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Keypad drains batteries rapidly

keypads on average have a battery life expectancy of 3-5 years depending on the usage , if your garage is a main thouroughfare like so many homes are they will last for 1-2 years , so what i would sugest is use top grade duracell batterys for this keypad and also check your keypad at nighttime just to see if the pad is lit up , generally when you use it it will stay lit for approx20-30 seconds and shut off , if one of the rubber keys are warped and are stuck from heavy usage ,you would never notice it and your lights in the keypad can be running day and night , thats why i ask you to check it at night! if the lights are off when you approach it then this would not be the issue but it,s one way to find out what,s causing your batteries to run down so fast ,I would definetly try that first Forrest , 2-3 weeks is unheard of and you might even be able to get a replacement from the manufactuer for being possibly defective , Hope i was able to help you with some idea,s Forrest and if you thought i was helpful please leave me a nice rating Sincerely Glenn Mayer
11/25/2022 7:15:43 PM • Sears Craftsman... • Answered on Nov 25, 2022

Craftsman Garage Door remotes do not work. 139.663953

On the rear of your motor unit near where all those white wires go you will find the smart/learn button. Hold the button down on your remote and press and immediately release the smart/learn button. Do this with all your remotes.
11/23/2022 2:08:50 PM • Sears Craftsman... • Answered on Nov 23, 2022

I have a liftmaster 102-1499A 03/2006 and

The code for the LED flashing 5 times is " Motor overheated or possible RPM sensor failure. Unplug to reset".
The RPM sensor is a small printed circuit just in front of the motor.

If the flashing is the main light and it is flashing 10 times then it is a door sensor problem. Make sure the are pointed at one another.

11/23/2022 1:20:00 AM • Sears Craftsman... • Answered on Nov 23, 2022

I have a Liftmaster Professional

It sure could be the capacitor. The symptoms are right for a bad capacitor.
5/11/2022 6:06:58 PM • Sears Craftsman... • Answered on May 11, 2022

Craftsman new 315MHz Garage door remote programming with old openers

The radio frequency has been changed so the two are not compatible.
1/31/2022 11:16:10 PM • Sears Craftsman... • Answered on Jan 31, 2022

I have a sears model

Your opener is very old and I'm positive you can no longer get the remotes. You might look into one of these.

Craftsman - Model #00953751000

It is a universal remote and receiver that operates on the new frequency and has the rolling code feature.

9/27/2021 8:33:02 PM • Sears Craftsman... • Answered on Sep 27, 2021

Sears garage door opener

I just found the solution for my 'ancient' Sears garage door opener, model # 139.655000, and I figured I'd share it.

There's a separate radio module, wired to the main opener. This module is small, has a short wire/antenna, and plugs directly into an outlet.

There's a manual open/close button on this module (I didn't realize this until I got up on a ladder). This button is also a removable cover; underneath it is a "smart actuate" button -- this is your learn button.

What I did was: unplug the radio module. Pry off the cover. Plug the radio module back in. Hold down the button on the remote. Press the "smart actuate" button. This programmed my remote successfully!
9/27/2021 8:24:44 PM • Sears Craftsman... • Answered on Sep 27, 2021

I have a Lift-Master Model 1245 opener with

This is a very unusual problem you have. The only thing I can think of is trying a different light bulb or try unplugging the opener and removing the light bulb. Pull out slightly on the center contact of the socket. I am thinking some arcing is causing this problem.
9/26/2021 5:22:17 PM • Sears Craftsman... • Answered on Sep 26, 2021

I have a craftsman garage opener and my lock won't work

The wireless keypad should work but the remotes should not. I suspect a bad wall control but there is a possibility of a bad logic board. If you have a neighbor with a 3 button wall control see if they will let you borrow it to eliminate that problem. Just make sure you note which wire goes where on the back of the control. They are color coded.
8/28/2021 3:15:38 PM • Sears Craftsman... • Answered on Aug 28, 2021

I can't even tell if my G5417 has a receiver for the new remote

Can you explain what it is you are trying to do and who makes the opener?
4/1/2020 9:23:34 PM • Sears Craftsman... • Answered on Apr 01, 2020

Automatic Doorman model 455 learn button location?

The button should be on the back of the motor unit. You may have to remove a light lens to find it.
3/26/2020 10:05:39 PM • Sears Craftsman... • Answered on Mar 26, 2020

14LG343B Door opener wireless keypac code

How can I find out the correct settings for this blue relay?
3/8/2020 2:47:30 PM • Sears Craftsman... • Answered on Mar 08, 2020

Light does not come on when I open/close door, not the bulb

Good Morning:

I also substituted Floescent Bulbs for the standard bulbs. The bulbs would not light up although the relay was working. It seemed that the Florescent bulbs had a somewhat shorter neck. What I did was unplug the drive system from the outlet and then bend the metal connector in the socket so that it would come out further towards the opening of the socket. I then repluged the drive. The Floercent bulbs now have contact and are working perfectly. Simple problem with a simple solution.

10/9/2019 9:55:30 PM • Sears Craftsman... • Answered on Oct 09, 2019


This is the most difficult question to answer because technologies and frequencies have changed and there is not a good way to check. If you program the opener to this remote and your other remotes quit working or if it will not program at all then you know the answer.
7/16/2019 4:55:56 PM • Sears Craftsman... • Answered on Jul 16, 2019

Is the Craftsman 139.53681B remote compatible w/ 139.53753 remote

They have changed the radio frequency and the two will not work with each other.
7/16/2019 4:55:21 PM • Sears Craftsman... • Answered on Jul 16, 2019

Cannot find compatable keyless entry

The keypad listed for your model is 53876. If this is the keypad you presently have and the remote no longer works after you program the keypad it could be the remote that is bad. Sounds strange but it is true. Make sure you are programming the keypad like this.

Locate the smart/learn button on the rear of the motor unit near where all those white wires go. Press and immediately release this and then walk over to the keypad and key in any 4 digit code you like and press enter.

7/16/2019 4:52:56 PM • Sears Craftsman... • Answered on Jul 16, 2019

I have a craftsman opener model 139.53513 and I

The remote you got is billion code technology and will not work with your opener.
7/16/2019 4:51:10 PM • Sears Craftsman... • Answered on Jul 16, 2019

I have a Sears Craftsman

You got the wrong keypad for your opener. Be careful who you buy from.
7/16/2019 4:46:50 PM • Sears Craftsman... • Answered on Jul 16, 2019

Light will not come on when you walk into the

To have your lights come on automatically when you walk into an open garage you must START with the lights ON. To turn the feature on, turn the lights on manually with the wall switch, then press and hold the LIGHT button for about 10 seconds until the motor unit light bulbs flash.

Now, if the light bulbs are on, manually turn them out and then walk out through the open door. The light bulbs should come on.

To disable this feature, start with the light bulbs OFF and everything else is the same.
6/14/2019 8:39:44 AM • Sears Craftsman... • Answered on Jun 14, 2019

Liftmaster garage door intermittent power loss

I had the same problem. Although it appeared to be the logic board, on mine it actually was the connectors between the logic board and the power supply board.
There are 2 connections on the logic board. One white connector with wires going to the main unit, and another set of connectors that plug directly into the smaller circuit board that holds the step-down transformer (120vac - 22vac). These pins were not making good connection between the boards. I simply bent the pins slightly so they would make better contact on the logic board and have not had a problem since. This must be a weak point on these door openers. Purchasing a new logic board would work too, as the connectors are newer and tighter.
5/28/2019 5:23:27 PM • Sears Craftsman... • Answered on May 28, 2019
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