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NO PC stated
no photos posted of SCREEN FAILING.
NO OS STATED< XP? , in this case , it dont matter.

i sure its a bad screen. 100%

why post and not tell the helper your service tag model #
HP made 1000s of PC.s not one can we guess, from 1984 to now.

you never even told DESKTOP or LAPTOP.
the back lamp does not do DATA its only a LAMP.

its a bad screen, im sure.
is it this PC?>

Do know this some PC , there are no spare parts now. if too old
and on some only ,used parts that tend to be bad too.

if you ask HP what to do they will ask you the same question.

Compaq Computers... | Answered on Jun 29, 2017

xp is a virus magnet , why run XP?
The hinge is a switch, ? and failed with hinge,
why not use XP power sittings, advanced, in control panel
why not just use the power button and shut it off.
the overheating is failure #3, and is packed inside full of lent. bad that.
in control panel make sure the power button is set to turn off
if you program the powe buttion to hibernate then you must use
XP start , shutdown feature to turn it off.

ever seen control panel. and power settings and advanced?
set the lid to do nothing, its broken so.....
then set the power button as you wish.
btw most XP are infected with virus or worse.
and hibenate will not work, getting hibernate to work in XP or any old XP is like a DREAM. all things must be perfect for hiberate work correctly , and all HP drivers installed, matching your exact PC.
or it fails. I never use hibernate. its a pain most times.
and can also fail to come out of hibernate.
use sleep mode its more Robust.
your PC is broken why not get it fixed?


Compaq Computers... | Answered on Jun 29, 2017

manual to do what.? name something?
most HP products can have over 30 books,guides etc.
did you even look at HP firsts.
the real name is:
Compaq Presario CQ5320Y Desktop PC
this is all there is, on old compaq circa 2009?
still support it is,


Compaq Computers... | Answered on Jun 29, 2017

old Compaq (now HP)

first screen died, now wont boot, to external VGA monitors.
Fn+F4, sure. the external command key. sure
ok VISTA, first time any one tells what OS is there, wow.
step one on all PCs lap or desk top is what,
does the screen show any text at all?
like Hit Esc to enter setup or BIOS>
we first see of BIOS is alive. it not the PC is DEAD.
zero text means DEAD PC> and NO BIOS means DEAD PC
so out comes that old useless LT battery.
useless as in , if its original its bad. most are.

you skipped step 1 here, (battery out)
and next fans work? and blow air, no lint packups. inside.
learn that PC's go dead, with overheat, can happen fast.


Compaq Computers... | Answered on Jun 29, 2017

leave the main huge battery out, until the PC runs perfect,
batteries this old are NO GOOD ! EVER! leave it OUT.

all things made by man fail out of the blue, all do, and x100 that on old things. it's called Entropy in Physics class.

Cq57 with the ending number missing why post this.
no OS stated, why ask , we can not guess full p/n nor OS. at all.
why not get tech to fix it?? like your car, it breaks, do you fix that.same thing here, PCs are complex.

but here is a list .
1: screen not dead. if yes, say screen is black totally .
2: you power on and go to BIOS,, and the keys work there Y/N.
No; the keyboard is no good, replace it. or the ribbon cable to it fell off.(deep inside , and tricky)
yes, see the keyboard does work in BIOS.
your BIOS keys are in your operators guide and service manuals
lost those, seem so, and so you must beg for long gone books>?

carbon date 2011, not that old.

the magic key is"ESC" press it like a wood-peckker bird at power button on, and quickly hit ESC, this is BIOS SETUP
HP calls it ONLY SETUP. but is BIOS setup on all PC made.
as see in your lost manual.

page 82 tells the secret key and now to do it)

this is first, if BIOS screens work the major parts of the PC are ok
but not HDD or windows, unstated windows. xp or windows 7
xp is a virus magnet do not use it. online.

