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E machine E525 how to check amount of memory used

Right-click My Computer/Computer and go to Properties, should show available/in use RAM. Alternatively you can hit control alt delete and look at Task Manager.
1/29/2015 3:29:05 AM • E-Machines T5212... • Answered on Jan 29, 2015

Why is my mouse stuck

Need a new mouse, is defective. Before you go and buy new one, please use it on another USB port and see what happens. But most likely it will required you buy a new one. If you need further help, I’m available over the phone at https://www.6ya.com/expert/yordan_0946180d068c57d5
1/6/2015 11:59:17 AM • E-Machines T5212... • Answered on Jan 06, 2015

NTLDR is missing

Check your setup settings (BIOS) to make sure your booting from the correct drive. If the computer is trying to boot from the cd drive or USB, rather than the hard drive, you will receive this error message.
11/19/2014 3:14:54 AM • E-Machines T5212... • Answered on Nov 19, 2014

I need to down load the emachines t5212 complete

Remove the CMOS battery again and WAIT 20 MINUTES. Then restore the CMOS battery and try again.
7/13/2014 10:16:35 PM • E-Machines T5212... • Answered on Jul 13, 2014

T5212 making fan grinding sound possibly from heatsink fan?

In My Humble Opinion, Heather, YOU can fix anything in your computer.You have replaced a Power Supply, and added a graphics card.1) The eMachines T5212 Desktop PC uses an Intel D102GGC2 motherboard,http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813121031The motherboard supports an LGA 775 processor socket,http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGA_775Instead of the processor having the contact pins, as in the older Intel Pentium 4 processors (Socket 478), the LGA 775 processor socket has the contact pins.http://www.pcworld.com/product/29441/emachines-t5212.htmlAfter the page fully loads click on the third view down, and the left side. This inside view shows the black rounded air duct, used on the processor fan.Here is a replacement Heatsink/Fan combo,http://www.cputopia.com/emachine-fan-t-series-t5212.htmlIt looks as though the unit comes apart. (unscrews)If so you can just replace the fan itself.IF not however, it means the finned aluminum Heatsink, AND fan remove.In this case you have to THOROUGHLY clean the top of the Processor, and bottom of the Heatsink, and apply Thermal Paste properly.I can guide you.[ I know you have been following the proper procedures, but I would hate to learn later that you haven't been, and I didn't post;Follow Anti-Static PrecautionsYour body carries Static electricity. Static WILL fry out (Short Circuit), the delicate hardware components inside a computer.Relieve your body of Static BEFORE working on your computer, or before taking those parts out of their anti-static bags, or cartons.Computer on a table, computer Unplugged from power, computer case open;TOUCH an unpainted surface, of the metal frame of the open computer case.This action will relieve your body of Static.IF you leave your computer in the middle of working on it, be SURE to Touch the metal frame again upon your return ]Be sure to clean in-between the fins of the Heatsink, before installing the new fan.Know you need to get a new computer?Only if it fits your needs.For myself it is internet, Youtube, Adobe Photoshop 7, and office programs.My Pentium 4 HT, model 540j, (3.2GHz), 2GB's of ram memory, and an ATI Radeon 9250, does just fine.If you are a gamer, and/or use 3D programs, and/or burn videos, then more 'power' is needed. IMHO.Windows 7? Windows 8? Yeah, whatever. I have Win7 on my new laptop. Perhaps one day Windblows will catch up with Ubuntu and the Compiz windows manager, lol!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRAcskPNof4&feature=relatedFor additional questions please post in a Comment.Regards,joecoolvettehttp://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/d102ggc2/sb/CS-022441.htmIntel Desktop Board D102GGC2 Product Guide - English (PDF) = Motherboard manual in PDF file form. (Adobe Reader uses PDF files)
4/14/2013 5:58:35 AM • E-Machines T5212... • Answered on Apr 14, 2013

Emachines laptop e525 mouse pad not working at all

Look at the middle cover (above the keyboard). there are two buttons that touch the power switch, the one to the left enables/disables the touchpad. If it shows an orange light it is disabled. Just press it, and be careful not to hit it when turning unit on.
2/11/2013 2:43:26 AM • E-Machines T5212... • Answered on Feb 11, 2013

Power button faulty

Can you remove the front cover, access the rear of the button, clean, use silicon spray/ repair. Sometimes the plastic retainer/spring will break and not return the button to the out position.
12/13/2012 1:50:24 AM • E-Machines T5212... • Answered on Dec 13, 2012

Sata harddrive installation

from what i know, consensus of hard disks are plug and play meaning they won't need a driver to be installed because it automatically installs during startup.
11/19/2012 2:06:24 AM • E-Machines T5212... • Answered on Nov 19, 2012

Put in new power supply. not sure of wiring

If my sources are correct, (Haven't worked on one in my shop yet), the eMachines T5212 desktop computer uses an Intel D101GGC2 motherboard.

