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Huawei u 7519,i need the

contact service provider ,they will provide you the codes
1/5/2011 6:56:09 AM • T-Mobile Dash... • Answered on Jan 05, 2011

I need to unlock my

Try unlocking sites
1/4/2011 6:30:21 AM • T-Mobile Dash... • Answered on Jan 04, 2011

I have an "old" phone of that is a gift from

A red light indicates not enough power for turn on, the battery is either completely depleted or dead. If the light does not change to amber after a few minutes of charge, the battery needs to be replaced with a new one.
12/26/2010 7:23:39 AM • T-Mobile Dash... • Answered on Dec 26, 2010

Sim card has been blocked

it may be due to network lock, contact service provider , else you can get unlock codes here http://www.theunlockarena.com/supported-phones/rs13wp7/
12/20/2010 3:27:26 PM • T-Mobile Dash... • Answered on Dec 20, 2010

My sister is in china

you can get unlock codes here http://www.onlinegsmunlock.com/huawei/rs7wp8/ check it, if the model is available in the list
12/17/2010 9:55:13 AM • T-Mobile Dash... • Answered on Dec 17, 2010

How to i format my chaina blackcherry phone plz

Connect your phone to the computer. Go to MY COMPUTER right click on your phone click on format and press OK This procedure will format your phone
12/11/2010 12:39:58 PM • T-Mobile Dash... • Answered on Dec 11, 2010

I drooped water on my t-mobile dash and it wont


Go to your phone retailer and if you are still covered under warranty it will get fixed for free. Usually takes 4-8 weeks.

Hope this helped!
12/9/2010 12:33:14 AM • T-Mobile Dash... • Answered on Dec 09, 2010

My t mobile dash get

You need to hard reset it. it will wipe all your personal data stored on phone memory like contacts sms, calender, reminders. follow link for details instructions which is very easy to follow

12/3/2010 9:22:33 AM • T-Mobile Dash... • Answered on Dec 03, 2010

I have a t-mobile in which if i insert a sim card

try unlcok codes here http://www.superunlockcodes.com/
11/29/2010 9:53:04 AM • T-Mobile Dash... • Answered on Nov 29, 2010

I recieved a T-Mobile Dash by HTC and i placed my

Have you tried to go to cellular phone repair shop? You said it was replaced by your cell service provider and still didn't work into your mobile? I suggest you to open line your cellphone, tell the technician to open line so that whatever simcard you want to be place on your mobile it will recognize or read it.

Please rate me!
11/26/2010 2:50:28 AM • T-Mobile Dash... • Answered on Nov 26, 2010

Need unlock code for an

Here are the Steps to Upgrade/Hack your Dash
!. Download the SDA Application Unlock Download link below.

2. Reboot your Dash then connect to the computer via USB cord
3. Run the SDA Application Unlock Run with your Dash Plugged in with a USB Cord
4. Reboot your Dash
5. Download Kavana’s Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM
6. Run the RUU_Excaliber exe with your Dash Plugged in with a USB Cord
7. Follow on screen instructions
Thats it!

Note*: If you have a US version of the Dash, try out the keyboard after install, if the keys are a little out of place you will need to:
1. Download this file: TegiceT9USEnglish.CAB Download link below.

2. Copy that file onto your Dash
3. Find the file on your dahs and run the install
4. Reset your Dash, and the keyboard should be fixed.

11/24/2010 1:20:11 AM • T-Mobile Dash... • Answered on Nov 24, 2010

I have china mobile.i900 ROCKER

its a Dash Smartphone its supposed to do that get an iPhone.
11/22/2010 6:07:42 AM • T-Mobile Dash... • Answered on Nov 22, 2010

Plz send me huwie t mobiles nck cde my imei is

    How To Unlock A T-Mobile Dash Through T-Mobile
  1. Determine how long you have been on your current T-Mobile contract. T-Mobile will typically provide your device's "unlock code" after 121 days on your current contract.

  2. Call T-Mobile customer service at its toll-free number; 1-800-TMobile.

  3. Tell the customer service representative that you would like to receive the unlock code for your T-Mobile Dash. If you plan on using the device overseas, let them know that information as well--occasionally, they will provide the code if less than 121 days have passed if you are going overseas.

  4. Write down the unlock code just as it is presented to you by the T-Mobile rep. Typically, the code will involved pressing a set of keys on your device in a specific order. For example, you may have to power on the device, hold down the soft keys and press a set of numbers, etc.

  5. Input the unlock code just as provided. Insert another company's SIM card in your device if you have one available. Wait and see if the signal strength on your phone shows up, if it does, the device is now fully unlocked.

  6. How To Unlock A T-Mobile Dash Outside Of Carrier Assistance
  7. Visit an online "cell phone unlock retailer." One option is GSMLiberty, which is considered a trusted unlock vendor. However, you can find more sites by searching for "Unlock Code T-Mobile Dash" through any popular search engine.

  8. Find your device by searching for the manufacturer and model number on the GSMLiberty. If you type "T-Mobile Dash" into the search bar at the top right corner of the main page, you will immediately be brought to your device.

  9. Make sure you have a data sync cable. You will need this cable for unlocking purposes.
  10. Buy the unlock code from GSMLiberty. You will need to provide your device's "IMEI" number, which is located under your phone's battery. Wait for GSMLiberty to email the unlock code to you.