Compaq Computers... | Answered on Jun 28, 2017

with the huge battery removed? why not do that FIRST FIRST?
100% black all the time,, not even text here, ever.
not even using a flash light? pointed at the screen,?
but now all screens are dead.

ive no idea at all what is plugged in here, its all over the map.
Laptop screen
VGA screen (has hot key , if not used the port is dead, RTM?)
projector.? huh? (yes, ive used them for years)

did you read the users guide yet, if not why?
you posted anon, 2 times. now? why?

so the PC is bad. (check)
so you are asking how to diagnose a PC with no tools ?
well if you make a BOOT CD, for 10cents and boot to linux live CD
if the screen is dead the the PC is dead. end story
  1. remove main Battery, bingo.
  2. replace power pack, it costs $15, we use a voltmeter you dont have.
  3. The PC is overheated fans dead or packed in lint, as all are this old, ALL ARE. or the heat sink is failing, only a tech can fix this.
  4. Its old, it will fail as all old PC's do, BAD memory, try 1 stick at a time.? finding new sticks are ******* old PC , super hard.
  5. BAD CMOS coin cell causing RTC to go nuts BIOS settings same. replace the coin now. but usually it never kills the screen, but never seen a good coin this old so.... there you go...
  6. BAD mobo. The MOBO has lots of chips, cpu, GPU, Glue logic and regulators.
For sure the GPU chip is upset, why we dont know. takes lost of testing and lacking spare parts is many times impossible to cure.

Compaq Computers... | Answered on Jun 28, 2017

CQ50-what? you left off the end number?
dont all COMPAQs do that, this old, sure. all do , those that dont are what we call Miracles of the Deity!
first do this with no battery, take out the huge battery that loves to short and overload all LT.
do so, ok , no cure there... if yes, BINGO>?
what's next.
well it not black screen , is it?, so screen works. Miracle 2.
the NO OS is NO LIE, it told you the truth but means
I cant FIND THE BOOT DRIVE< that is A FACT !
the HDD is dead or windows, dead, no OS STATED BY You. or....

or the coin cell is dead causing the boot device to be WRONG.
no PC this old has good coin cell., replace it.
if the BIOS pages how time and date wrong, COIN BAD.(RTC)
if the BIOS settings keep SCRAMBLING its BAD COIN TIME.
if the beep codes scream bad CMOS memory its COIN TIME.
the coin fails from 5 to 10 years, less if parked in the sun for 3y.

coin 101:

i carbon date this PC at 10 years old 2007 CQ50-100 series
you never posted full model number, so......?????
it has no value used and broken, Id up grade to one 5 years old

Compaq Computers... | Answered on Jun 28, 2017

compaq desktop or laptop.....
is this a replacement question
or how to set it down in front of you question..
or where to plug it in,

im guessing plug in, the jacks are marked.
3.5mm diameter phone jacks one is speaker pair
one mic.
read page 2 yet in your manual.?


from here. all books here, or near.

Compaq Computers... | Answered on Jun 28, 2017

what PC? none stated, just PSU.
what are you doing with that PSU
bench testing, it or what>>>??? we cant guess USAGE ever.

to bench test it use a jumper wire.
the 24 pin cable ATX2, jump pin 15 to 16, PS_on to ground.
that turns it on, so you can use a voltmeter to check each power rail pin.


in inside PC, it must be connect to the MOBO
and then the MOBO power switch connected or it cant be turned on.

Compaq Computers... | Answered on Jun 28, 2017

ok, do you run 2 mice?
USB mouse,? or wireless mouse if yes that is the problem ,, is yes say so , we fix that. or remove that.
I cant see you PC so i must beg for facts.
did pc come with Windows, 7?
no PC stated. so..>????

to make the touch pad work, go to hp.com
go to your pc, unstated\
go to the OS , w7 for that PC,
and load the touch pad driver

if HP does no support your PC on W7 then that is a big problem
they can help you can they.?
so then we get more complex, we must find out exactly what touch pad you have ,then go to that maker and get a driver

is PC on the internet now.
then go to device manager,
click the touchpad listing and remove it or click update this driver.
if lucky W7 finds the driver best and replaces it.
and it now works, this is called Plug and PRAY.

