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No display on right side of picture

This is an LCD television, you may find at the top of the LCD display a module referred to as a t-con module (timing control module). There are usually two ribbon cables that make connection from the T-con to the display itself. Check these cables for corrosion or burn marks that might be preventing video passing from t-con the the display.
4/17/2015 5:46:20 PM • Philips... • Answered on Apr 17, 2015

Phillips Plasma 50 inch - Model: 50PF9731D-37 - Does not turn on

It is at least worth looking at to make a decision.Some general info:I see so many here with no sound/nopicture issues:ISSUES: 1. IF sound main fuse/s are good.2. If no power or standby check main fuse, standby power supply and any signsof damage you can see---burnt parts etc.3. almost all these sets the troubleshooting involves checking voltages on the main power board to narrow down theproblem.4. Be safe and if you do not know what you are doing don't open the set.Answers to issues:1. RE:fuses---if a blown fuse is found get a good replacement(not the genericones like Radio Shack). Many fuses are special even aside from amperage--Don'tput a higher rated amperage fuse in the set for any reason.2. RE: power supply in set: if total dead aside from main fuse the set uses astandby power supply that runs 7/24 and a main supply (some are combined andsome not.Here aside from checking fuses you want to examine all the filter caps on thepower/standby to see if any are puffed up or buldged up in some fashion--Iattach a photo of a good one---top should be silver metal and PERFECTLY flatand have no brown material coming out on top or bottom.What happens in the standby area is they use caps with too low a voltage rating(saves money) which causes them to fail in a year or two---the standby runs7/24 and the heat dries out the caps and they fail.3. Trouble shooting consists of the above and then at some point you have to buyand try a board to see if it fixes it or not.4. Safety first--no TV set is worth getting injured or even killed over.If set is opened at least look for puffed up and bad caps like in thisphoto.5_26_2012_3_05_32_pm.jpg5_26_2012_3_05_53_pm.jpg
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My plasma has sound but

Not with this little information, but there are several reasons too look at. Plazma tvs use several boards to creat a picture, these are the x and y sustainers and a buffer board. There is also a main power supply that creates a lot of heat and these tend to go bad also. The set could have some how lost the gas charge in the display but thats unusuall. Most likely the sustainer boards need replaced and these aren't expensive but I don't want you to just throw money at it. Get someone to diagnose the set before you replace any boards. I wouls also caution you to not spend too much because you can get real nice LED tvs for a fraction of the cost of the plazma and plazma is on the way out.
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Want to buy stand for

Well walmart has em,so does Bestbuy, try looking there.For starters.
3/7/2011 6:31:30 AM • Philips... • Answered on Mar 07, 2011

Sound like it power up afther 2 sec power down

What is the code, most time it could be a fuse on the power board or Y-sus board, you can replace and try again, but if blows again you will need the board that the fuse is on.
1/10/2011 2:13:39 AM • Philips... • Answered on Jan 10, 2011

Phillips ambilight TV Flashing red

Check the tv power supply board for those dying parts call copactors.That the board,where the power a/c cord plug into it.These capacitors are alway bulges or puffing up on it tops.U have tools and know basic electronic?Replaced those dying soon to be dead capacitors,will fix the power supply and have stable tv power again and tv will work.Or try website like Ebay.com to buy a whole refurbish power supply board for the replacement.
11/23/2010 11:17:49 PM • Philips... • Answered on Nov 23, 2010

Power come on then shuts off after seconds and

Open the back of the TV and check for blown, swollen capacitors. Usually 10v-3300ufd. There is one near where the 120v cable that powers the power supply, 350v-47ufd that might be bad too. The power supply sits in the center of the TV. Good luck!
9/22/2010 1:19:32 AM • Philips... • Answered on Sep 22, 2010

Have a 50PL9126D/37 it all

Unless a good check up is called for we cannot decide on the estimation of the fault and cost.
Since there is a total failure of the pictture and sound , the blue light blinking to indicate a protection, shutting perhaps power to the main boards, the hunt must begin.
Within your reach check if any visible signs of capacitor leakage or being bumped up ontop to indicate a loss of electrolyte. If so replace these capacitors.
next look around for any dry soldering in the power board and teh main boards/the convergence boards. If so solder and check.
Finally test the voltages from the power supply and the protect from the mP board. check for the shut off voltage,and look for the shorting component, it can vary from a capacitor to the IC and to the driver.
If test indicates or a release of the shorted component resumes power, the suspect is centered.
If however the fault is around the IC then estimate , confirm before you order, as this is important.
8/30/2010 4:08:42 AM • Philips... • Answered on Aug 30, 2010