  11. Follow the directions provided with the email. You will receive specialized software to unlock your T-Mobile Dash. Plug in your phone and follow the directions exactly as provided.

http://www.gsmliberty.net/shop/tmobile-dash-unlock-p-1313.html I’m happy to assist further over the phone at https://www.6ya.com/expert/joe_8b8c2cd6ce148309
11/20/2010 3:35:41 PM • T-Mobile Dash... • Answered on Nov 20, 2010

How can i unlock my

visit www.unlock-zone.com for the unlock code of mobiles
11/17/2010 5:24:11 PM • T-Mobile Dash... • Answered on Nov 17, 2010

Tmobile dash isn't turning on

  1. Verify that the OEM Charger and Battery are being used.
    • Only the AC charger, Car charger, or USB data cable that came with or was created for the device should be used; others can damage the device and/or battery.
  2. Is the device warm?
    • When using the device for prolonged periods of time, such as when you're talking on the phone, charging the battery or browsing the web, the device may become warm. In most cases, this condition is normal and therefore should not be interpreted as a problem with the device.The device has a protection feature that if the device becomes too warm (due to use of GPS while charging, BT while charging, using the device as a wireless modem, etc), the auto protection feature will be triggered and the charging process will be stopped. Once the device cools down, the device will then begin charging again.
  3. Check the USB Port on the device for any bent or misshapen PIN's.
    • If some are found, that is the most likely cause and this is considered physical damage not covered under the Warranty.
  4. Remove the battery and inspect the contacts.
    • Remove any debris/residue found on the device or battery contacts with a soft, dry cloth.
  5. Look closely at the battery contacts on the phone to see if they are bent out of shape.
    • If they are bent, the device will need to be exchanged.
  6. Try charging the device (try different power sources as well as chargers):
    • Plug in USB to device and PC; is the LED indicating that the device is charging?
      • Note: If the device isn't charging while connected via USB to a PC, go to Start>Settings>More>Power>Power Management and make sure that "When device is turned on, do not charge the device when connected to the PC" is set to OFF.
    • Plug in AC Charger to device and outlet; is the LED indicating that the device is charging?
      • LED indicators: Charging is indicated by a solid Amber light on the upper Left side of the face of the device.
        • Note: If the battery is completely dead, the light will be a solid RED for a few seconds while it is charging; once the device has enough power to turn on, the light will turn to Amber.
  7. Try another Power Source.
    • Try a different outlet to rule out that as the issue.
  8. Try another battery in the device.
    • If another battery doesn't work, perform a Hard Reset.
      • If the device powers up after Hard Reset, test the unit for a few days. If issue returns, device can be considered for an exchange.
      • If device shows charging with one (AC Charger or USB) and not the other, issue is with the accessory. Replace accessory.
      • If device will only power up when attached to charger (AC or USB) it is likely the battery needs to be replaced.
Device won't hold a Charge
The life of the battery between charging sessions will vary depending on which features of the unit are being used.
  1. Verify the you are using:
    • OEM AC Charger
    • OEM USB Data Cable
    • OEM Battery
  2. Fully charge the battery using the OEM AC Charger
    • USB and car chargers are trickle chargers meant to get the user through until they can get to their AC Charger.
  3. If the device is not lasting the advertised Talk time, with minimal use, try another OEM battery in the device.
  4. If the battery life still is not meeting the advertised Talk time (with minimal use), the device will need to be repair/replacement.
Device won't Power on
  1. Attempt to charge the device.
    • If the battery is dead, the device will need to charge for a few minutes and then should power on once this happens.
  2. Attempt to power the device on by pressing the Power Button for 3-5 seconds.
    • If the device doesn't power in, perform a Soft Reset using the stylus.
  3. If the device still doesn't power on, perform a Hard Reset.
  4. Try another battery.
  5. If the device still will not power on, it can then be considered for repair/replacement.
Handset Powers off

  1. Make sure that the device is actually powering off and not just going into hibernate mode by pressing the power button once.
    • If the screen comes back on, the device is not powering down.
  2. If possible, check the battery level by going to Start>Settings>More>Power>Power Management.
    • The charge should be no lower than 10%; if it is, charge the device and retest.
  3. Try another battery in the device.
    • If the device stays powered on with a different battery, the issue is with the accessory not the unit.
  4. If the device still powers off with another battery, Hard Reset the device and retest.
    • If the issue remains after the Hard Reset, the device it can then be considered for repair/replacement.
11/13/2010 4:22:52 AM • T-Mobile Dash... • Answered on Nov 13, 2010

My power button broke on my t mobile dash

First thing I would attempt is a battery pull. This usually makes the phone turn on into a full use mode.
11/8/2010 12:29:03 AM • T-Mobile Dash... • Answered on Nov 08, 2010

Hi,can u please unlock my mobile huawei u7519

here use this codes

Flash: 57728332

unlock: 34804187
10/31/2010 6:34:44 AM • T-Mobile Dash... • Answered on Oct 31, 2010

How do i get a contacts name on the caller id

If you have already entered your contacts in, and when they call they don't show up, make sure you entered the area code in when you put the contact in. I hope this helps.
10/30/2010 5:49:59 AM • T-Mobile Dash... • Answered on Oct 30, 2010

When I try to open

You will have to hard reset the phone to fix this problem. There is a corruption in the filesystem.

Turn the handheld off, hold the two soft keys (the dashes to the left and right of the phone buttons) hold the power button for 1-2 seconds and then release the soft keys. It should prompt you to clear storage. The "send" button is considered as the green phone button.

Remember by doing this it will erase all contacts and information from the phone even pictures. Make sure you back up all info before doing this.

Hope this will fix your issue, leave me a good testimonial if it works out.

10/24/2010 12:14:41 AM • T-Mobile Dash... • Answered on Oct 24, 2010
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