The Intel D101GGC motherboard is Very similar,


Motherboard Manual - left-click on English Product Guide [PDF], in blue.

Give a few seconds for the first page to come up, (Took 6 seconds for me), and for the PDF file to fully download, before looking through it. (Took 24 seconds for me)

1) Did you make sure the 24 -pin ATX main power cable, is plugged in tight?
Lock on the side is snapped in place?
Page 42.

Closer look at a 24-pin ATX main power cable, and it's respective connector,


2) Did you plug in the 4-pin ATX +12 Volt power cable?


Page 42
That's power for the Intel Pentium D model 805 processor.


Are the cables (Wires) from the Front Panel of the computer, plugged in correctly into the Front Panel header on the motherboard?
Page 37

Are you sure the DDR2 Sdram ram memory module/s (Stick/s) are plugged in tight?

The best method is to remove it, or them, and reinstall.
This way you are assured.

Most of the time a ram memory module, or more than one, will be bumped loose when installing a Power Supply.
5/6/2012 2:49:12 PM • E-Machines T5212... • Answered on May 06, 2012

I hear two beeps when i conect power suply on my emachine t5212 model

Very sorry about your son. If you can't find the real problem, you can always put that hard drive into another PC to get the files. If so, be sure to looking to a potential "jumper" setting on that drive for it to be recognized.
5/5/2012 7:22:33 PM • E-Machines T5212... • Answered on May 05, 2012

Hi i have took the

It is possible that the cable is not making a good connection, make sure it is snug and that you have it facing the correct way. You may need to get a new cable. I hope this helped. Good luck and have a good day.
6/25/2011 5:36:49 AM • E-Machines T5212... • Answered on Jun 25, 2011

Hi there. My entire

I think it's a driver problem. Do the following;
1. Open "Control Panel" 2. Expand the "Mice and Other Pointing Device" 3. Uninstall your Touchpad from the menu by right-clicking on it. 4. After that, right-click on "Mice and Other Pointing Device" 5. Click "Scan for Hardware Changes" and it wait for your computer to automatically ddetect your touchpad and reinstall it.
Try using the touchpad.
6/5/2011 1:52:52 PM • E-Machines T5212... • Answered on Jun 05, 2011

I have a emachines desk top computer keep getting

The blue screen will have a ton of data with it, as they can be caused by many things from hardware failure to a virus.
Gather as much information as you can from the BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) and post it as a reply to this post.
2/24/2011 1:34:25 PM • E-Machines T5212... • Answered on Feb 24, 2011

Can this emachines T5212 have 4 gb of ram?

its FREE and it gives you detailed instructions on your PC. Go to the Memory tab and it should tell you exactly if it has 4GB of RAM or less
2/19/2011 7:13:25 PM • E-Machines T5212... • Answered on Feb 19, 2011

Blue screen crash

Hi there, I'm afaid the only fix for this issue is if you reinstall windows...
I am sorry for your loss... Regards, Finphillips
2/5/2011 4:24:35 PM • E-Machines T5212... • Answered on Feb 05, 2011

Shuts down on boot up

hi sir,

Does it just shuts down or it reboots?
If it shuts down this type of problems can be resolved by scanning the computer for a virus or
using the Windows Repair Disks. During boot if you can hit F8 and use safemode with command and prompt.

1 Type CHKDSK/F then hit enter
2 Press Y then hit Enter then reboot to see if this works.

If it reboots while booting up then.

Other things that might be preventing the computer to boot up most likely is the memory.
Take out the memory put it on a different slot or try a new memory.
Also make sure that the power supply fans are not dirty this prevents the computer to bootup.
2/1/2011 3:20:20 AM • E-Machines T5212... • Answered on Feb 01, 2011

Touch Pad on emachine 350 not working everything

I've just had the same problem.
Have you tried pressing [Fn] and F7?
This enables/disables Toughpad function.
1/15/2011 9:33:49 AM • E-Machines T5212... • Answered on Jan 15, 2011
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