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Hi my sansa shaker wont play music

The Sansa Shaker ONLY plays MP3's, I downloaded a bunch of .wma files and kept getting the uh-oh so I put on an mp3 I had a voila! it played. Bummer though. Guess I gotta figure out how to convert my music files for my daughter, or pitch this thing and buy one that will play any media file.
7/23/2022 4:23:30 PM • SanDisk Sansa... • Answered on Jul 23, 2022

Can not download songs

Right click on song name, select properties to find out what kind of songs you have

Need to find an mp3 converter software from internet - they are probably illegal, and i don't know of any free ones
1/4/2021 6:31:33 AM • SanDisk Sansa... • Answered on Jan 04, 2021

My shaker does not play all of the loaded songs.

I had the same problem. The songs that won't play are probably MP4 files and the shaker only plays MP3 files. You need to change the file format of the songs on the shaker to MP3 files. I downloaded "Media Coder" which was free and it converted all the songs on the shaker that wouldn't play to MP3 files and they play now. Google "Media Coder" and download the free program, it is very easy to use. I had the songs converted in about 2 minutes. Make sure the shaker is plugged into computer so that you can choose the files on the shaker to convert. Hope this helps.
4/3/2020 2:52:51 PM • SanDisk Sansa... • Answered on Apr 03, 2020

I put on songs and it makes a weird sound

This may be because the SS's SD chip is to loose. If you have the same problem, I'm VERY VERY sorry!! I have no idea why it would do that!!! Only my SS dosen't play at all no matter what I do!!!!!!!!!!
7/29/2011 9:47:29 PM • SanDisk Sansa... • Answered on Jul 29, 2011


The Sansa Shaker supports only .mp3 and .wav file formats. It is possible that you have synced WMA or M4A audio files that have DRM protection. These formats are not supported by the SANSA SHAKER.
Songs purchased through Amazon or copied from your music collection in mp3 format will play on your SHAKER.
3/7/2011 11:04:54 PM • SanDisk Sansa... • Answered on Mar 07, 2011

How to use it

dear sir,

kindly connect the device to p.c with a data cable and your device will be detected in a couple of seconds....once the device is being detected in the removable device list,double click to open it and you will find a folder named music(if you dont find,then create a new folder and title as music.....)

copy few music files and put in that folder from p.c to that folder....

now disconnect from p.c and turn on ur player and now you can see the songs you have copied to ur player and press the play button to play the songs....

thank you...take care...
10/9/2010 6:29:26 AM • SanDisk Sansa... • Answered on Oct 09, 2010


Reformat in Windows Media Player
7/15/2010 7:57:35 PM • SanDisk Sansa... • Answered on Jul 15, 2010

Replaced SD card now Shaker won't play

Hi Cathi!

Few things you need to know about Sansa Shaker and the SD card:
  1. The Sansa Shaker DOES NOT support SDHC memory cards. Only regular SD cards are supported.
  2. Maximum capacity for supported SD cards - 2GB!
  3. Any SD card which doesn't meet the requirement above might cause the problem you encounter. REPLACE the card with a supported one - SD card with up to 2GB in capacity.
  4. No software/data is stored or needed to be on the memory card - apart from your music files.
  5. MP3 file type is fully supported by Sansa Shaker.
4/10/2010 3:17:35 PM • SanDisk Sansa... • Answered on Apr 10, 2010

When I transfer music from

try using the sansa media converter that is supplied with sansa products i think it might be built into the music transfer program. alternatively you could do a google search for free wma to mp3 converter or click here for the first result in the search
I have nevver used this free product so I cannot verify that it works, I use Total Video Converter for all my conversion needs, but it was not free
2/22/2010 1:10:44 PM • SanDisk Sansa... • Answered on Feb 22, 2010

My music is not transferring

Hi there,

Well first of all you need to install the driver/software in your computer to transfer music, you can install the driver/software from the cd that came with your player or if you don't have the cd then please follow the below link and download the driver -


(Just copy and past the above link in your web browser)
Just install the driver/software after downloading and then connect your player to computer to transfer music files......

Good Luck!!

