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Tom Tom go 910 screen get frozen every time I turn it on

One day with the gps, it was working good, connected it to the computer to load some music and update the software and when I disconnected it, everithing was frozen. It wouldn't turn off with the regular on /off button. I tried the reset button, but every time I turn it on is the same, it just displays the welcome screen and stays there forever until I push the reset button again and turn it off. I tried connecting it again with the computer, and I can handle the device from the computer software, but once is disconnected it's gone. Any ideas?

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I had the same problem...I contacted Technical Support at TomTom and found out the following: I had purchased my unit through Dell and there seems to be a lot of calls in to them to get it going. It IS possible to get it working again. This is a copy of the message I received from Technical does include formatting the will need to back up your maps... After all maps have been copied to the computer, we can reformat the disk. This is done by entering to My Computer and right clicking on the drive that displays the TomTom. From there, left click on format and choose start (not quick format). In one to two minutes, the disk will be formatted and all files will have deleted. This does mean we will have lost all demos for audiobooks and mp3 player. After doing this, we can copy the map folders back onto the TomTom drive from the desktop. Then, we can open the TomTom HOME program. Once the program reads the TomTom drive, it will check for updates. These updates should include a TomTom program application and voices. We can download these updates and then choose to install them. Once installed, we can then safely remove hardware. The unit should reboot on its own, but we may have to reset the unit if it does not. After doing this, the unit should be in full working order and you should be able to navigate. Just a quick order for the TomTom to work correctly, we must have an application, a map, and at least one voice installed on the hard drive.

Posted on Jun 17, 2007


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tomtom ONE (4NOO.001) 023289 N14644 FCC ID SALONE IC5767A-ONE

I have the above Tom Tom and would like to add Traffic Receiver. What do I have to do?

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my tomtom worked well the other day. have not use it for 5 days. try to turn it on today, does not work. try recharging for 2 hrs still the same, does not turn on. please help

Posted on May 05, 2009


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how to reset tom tom 910

how do i reset my tomtom 910

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the reset hole is hard to find... If you are looking at the back of the unit, it is in the upper right hand side of the liitle plastic protrusion at the top of the semi-circular opening above where you can see the exposed circuit board.

Posted on Nov 25, 2008


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tomtom 910 will not connect to computer

Ive tried everything but throwing it in the road and running over it. It will not connect to my computer. Ive tried different usb ports ,resetting it, holding the power button . when i turn it on i get the splash screen with a picture if the tomtom and a flashing red and white x and nothing else.. when i plug it in the computer a little loading icon that says formatting pops up after about 5 to 10 min it goes away and shows a connected tomtom picture and i still cant get to do anything.

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Had a similar problem with my GO 930, i.e. it would not connect to the PC. As several people have suggested, it appears to be a problem with the docking station connection. I found, by trial and error, that this works for my system (so far, every time):

Remove GO from docking station.
Switch on and allow to boot up.
Place FIRMLY in docking station
The Go should now recognise that it is linked to a PC and will ask if you wish to connect.
Proceed as normal.

As mentioned, my sytem is a 930, so this may not work for 910s.

Posted on Jun 29, 2010


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Tom Tom 910 map update with 920 maps?

Is it possible to update the 910 maps (us/canada/europe) with the maps on the 920? I want to buy a second unit but want to update my 910 maps as well. Also if it's possible, how would I do it?

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Yes, this is possoble.

Make sure you:
- Have updated to last navcore v7 version
- Have updated TomTom Home to latest version

Then buy and upgrade map through TomTom Home...

Find latest version of TomTom Home here:

Posted on Apr 10, 2008


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installing battery in tom tom 910


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Remove the rubber strips from the bottom of TT there are two screws each side.
The top of the unit will then come off easily.
Then you will see a cast iron casing the battery is buried deep in it.
To access battery remove the circular shaped circuit with two screws.
Then remove five screws around the main circuit board.
Then you will see the battery.
Then remove a sliver strip which holds the battery in place and the eject mechanism for the TT arm.
Now is the hard part the battery is wedged in so I took a large screwdriver and forced it out.
I did crack the casing a little but it was easy to knock it gently back into place.
Important when you put the battery back in you will have to apply a little pressure, then do not forget to place the eject button into the same pin hole that the sliver strip sits in.
Oh and connect battery.

Good luck

Posted on Apr 26, 2009


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TomTom 520 won't start

8 day old TomTom 520 and only working for first 3 days, updated to V7.221 and thats when my problems started. Only display on screen is picture of TomTom unit in cradle with flashing red cirle and white cross inside, also icon in bottom right corner of what looks to be a PC drive unit. I assume it is telling me of a software problem. Each time I connect to TomTom Home it tries to load the update but when disconnecting as advised by the device tab the same error repeats. TomTom support site seems to be down as I can't connect. Help! unit is great when it's working but 3 days out of 8 is frustrating. Tried re-setting but this makes no difference. Unfortunatly I did not back up before the first update so can't restore.

