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i forgot my combination to my 15115 sandleford safe how do i open it

Sentry Fireproof... • Answered 3 days ago

There is a lock and there is a latch.
You can latch the safe without locking it and unlocking it does not unlatch it.

After you unlock it, then you must press up on the spring loaded latch while (this important) pressing down on the cover to releast the pressure on the latch hook, allowing it to move out of the way. After the latching hook is out of the way, you can release the pressure on the lid and it will open. You can't see the latch hook as it drops down from the lid, into the front wall of the safe where it engages a post, but perhaps you can imagine what it looks like.

Mine will not unlatch, even though it is unlocked, unless I press down on the lid to give it clearance first. There is quite a bit of spring in the plastic that this safe is constructed out of. It works against you when you try to open it and close it.

I can take digital photos of the mechanism if this description does not help.

Another Gary

Sentry Fireproof... • Answered on Feb 06, 2021

Try the factory code shown at the front of your manual. You can find the a user manual on the Sentry website.

Sentry Fireproof... • Answered on Jan 07, 2021


I am a Safe Specialist i have been reading some of your problems and this should help there is no code if you have lost yours only the default code for the model 1610 the default code is: 77,22,09,11,64 try that if you havent changed it and with this problem with people not getting the handle open with the green light happening i suspect this is a issue with the lock mechanism i have had many of the same problems with people bringing them in when you get you safe open it and where the lock is put some lubricate on the lock regulary as the lock sticks and wont open if you havent done this then you cannot get it open see you local safe specialist and tell them what i have said and they may or may not be able to get your safe open i hope this has helped Rob Safe Specialist World.

Sentry Fireproof... • Answered on Nov 19, 2020

Try new batterys ,also sometimes if too full ,you will have to hit it hard to get the stuff off the lock bars that keep them from moving .

Sentry Fireproof... • Answered on Nov 11, 2020

I have cracked many codes by just feel and using the lever to feel the drop! The first right turn after three complete revolutions of the dial has one long pause and the rest short! After the long pause is the first in the combination, the left one same thing after one complete revolution, then right again pulling the lever down every drop meticulously. DONE!

Sentry Fireproof... • Answered on Oct 20, 2020

I can’t open my h060 sentry safe the joy is inside and can’t remember combination

Sentry Fireproof... • Answered on Sep 13, 2020

Hi I have a Sure Safe electronic key pad safe, i have owned for about 5 years we have moved house and it was placed in storage.
For the life of me i can not remember the code i have tried endless times !! is there a way to get in or do i take it to a professional.

Sentry Fireproof... • Answered on Jul 02, 2020

You'll need to go here:


There is no "default code", but they do keep the serial number and code on file, for just this purpose.

Sentry Fireproof... • Answered on Sep 08, 2019

Locksmiths agree there might not be a serial# but there is a key # Sentry Safes Keys. Lost your Sentry safe keys. just note your key #(on lock) It's above the keyhole example 3J2, C003B, H,

Sentry Fireproof... • Answered on Aug 20, 2019

If ya close and dont have a key or know the combination yer never gunna be able to open it again and you'll be really stuffed.

Sentry Fireproof... • Answered on Apr 05, 2019

3 Digit Combination Lock

  1. NOTE: If your safe DOES NOT have a key, skip Step 3.
  2. Turn the dial to zero.
  3. Insert your key and turn it until the plunger pops out.
  4. Turn the dial to the left (counterclockwise) three times to the first number of the combination (pass the first number of your combination two times, stopping on it the third time).
  5. Turn the dial to the right (clockwise) two times to the second number of the combination (pass your second number once, stopping on it the second time).
  6. Turn the dial to the left to the last number (stop the first time on your last number).
  7. Pull the handle down; the door should open.
If this still does not open the safe, refer to the following page for additional different types of Sentry Safe models:


Sentry Fireproof... • Answered on Mar 05, 2019

The operating instructions on the ES20 as per the crappy manual:

Open safe using emergency key provided

Insert batteries in the box inside the door

Opening the safe
a. pre-set factory code 159
b. input 159 (the yellow light will flash and the buzzer will beep), then press B or A button, the green light will be on, rotate the knob clockwise, pull outwards, the door is opened

Closing the safe: close the door, input the code (the green light will flash for 5 secs). Turn the knob anti clockwise, the control system will activate and the safe will be locked

Changing the code: open the safe, press the red button located inside the door, the yellow light will go on indicating the code can be changed. Input the new code (1-8 digits), then press A or B button, it shall be confirmed by two beeps indicating the new code has been accepted and stored. If the yellow light and buzzer beeps 3 times the code is invalid - try again

Emergency Key - store in secure place NOT inside the safe. Remove the override cover in the centre of the face of Safe (its a silver plastic panel with Sandleford Electronic Safe ES20 on it), insert override key (a cyclinder key) - hidden underneath the override cover panel - and turn anti clockwise, rotate the knob clockwise to open door

Changing the Battery - If the red and green light are on this indicates that the batteries are low and require changing. To ensure the batteries have been installed correctly test before closing the door

1. Operating instructions EA Electronic Safe
2. http://www.secustar.com/products-en/estype-safe.htm

Sentry Fireproof... • Answered on Feb 12, 2019

If you repeatedly get an error code when entering your combination I would first ask if your batteries recently went all the way dead ? If yes then possible that the data for your combination was lost. In your user manual for your safe is a factory code for your safe. If you did not change your factory code when you set up your safe then this will work to get you into your safe. If you did change the factory code and do mot have that number either then the only way to get into your safe is to contact Sentry Safe customer ssrvice. They will be able to take care of you but it is a process.

Sentry Fireproof... • Answered on Oct 24, 2018

If you know the combination:

1) Turn the dial to the left a few complete rounds, then stop on 1st number.
2) Turning the dial to the right, pass up the 2nd number once, then stop on it on the next round.
3) Turn the dial to the left directly to the 3rd number then stop.

The handle should open now.

Sentry Fireproof... • Answered on May 23, 2018

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