Compaq Computers... | Answered on Jun 27, 2017

why would any 8 year old computer be in warranty
love to hear that.

july 2010\ (first ones are 2009) carbon dated by me...
you posted 7 years later on this< why:?
lots of older PC the memories are not made, DDR1.
luck you its 3s.
#1 maker here.
try kingstone dot com
see none there.
leaving only used, and is real hard to find a match.
if you tech cant fix you PC then it cant be fixed can it.
he gave up. I know why, but he did.
he is smart,, is why
the correct path is a new or newer used PC
this is the only path
why, because to fix yours costs more. see.

here is your ram spec
  • Dual channel memory architecture
  • Two DDR3 DIMM (240-pin) sockets
  • Supported DIMM types:
    • PC3-8500 (DDR3-1066)
    • PC3-10600 (DDR3-1333)
  • Non-ECC memory only, unbuffered
  • Supports 2GB DDR2 DIMMs
  • Supports up to 4 GB* on 32 bit PCs

*32-bit operating systems cannot address a full 4.0 GB of memory.

kingson , links


its a DESKTOP, luck you its not obsolete like on many older compaqs

ever like use goggle , i gave up at #1 kingston,



here you shop


Compaq Computers... | Answered on Jun 27, 2017

This is HP form , fake.
why post non HP puter, to here.

if I found a free Fujisu anything thing, id pitch in the first river i could find. really (Japanese support SUX swap gas)

remove the big battery
whats it do now?

Compaq Computers... | Answered on Jun 27, 2017

NO computer stated, make COmpaq,. no model vast sold all old.
NO OS stated.
wow, must we guess the moon ,stars and sky?

HP owns Compaq, and compaq is mostly a dead product now and for support (free) why mess with relic iron and OS>?
the newer PC's have hot key, F10 or F11 (changed at VISTA)
its job is reload the OS, called HP restore.
if those keys fail the hdd is not good..
HDD not Original
not HP, hdd, with HDD restore partition on board.
or HDD is bad.or someone corrupted these partitions.
or someone loaded, MS OS on it. do not load Microsoft disks her.
or was never there new, as was true on first compaq.(unstated by u)

if the hdd is bad it its bad, the bios test is just toy, we have vastly better tests disk, endless topic, can take all day to test any HDD.
the HP disk sets are not sold by HP but are 3rd party

you can read just like me, look your disk by self


if the HDD is good, (may be not)
there are only 2 pathes.
HP install disks
or hope F10 works, I cant read you book to you ,and would but you never once disclosed the service tag data.

see this crude example that is a service tag.
it tells the helper what you own..
HP will ask for serial #, as that also tells options I cant ever guess.


Compaq Computers... | Answered on Jun 27, 2017

HP compaq old
what makes you think, this laptop sports WIFI direct connect?
what are you doing name reason, a job a task.?

here ask at HP ,
but does have very limited support , like here.
why in the world use XP the VIRUS MAGNET. ?


Compaq Computers... | Answered on Jun 27, 2017

ooh FLOPPY the only person on earth using one.
only 1% of users in USA still use XP, (and less every day)
why:? omg , oh my gosh XP, why use XP the VIRUS magnet.
see UK hospitals go dead from XP cyber-attack last month.??

I can see you type on an ASR33 teletype writer, plugged in to XP
cool... how cool is that, I love it. love legacy stuff.
we had those in Vietnam too, and later on very crude micros in the 70s , CAPS ONLY, )

The old PC with XP can not run right without HP install disks
the CDs install there are no Driver to load, nor F6 needed
so let me guess, you have Microsoft CDs not HP CDS
so sure Microsoft fails, as they all did then. and now.
why not at least go to VISTA, (supported end 2 months ago)
but VISTA dont need no stinking FLoppies.
bty HP sold a HP USB floppy box, but the installer may not work with XP setup.exe. (< this is the big pain this)
that driver is at Intel.com

The trick is to put that file where, setup.exe can find it.
no easy task with USB ports dead in XP.
no usb memory sticks work at install time. zero
XP is so old I an not go back in my mind to 2001.
17 long years ago, and what i tired then, (i can tell you I tried all possible waYs) (we had 50 techs then, vast knowledge base)
one trick is 2nd CD drive with the file there, from HP.
the super good trick was slipstreaming my own custom XP
install CD-r (but the CD must read CD-r, oops)
but i did that then, put the intel driver there.

why not just end the horrors of XP, now.
be like the last person to upgrade XP.

its dead put a sword through its bad heart....

if XP is a LOVE thing, why?
then here it is



learn that real HP disks are preload with the correct drivers.
and NO F6 is needed,

Compaq Computers... | Answered on Jun 27, 2017

hey Windows 7 stated, first time here in days, nobody ever tells OS.
you are a winner for savvy award 1000
old relic COMPAQ LT.

your LT now has 2 mice, and if you run 2 mice what happens
they try to get in a fight.
we must shut off the mouse pad first.
I guess this mouse is a MS mouse, no mouse name stated.