2/14/2010 7:05:06 PM • SanDisk Sansa... • Answered on Feb 14, 2010


Just to be clear,most players require no special drivers. MSC mode will work out of the box with just about any MP3 player and any OS (W*ndows Linux). MTP mode will work as long as you have WMP 10 or 11 installed. Firstly, I will try to explain MSC mode and MTP mode and what they mean. MSC stands for Mass Storage Class. When your player is in this mode, the computer will see it the same way it would see a Thumb drive or flash drive, as a removable disk. It will assign the first available drive letter to your device, as well as one for the memory card (if it uses one and it is installed). This is probably the more popular of the 2 modes, and is a more "open source" type of standard. Most computers detect the player in this mode without a problem very well and right away.
MTP stands for Media Transfer Protocol. It is a Microsoft standard and is Microsoft's solution to connecting MP3 players and cameras to a w*ndow based Computer. MTP mode must be used in order to transfer ANY Digital Rights Management (DRM) protected content. MP3's downloaded form services like Rhapsody and Napster will only function in this MTP mode.
Most good MP3 players will have both of these modes at the users options.
Although not all do, so it is a good idea to check yours for these settings if you are having connection problems
NOTE: Any songs added to your player in MSC mode will not be available in MTP mode and vise-a-versa. In other words You can't see the files added in the other mode and you can not play them. You know you have some files on your player and can not find them now, you may have to change modes so they are available. Some players in the SanDisk line up use Instead, an "Auto Detect" function that is suppose to Automaticly use MTP mode. If MTP mode does not work for any reason, it should default to MSC mode.
To use MSC or MTP modes go to your players settings.
These settings will vary based on player model and you might have to refer to your users Manual. Check their web site for a download in PDF form. Turn the player on, if it is not already Navigate to the main menu of your player; this is the same menu that gives us options such as Play, Record, Info, etc... Navigate to "Settings" on the main menu of the player. After navigating to "Settings", you should see an option that states "USB" or "USB MODE" From here we can select MSC or MTP modes (could vary based on player model) Highlight the desired mode and select it, at this point it will roll back to the 'Settings' menu Connect the player to your computer and verify it is connecting in the desired mode. It should be noted, when a device is in MSC mode, it will appear as a "Removable disk". When connected in MTP mode, it will show up as an "Audio Device".
Now most players now days can and will use`MS W*ndows Media Player. You can also try to reinstall W*ndows Media Player 10 or 11 Next W*ndows has a update to fix if all else fails try this link. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=A2E73160-E862-4F19-BB26-C0CAFE798955&displaylang=en
2/14/2010 1:16:40 AM • SanDisk Sansa... • Answered on Feb 14, 2010

I can't sync my music to my shaker with Windows

i think u need a special device on the window cause im trying every thing it will not work
1/20/2010 12:44:05 AM • SanDisk Sansa... • Answered on Jan 20, 2010

Ok one i cant for the life of me figure out how to

i actually think u just need a new one cause mine does the exact but i wanna use it cause its plays loud why wont it work
1/20/2010 12:42:10 AM • SanDisk Sansa... • Answered on Jan 20, 2010

It keeps saying uh-oh uh-oh?

im trying the same thing and mine does the sme thing its crazy
1/20/2010 12:40:28 AM • SanDisk Sansa... • Answered on Jan 20, 2010

My SanDisk Sansa Shaker MP3 Player doesn't turn

try putting in a new battrey
1/20/2010 12:36:20 AM • SanDisk Sansa... • Answered on Jan 20, 2010

Drive is write protected

This seems to be the problem of most of us these days and some of our readers who wanted to know the methods how they can remove the Write Protected error from their USB drives like Pen Drives and memory cards.

What is Write Protected error and why it happens?
In the Write Protected error, we can’t write or copy any data in our flash drives and even can’t format the drive.
There are many reasons that cause this problem, let’s see solutions of them.
• First of all try to locate a small switch (if any, that you may have not noticed) at some place on the drive or memory card reader. This is the prime reason for this error. If there is one, switch it to the other side to turn the protection off.
• Yes I know this problem is also occurring these days without this switch but not to worry. Just download this helpful software form here


and run it to execute a “low-level format” on the drive. This software is quite handy and may take few attempts to actually remove the error.
• The problem can also be caused by some virus activity so just get it scanned by some updated good anti virus which may solve your problem.
• BUT if none of the methods listed above solves your problem then your pen drive might have gone corrupted, so just get it replaced.
Hope any of the methods listed above solves your problem.
Update 1:
After the low level format, you may need to “Partition the drive“. Dont worry, partitioning a pen drive means allocating it its File System and Cluster Size that was lost after the Low Level Format.
For that:
  1. Run diskmgmt.msc in Run.
  2. In the disk management window, select the pen drive, right click on it and click on Format.
  3. Now choose the File System and Allocation Unit Size and do not check the boxes below.

Click OK and the drive will be reusable after this.
Update 2 (Better Solution):
Follow the steps in this post and just put the value 0 (zero) in step 5.
This will surely solve your problem now.

rate me and vote me..

1/8/2010 8:13:32 AM • SanDisk Sansa... • Answered on Jan 08, 2010

Can you please tell me why the Sansa Shaker is not

It is totally fine for him to listen through the speakers.The mp3 for me wasn't that good, mostly because some of my songs would download and the mp3 player wouldn't play the songs. It would probably be fine for your 5 year-old, maybe the company thinks you have to be 8 and up to be careful and not brake an mp3. Other than that, I have no clue.
9/8/2009 2:51:43 AM • SanDisk Sansa... • Answered on Sep 08, 2009
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