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You need to insert the key and turn it clockwise, then insert a stiff metal tool like a straightened out heavy paper clip into the hole on the shaft of the lock by the circular flange next to the door. Push it in until you feel it give and pull out on the handle at the same time. If you need more help please contact me.
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hole in the door is interfering with the lock operation
realign the handles and relieve any pressure points

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yes it can but it requireas a professional tool - takes just a few minuted to pop it in, turn it upside down and pop it back in.

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Kwikset locks are inexpensive because they do not have replaceable parts. Buy a new one.

By the time the lock breaks, it's probably time to get different keys, but if you have so many keys in the hands of people you cannot contact, or you have more than three other locks keyed alike, and you must have the new lock work with the same keys as before, the place where you buy new locks probably has someone who can rekey the new lock to your old keys. Kwikset also sells locks that you can rekey to other Kwikset keys yourself. They are more expensive than other locks of the same type, but could save money long term, especially if you find a need to rekey your locks a lot (lots of visitors, part-time tenants or roommates, your kids lose their keys a lot, etc.)

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If you don't know how to open a lock cylinder in your hand, you probably should take it to a professional locksmith. They don't charge much to rekey a lock that you bring into the shop, and they can usually do it in under ten minutes. Twelve minutes if you don't bring a key that can open it.

That said, you can open it by shimming with a key blank and a shim, bumping with a bump key, removing the slide or top of the cylinder, picking with a pick, pick gun, or electric pick, key picking it, using tryout keys, rapping it open with a hammer handle, or simply wiggling every old key you can find in it until it either turns or you run out of old keys.

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I've heard of this problem happening. Whenever the key is changed, check it several times before locking the door. If you have keys duplicated, the duplicates must be very accurate or they might not work reliably. Difficult to know what causes this, unless someone is tampering with the lock, or resetting it improperly. Or could be defective cylinders - which would be disappointing. Pin-tumbler cylinders do not have this problem, it's something unique to Kwikset

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Sounds to me like your tail piece is not working. Either one of 2 things happened. You either missed the slot for the tail piece or it broke on you while trying to operate. If the lock is new then it could be either of those problems. If the lock is old then you could have a malfunction in the lock from years of wear and tear. Remove your lock from the door and inspect everything and make sure it works properly. Put your key in the core with it removed and see what you get. If it works properly then it could be a problem in your plunger. Test every part of the lock while you have it out of the door to see if you can figure out what the problem is.

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The post that it fits onto has a specific shape (it will only fit on one way). Actually there are two that need to line up if I remember right.

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It sounds like the exterior tumbler is bad, it is less expensive to just replace the whole deadbolt than to have the tumbler repaired.

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Unfortunatley you need to have the key to remove the cylinder. You can take it to a locksmith that can pick" it to remove the cylinder and make you a key but it may be more cost effective to replace it.

Sorry not to be mre help.

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  • Hi, I can help you. While you have a Kwikset doorknob most door knobs come in two forms. Since you cannot see where to tighten the screws or how to get the knob off I would like you to watch this video. You did not list what model number of lock you have but the way kwiksets are mad are relatively the same mechanically.

  • I normally don't post video's but I think you will benefit from being able to see it. I can explain it just as well but not sure if you catch what I am saying.

  • Hope this helps and thank you for using FixYa.

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You want to loosen and take out the screws and remove the key side of the door handle and turn it 180 degrees and reinstall it. Now when you do this you will have to rotate the tang 180 degrees also so the inside lines up. The tang is that little bar that runs the length of the door handle.

Regards, Tony

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On the inside side of the door knob, there is a decorative plate. Depending on which model door knobs you have, it is held on with a "set-screw" that might require an allen-wrench (looks like an 8-sided tool; usually in an L-shape), or just simply a screw driver, to loosen and remove it. Once you take the decorative plate off, there will be two very obvious screws that hold both sides (inside and outside) of the door knob together. Tighten these screws to tighten your knobs, then put the decorative plates back on again.

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on the inside of the door look on the bottom of the lock cover. There should be a hole with a screw or allen head screw. Remove the screw and you can access the the rest of the lock.

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Frequently, you can purchase pared entry sets at the Ace Hardware or other fine retail hardware store ... or they can be special ordered for you if you need more than two. My preference is to support the local hardware store ... however, you should know that some of the so called BIG BOX stores can do this service for you for a fee. And of course, the lock smith in your town can perform all kinds of magic with your locks, like creating a Master Key system. One key for you roe everything, a different key for the milk man and cleaning lady, a individual key for every bedroom and closet, special key for the garage and shed etc.

Thanks for your question.

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Hi, W/D here.
Kwikset has basically two styles of cover plates.
If you are on the locking side of the door and facing the knob you'll either see two screw heads (one on either side of the knob), or you see only the cover plate.
It sounds like you have the cover plate type. Here's how to get to the screws:
1. Feel the underside of the knob, and you'll feel a slot with a tab sticking through it.
2. With a fine bladed screwdriver, press the tab up into the slot, and pull the knob towards you.
3. With the door knob off, look around the edge of the trim ring for a screw driver slot. Insert the screw driver and gently pry the trim ring up.
4. You're there!
5. Re-assembly is in the reverse order. When you go to put the knob back on, you'll probably have to use the screw driver to push in the tab as you slide the knob back on.
Best regards, --W/D--

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If you can post a picture of the old lock ( both sides ), I will be happy to advise you on the removal of it.

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The art of Master Keying is far too complex to post as an answer in here. I assume you have experience with re pinning locks. There are HUNDREDS of books available on the subject, although where you buy it from may require you to provide a locksmith license in order to buy.

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