlook 2010

Imap account have the options for transferring the data between several email clients. Or try this link: Entourge to Windows Outlook I hope this will help
2/1/2022 6:57:28 PM • Apple MacBook... • Answered on Feb 01, 2022

How can I view Jazz video on my mac Book

Try VLC media player; it plays many media types that Quicktime doesn't support. VideoLAN Official page for VLC media player the Open Source video...
9/17/2021 10:33:45 AM • Apple MacBook... • Answered on Sep 17, 2021

How do I fix the sound on my Macbook? Sound drivers or repairs or wha?

Turn on sound, plug in external powered speakers. It that does not solve the problem try posting exactly what is wrong with the sound on your MacBook.
12/8/2020 6:31:10 AM • Apple MacBook... • Answered on Dec 08, 2020

How do i download from iPhoto to a usb stick

hi Jo, if the size, quality, and the type of pic suits your needs do what kevin said, just copy, and paste it, but if the pic has to be altered to be compatible with the end use, do this While in iPhoto bring up the pic you want to transfer, click on file (in the bar at the top of the screen) choose "export", it will give you the option to change size, type, name, quality, etc.. when your done click on the export icon, and if your flash drive is plugged in it will come up as an option ;-)
1/16/2020 6:11:19 AM • Apple MacBook... • Answered on Jan 16, 2020

How can I get a required Cisco password?

get a required Cisco password is esay if you choose SPOTO. Best IT Certifications Online Exam IT Certs Dumps Questions Answers... cpotoclub??-rh3d3frtcjdphggehdwsvrza-2-2.png
10/16/2019 7:20:50 AM • Apple MacBook... • Answered on Oct 16, 2019

Repair Error Code -36

7/15/2019 6:56:20 AM • Apple MacBook... • Answered on Jul 15, 2019

How do i uninstall k9 mac os x

Don't uninstall K9 without a password. Open the System Preferences panel > Click the K9 Web Protection icon under the Other section at the bottom> Click the Uninstall button. for more help and guidance follow Apple Tech Support .
1/21/2019 9:43:55 AM • Apple MacBook... • Answered on Jan 21, 2019

MacBook Error 36

Error 36 means “I/O error” (input/output error) and does not explain what the cause of the problem is, sorry.

Check your Mac for bad blocks you can use Disk Utility.
5/22/2018 7:16:54 AM • Apple MacBook... • Answered on May 22, 2018

Error code 36

Error 36 is a connection error when trying to connect to a windows server.

3/29/2018 7:40:28 AM • Apple MacBook... • Answered on Mar 29, 2018

Change keychain password

go into system preferences/users/password (you will need the old password, if not it's over, format and new install)
3/23/2018 11:16:48 AM • Apple MacBook... • Answered on Mar 23, 2018

I have downloaded a MRL'mms' file that I chose

hello, you can make a right-clic on you're file and choose "informations".
you will have a choice "open with" :
two ways:
1 you want to read the file once with another program, choose it in the list.
2 you want to assign the program to this type of file, choose "other" and then point the program in the applications directory.
11/8/2017 3:05:35 AM • Apple MacBook... • Answered on Nov 08, 2017

How do you see your name and password when you make changes on parental conyrols

For better way to understand the technical details follow https://www.apple.com/uk/support/macbook/ because lot of system have different specification so for more help Mac Technical Support
12/1/2016 12:26:54 PM • Apple MacBook... • Answered on Dec 01, 2016

Antivirus for macbook

You have to run a virus checker that is compatible with Unix, you can't run anything off the shelf. A good one for MAC is called ClamWin. Its a free download. Go to www.cnet.com, click on the sidebar for Downloads, then type in ClamWin in the search box. Download it then run it. You can't tell if you have a virus unless you run a program that tells you that you do, so try clamwin.

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2/22/2016 9:03:11 PM • Apple MacBook... • Answered on Feb 22, 2016