I shut off the mouse pad in device manager.
look for the USB mouse not, is this unstated mouse wireless, if yes a new battery is now needed. and matching usb dongle.
now plug in the mouse. PC goes DING donng.,
and it loads a driver
be in the internet to W7 can find the driver.
if still dead, go to device manager,
see that mouse there under. mice and other pointing devices
mine shows, HID mouse here.
if missing , plug the mouse into all USB ports 1 by one and listen for the DINGDONGg (means new USB device discovered)
if still fails buy a new mouse, gee barrow one for a day.
if that mouse works , trash the dead one.

you can not have 2 mice at same time or you get into trouble.
the old mouse pad , we had to use disable in device manager to kill it.
on the new HP we have newer driver and it has this.
" tab, automatically disable pad mouse with usb mouse active"
but old ones dont have this
I too hate pads. when the thumb hits the pad, I want to kill that pad fast.
one ebay a 5 pack of mice is $14
a 5 year supply, all mine fail in 1year, the wires snap near mouse inside, easy;

Compaq Computers... | Answered on Jun 27, 2017

no pc stated, maker or model #,, sounds kinda DESKTOP>?????
no oS stated
step one is test the MV4 on a known working pc,!!!
why wait, this so basic....
are you using VGA to VGA or DVI to DVI connections??????

no sound means the fans are dead and PSU dead.
The PSU will run for 1 second and fans run now. if not PSU is dead.
if fans do run and stop that means PSU dead or mobo shorts or bad reg on MOBO. or bad ram. strip it down to test that.

ok fan runs that means 12vdc good. if stay running,
and if PSU stays up, then NEXT TEST IS Screen
is it 100 % dead, or do you get text or logos."
100% dead means to me bad VGA card(or chip GPU)
if the Hot key for BIOS fails, that means bad POWER/
or bad VIDEO card.

the fans run but are silent, I envy you.. sell me your fans....
im 1/2 deaf from Vietnam and can still hear all my fans.

my DT has 4 fans min. (it's Alien-ware box++++)
CPU, GPU and PSU, and 1 case fan,all must work.
do yours?

when you power on a PSU, the fans run and stay running
if that takes sides off so be it, ever clean the 5lbs of lent seen inside from 5 years, collected?
If you dont service any pc, this packs up and the CPU overheats
and shuts its self down by DESIGN.
why no do that service first.
see that CPU, see those fins, see that pack up there.
blow it out, outdoors, using CAN-0-AIR

mine over heats my GPU fast with lent, my Graphics car runs super hot and fast and lent is NOT ALLOWED here. ever..

old pcs with slow cpu ,, tend to packup slower, well lets say
they can run longer with huge lent here. its just slug processor so...
that is what it does.

  1. fans all run.
  2. BIOS dead?
  3. screen dead. no words no text at all.
  4. MV4 tested on other PC works. proves PC bad.
  5. LENT PACK job. as all do every year here, all.
  6. Bad VGA caRD. or using wrong port if PC has 2 VGA jacks. !

Compaq Computers... | Answered on Jun 27, 2017

Scream all you want - no one is going to hear you. You need to install a wireless adapter inside your PC and also set up a wireless network.

Compaq Computers... | Answered on Jun 20, 2017

I can Fix this issue by taking remote access of your computer...one time charge $ 30 only call at 1-800-339-9634. Harry

Compaq Computers... | Answered on Jun 14, 2017

As WhatsApp was originally designed for phones the process adn solution are not as straight forward as you might think,
See the sites listed below:
Download WhatsApp For Laptop PC Windows 8 1 8 7 Install Whatsapp

If you need further help, I’m available over the phone at https://www.6ya.com/expert/steven_7f54ab9063554f66

Compaq Computers... | Answered on May 08, 2017

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