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Hi all,
I got the following response to this little problem. Will try it out and hopefully my 520 will work again soon.

To ensure that your device is correctly connected to your PC, please do the following:-

STEP 1 Run the Registry Cleaner Tool

• Disconnect the TomTom and remove any USB devices from your PC, If you use a USB Hub, please disconnect that also.
• Run the RemoveRegEntries tool. You can download it from :-
A Black window will appear briefly then close.
• Make sure that you have got Administrator rights on the PC. Otherwise you may not be allowed to connect new hardware (especially the case when using office computers)
• Reboot your PC

STEP 2 Connect the TomTom

• Make sure the device is fully charged before connecting it to the computer. Ideally a mininum of 4 hours charge.
• Reset the device using a paper clip (see When resetting, keep the reset button pushed in for at least 20 seconds, but DO NOT turn the device back on just yet.
• Ensure that your TomTom has power connected to it. There should be a green light on the TomTom unit. If your device came with a Home Charger, please make sure that is plugged in to the TomTom also.
• Connect the TomTom to a USB port on the back of your PC. We strongly suggest that you use a USB 2.0 port and not a USB 1.1 Port. (USB 2.0 ports are faster USB ports, which are standard on all modern PC's, older PC's and some laptops may still use USB 1.1 ports which are slower and can prevent some USB devices from connecting properly).

STEP 3 Switch the TomTom On.

• On your PC, open My Computer
• Now switch the TomTom On while it is connected to the PC with the green light on.
• Look at My Computer, do any disk drives appear as you switch the TomTom On? If so, which drive letter is it?
• Double click on the TomTom disk.
• What files and yellow folders do you see?, please make a note of them and reply back with what files and yellow folders you see. If possible, please provide us with a screenshot showing all the details.

If the device is NOT listed as a 'Removable drive' under 'My Computer' when you switch the TomTom On, try the following:-

STEP 4 Check Device Manager

• Disconnect the TomTom from the computer.
• It is likely that you have a Firewall on your PC, in some cases, Firewalls can prevent USB devices from being recognized by the PC. We suggest configuring your Firewall and security settings to allow all USB devices to connect to your PC. Once you have done this, we suggest trying the steps above again.
• Go to 'Start' and right-click on 'My Computer' and select 'Properties'
• Select the 'Hardware' tab
• Expand 'Disk drives'. If the TomTom device is shown there with a red cross, right-click on it and select 'Enable'
• Check under 'My Computer' to see if the device now shows up as a 'Removable drive'.

We also suggest it is a good idea to try to connect your TomTom to another PC to see if you get the same problem.

Posted on Apr 01, 2009


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Tomtom 910 trouble shooting - not powering on

Hi, i have a tomtom 910. when conected to mains the charging light comes on. i haven't used it in a couple of months so connected it to mains and switched it on. i made some deletions to favourites and switcehd maps to us and added a favourite then switched maps back to europe. I switched the power off, so have not really charged it uo. A couple of days later i've tried to switch it on (using mains) and nothing happens, but the charging light comes on? any ideas? i've left it charging overnight but althought the green charge light comes on, i cannot get it to power up?

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Got to the following link to find the reset button and see if a reset resolve your problem.

Posted on Feb 25, 2008


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How to update the maps on the Jensen GPS

I have a Jensen GPS that needs to update the maps and I can't find in the manual book how to do it

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Posted on May 09, 2017


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restore to factory setting

restore my tomtom 520 back to how it was when i first opened my box

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n rare cases, your TomTom device may not start correctly or may stop responding. If this happens, try resetting your device. The only information lost on your device is the clock’s time zone setting. Select your device from the list below to see how to reset it.

Select your device: TomTom GO 940/740/540 TomTom GO 930/730/630/530 TomTom GO 920/720/520 TomTom GO 910/710/510 TomTom GO, GO 300/500/700 TomTom XL IQ Routes TomTom XL (30-Series) TomTom ONE XL TomTom ONE IQ Routes TomTom ONE 30 Series TomTom ONE 3rd Edition TomTom ONE 2nd Edition TomTom ONE 1st Edition TomTom RIDER 1st Edition, RIDER 2nd Edition TomTom ECLIPSE II TomTom DAIHATSU, TomTom ECLIPSE, TomTom TOYOTA Help Not sure which device you have? ico_close.gif Type the first two characters of your device's serial number below to find out.

To reset your TomTom device, do the following:

  1. Check that the battery is charged properly.
    Charge your device for at least 2 hours before trying to turn it on again. Make sure the charging light on your device is on.

  2. Remove the SD card
    If your device uses an SD card, remove it.

  3. Reset your device.
    Use a straightened paper clip, or something similar, to push the reset button for 15 seconds. See the pictures below for where to find the reset button.

  4. Turn your device on.
    Press the On/off button for at least 5 seconds.

  5. Insert the SD card
    If your device uses an SD card, insert the SD card.
The rest button is on the top of the GPS

Posted on Jul 26, 2009

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