Don't connect of the woozworld

2/15/2016 11:30:38 AM • Apple MacBook... • Answered on Feb 15, 2016

My laptop has suddenly frozen, i turned it off by

  1. Disconnect any devices connected to the computer including printers, hubs, and third-party keyboards or mice, and test the computer again by trying to turn it on.
  2. If you're using a MacBook or MacBook Pro, check the battery level. Press the small button on the battery or on the side of the computer. You should see lights indicating the battery's level of charge. If you see just one light blinking, the battery needs to be recharged. Use the computer with the adapter connected to recharge the battery.
  3. Unplug the power adapter from the electrical outlet and from the MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro. Wait one minute. Plug it back into the wall first, then to the computer. Make sure the electrical outlet is working by plugging in another device (such as a lamp). When you plug the adapter back into the computer, the power adapter LEDs should light up green or amber.
  4. Inspect the MagSafe port on the computer for debris, such as metal stuck to the magnet in the port, which might prevent the connector from seating properly. On the adapter side, look at the DC connector for dust or other debris and check whether pins are missing, bent, or stuck down. If you find any of these to be true, see Apple Portables: Troubleshooting MagSafe adapters for instructions on cleaning the adapter.
  5. Make sure you are using the adapter that was designed for your computer. If you aren't sure or if you need a new adapter, learn which adapter is appropriate for your computer.
  6. Press the control key, the command key, and the power button simultaneously and hold for three seconds to try to restart the computer.
  7. Reset the PRAM. After pressing the power button, hold down these keys simultaneously: Command-Option-P-R, until you hear the startup chime at least one additional time after the initial startup chime.
  8. Reset the SMC for the MacBook And MacBook Pro by removing the AC power, removing the battery and then holding down the power button for five seconds. On the MacBook Air, press (left) Shift-Control-Option along with the power button once. Note: You must use the keys on the left side of the MacBook Air keyboard.
  9. If you recently installed additional memory, make sure it is correctly installed and is compatible with your computer. Remove the new memory to see if the computer starts up properly without it.
The MacBook SMC Firmware Update v1.1 improves the MacBook's internal monitoring system and addresses issues with unexpected shutdowns. This update is recommended for all MacBook systems, including those that received warranty repair.
You can use the Software Update feature of System Preferences, or download the MacBook SMC Firmware Update v1.1 from Apple Software Downloads.
Note: If your MacBook is running Mac OS X 10.4.6, you won't be able to see the SMC Update until you update to Mac OS X 10.4.8. Once you have updated your system software, the SMC Update will appear as an option in Software Updates.
MacBooks running Mac OS X 10.4.7 will be able to download and install the SMC Update, so it is not essential that you update your system software, although Apple always recommends updating to the latest version of the system software.
If your MacBook is in a state where it will not remain on long enough to install the update, wait for the issue to reproduce itself. Once the MacBook has turned itself off, turn the computer on by holding the power button down. Keep the button down until you hear a single long tone. Once you hear the tone you can release the button, install the recommended updates, and restart normally.
10/23/2015 11:46:58 PM • Apple MacBook... • Answered on Oct 23, 2015

I have my AOL email setup in my Mac Mail app and

Yes. It's available only in IMAP. You'll have to live with it.
3/8/2015 1:10:38 PM • Apple MacBook... • Answered on Mar 08, 2015

Movie stuck n apple macbook

Hi I assume you are saying there is a disc stuck inside your machine? • Have you tried: using the eject button located upper right on your keyboard? Hold it down for 4-5 seconds. • dragged the Disc-image to the trash? • if this fails you can try using the Disc tool located in your Applications folder. • If all else fails, try restarting the machine while holding down the mouse button. This will eject discs. After the disc is ejected let go of the mouse button and the machine starts normally. • If even this fails you will have to try manually - the "straighten paper-clip method" There is a mechanical lever at the very side of the hole where you insert the disc that can be used to push the disc out. I would reccomend to check your manual for further instructions on this. Hope this helps
2/16/2015 3:13:54 PM • Apple MacBook... • Answered on Feb 16, 2015

All I see is an Apple logo with the 'thinking'

Try this: log in to single user mode by holding command-s when you power it on. You should see it boot into a command line screen, black with white letters.
type in the following:
/sbin/fsck -y
then enter... This will error check the hard drive and fix any errors if it finds them.
If it won't boot into single user mode, hold option when you start it and see if you have any choices of startup discs - if not, you might have a bad hard drive; on the other hand, if you hear the drive spinning, but it's not allowing you to boot from it, a re-install might be in order.
Best of Luck!

1/6/2015 9:16:35 PM • Apple MacBook... • Answered on Jan 06, 2015

Cant open a current gb file sitting in the dock area

Hi Mark, need a bit more info on this one... not sure what a "gb" file is, perhaps you could do a 'Show in Finder', right click (or opt. click) on it a try 'Open With' and see what app choices you get? Cheers, John
1/4/2015 3:40:36 PM • Apple MacBook... • Answered on Jan 04, 2015

Locked out of macbook air 2010 forgot username

Boot holding down the Option Key, Select Recovery Mode, when you select languish, click Windows on the top menu bar and select Terminal. Once Terminal opens, type resetpassword. You will then see a pop up window. Select Hard Drive, select USER that pops up in login screen, change the password, click save, then restart. Once your in the login screen, type the new password and your in. For all other locks (EFI / iCloud) go to www.iunlockefi.com
1/4/2015 11:11:37 AM • Apple MacBook... • Answered on Jan 04, 2015
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