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Okay the problem could be either with your computer or the external drive the first thing you need to do is try the external drive on another computer a friend's or someone's and see if it shows the files if it does not show the files on an another computer as well as your current computer then I suspect the problem is with the drive this is common especially if these drives have dropped or taking a file or gotten old if the drive is clicking and not spinning that's a big problem if the drive is spinning and you can hear it spin but it's not showing up on the computer there may be a different issue you may need to look towards data recovery for that external drive that's the best I can tell you at this time and based on the information you've given best of luck

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The usb port probably needs to be re-attached to the board, it would likely with have to be soldered.

You may also be able to remove the actual drive from the external enclosure, look online for info on that.

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I'm not familiar with Carbonite but can't see why you couldn't use it to backup your new drive provided your PC just sees out as an ordinary (if external) drive. As for USB compatibility, the USB specification is backward compatable so your drive should work fine, if slower, when connected to a USB 1.0 port.

Hope that helps.

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Check the HDD on a different USB port. It there is still problem, try that with a different computer. If it still shows this issue, try changing the USB cable. If the issue persist, its your HDD.

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I believe a 12VDC at 2 amps would work but contact Segate to be sure.

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Here's one case. They're not terribly scarce, but not found just everywhere, either.

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465.66 x 1024 x 1024 x 1024 = 499,998,617,764 bytes. The problem is the definition of gigabytes.

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buy new one.....

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search in ebay website...

thank you...

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The software that you are trying to install has not been verified for use with Windows 7.
It was verified for use with XP and 32-bit-Vista.

Look on SeaGate's web-site for an updated version of the software that will be compatible with Windows 7.

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Okay , so there are some steps to figure out what is wrong with your external.

Firstly , if your computer makes a sound when you plug in your external , go to Start-Control Panel-Administrative Tools-Computer Management-Disk Management , and see if your external drive is listed here with your local drives. If it is listed , right click on the drive and change the drive letter to make it appear in "my computer".

If your drive does not make a connection sound when connecting to your computer and also does not show up , please follow the next step.

Remove the hard drive from the casing if possible and install it in your computer case or another external case.If the drive works , the problem is with the casing and you can ignore the drive.

Now , if the problem is with the casing , there are still 3 possibilities.

  1. The USB cable between the drive and the computer may be damaged.
  2. The circuit board which connects your drive to the interface of the external may be blown.
  3. The power supply (if applicable) may have a blown transformer.
The latter is the easiest to diagnose , does your external light up at all when you plug in the power? If not , then this is probably your problem. On the bottom of the adapter is a label which you will be able to use to have a new adapter made at your local electronics shop and this will cost about $30 max. They will also be able to test the adapter with a clamp meter to see if this is really the problem and this should be free.

The second component you want to test is the USB cable. If you have a printer , swop out the cables and see if your printer functions normally. Most externals use the same connector so you should be able to test it in this manner. If the cable works go on to the last step. If the cable is defective , replace it with a new one which you can find for about $10 at most electronics and chain stores.

The last component to test is the circuit board. This is a bit of a grey zone as you probably won't be able to spot the blown component unless it failed really badly. With the casing already opened , locate the external's circuit board and check to see if you have any blackened components or fluids leaking from some components. If all the other components of the external worked perfectly , then this is the faulty part. It is not really economical to replace the circuit as most of the time it is out of production by the time you need to replace it and it still costs a lot even if it is available so if your drive is working perfectly when connected via sata or IDE on your computer , the best is to buy a new casing and place your old drive in the new casing.

A casing costs about $50 and you could get it at most tech shops and big chain stores like Best Buy.

I hope this solves your problem and please reply if you need more help.

Kind Regards

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The links below will help you assign a drive let to the drive.

How to change your drive letter in Windows Vista and Windows 7

How to change your drive letter in Windows XP

Let me know if you have any more problems or questions


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Restore ur hardware & software configuration will fix ur problem and u might b use reginout to fix ur problem

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Your PC is trying to boot from your external hard/flash drive.

You have to change the boot order in the bios. While booting what the screen, you'll see a message "Select F2 for boot or DEL/F10 for setup"

Go for the setup option, this will take you into the bios. Read the instructions carefully, you need to change to boot order, choose CD for 1, HDD0 for 2 anything you like for third. Press F10 to save and exit. Your
PC should now boot properly.

Or, as its just a flash drive, don't plug it in until your PC has booted.

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First check the bios setting and see which device is your default booting.

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Try using the device on another PC & see if it works. if it does then you have a issue with your PC. whast the OS you are using? also try another USB port.

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shut down the PC. Restart it and reconnect the Seagate. The HDD should Work .

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Download "Testdisk & PhotoRec 6.10" from
and follow the instructions. TestDisk is a powerful data recovery utility. It was primarily designed to help recover lost partitions and/or make non-booting disks bootable again when these symptoms are caused by faulty software, certain types of viruses or human error (such as accidentally erasing your Partition Table).
Once you install the program, you can find step-by-step instructions in google. This program is really easy to use and will fix your hdd.

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is the power frequency different out in india, it's not just the voltages you have to watch!

If you can remove the hard drives and use a usb interface to connect them then software like filescavanger will recover files providing the hard spins up ok.

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I doubt that iTunes really moved/reorganized files on your computer.

iTunest may have created its own "Table Of Contents", presenting a "view" of all your files.

Open "My Computer" and open your external hard-drive.
The files should be in "your" order.

Open "My Documents". Open "My Music".
The files should be in "your" order.

If iTunes really did "reorganize" your files, there's no way to "go back", because "Windows System Restore" does not automatically created time-stamped backups of your 'My Documents' folder (nor of any external disk-drive -- where would it put that much data???).

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