Power supply board is dead.Replaced the power supply board will solved this problems.Tries Shopjimmy.com,Ebay.com to buy a refurbish power supply board for the replacement.
3/27/2010 1:46:45 PM • Philips... • Answered on Mar 27, 2010

When turning on the tv the green led lights then

Look for the 200 volts VS voltage that goes to the x and y sustain boards.
If not there, disconnect the boards one at a time to see if it comes back at the power supply output.
that way you`ll know if one of the board is shorted.
Otherwise if it is missing with the boards disconnected, the power supply is at fault.
Let me know and if you can send me the service manual , i might be able to help you further.
3/4/2010 2:53:35 PM • Philips... • Answered on Mar 04, 2010

50PF9731D/37 turned the tv on

a 7 blink error code is a hardware failure simple put Tv will need to go into the shop to see what failed on it. I would say this much this type or repair on a HW failure is going to cost $100 to look at it and the $100 if you want to fix it will be applied to the rest of the repair if the repair goes over $150 at any give point the TV is then not worth the time/$$ I would say power supply unit then i would have a foot in my mouth the next day so I will say this as a expert in this model without looking at it it could be 12 things wrong with it.

Thanks sorry to be vague but this error is not a diagnostic error code please do click the accept button for my efforts. Btw, I’m available to help over the phone in case u need at https://www.6ya.com/expert/edwy_1a56970cf1ea4620
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There is sound but no picture when i turn the tv

Many things could be wroung here, 1. bad HD driver board or bad thermal fuse ether the situation here its hard to narrow down over a email but you sure can start a chat with us to do diagnosis or pay the pipper to have it fixed your choice. If under warranty even better.

Please leave honest feedback and ratings. Btw, I’m available to help over the phone in case u need at https://www.6ya.com/expert/edwy_1a56970cf1ea4620
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D3V3 Trouble code on Phillips plasma

I had the same problem with the same Model TV. after doing some research i found that i had 2 bad 3300uf capacitors. I made a video of the repair and posted it to youtube. the TV works great now! Check out my video! i hope this helps.
8/9/2009 7:07:05 AM • Philips... • Answered on Aug 09, 2009

TV won't come on

Sounds like it started "Protection Mode" because of a failed electronic part inside the TV. When this happens, the TV will keep turning itself OFF or will not turn ON at all. This keeps the other part inside from being damaged. The flashing red light should no doubt be an error trouble code. But, I don't have the actual Service Manual for your TV model to tell you what the code means. Most protection mode problems are a power supply related problem. It's possible that it maybe a bad capacitor or transformer on the power supply board. The common part to go bad for flat panel screens circuit board that powers the screen. Most manufactures call it a Backlight Inverter Board.
But, I can't say what is 100% the problem because I can't actually look at the tv over the internet. I can only make guesses with the symptom.

You have a few choices:

1. You can again try leaving the TV unplugged for 30 - 45 minutes so the TV can discharge and reset itself.
2. If by chance the TV is still under warranty, go that route.

3. If you have some electronic experience, if you can find and purchase a Service Manual over the internet; It will help you diagnose the source of the problem and fix it by soldering in the new part. The Service Manual will give you red light flasing codes, circuit diagrams, schematics, test points, and part# lists.Usually, cost under $20. And most cases the new part cost less than $15 by searching on the internet with the part number.

4. Pay a TV shop to do the repairs. It maybe costly, but get an estimate of how much they will charge. That way you can decide if it worth repairing or replacing the whole TV.

I hope I shed some light on the subject for you.
8/2/2009 9:16:57 PM • Philips... • Answered on Aug 02, 2009

System will not power up

Remove the back from the set and look at the power board in the center of the TV. It will probably have one of more capacitors with the tops bulging out. Replace them with the same value part. Available from radio shack and almost any electronic suppliers.
6/2/2009 2:08:23 PM • Philips... • Answered on Jun 02, 2009

42 plasma phillips trouble code D3V3

Check the power board for caps with the tops bulged up. 3300uf 10v I think.
5/31/2009 6:21:48 AM • Philips... • Answered on May 31, 2009
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